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Atlantis Adventure 8 rate Experience an exciting adventure while enjoying the fun-filled match-3 games in Atlantis Adventure! Can you save the legendary city of Atlantis from potential destruction? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Atlantis Adventure is a thrilling and fun-filled match-3 game by Big Fish Games. The game boasts of having a huge variety of level types for you to enjoy! It also contains a plethora of interesting yet annoying obstacles, such as butterflies and nets. Most excitingly, this game has quite a huge list of fascinating boosters as well! Some examples include a shiny bow that can break any crystal in the field as well as god’s hand, which can be used to swap crystals that are supposedly impossible to swap. Atlantis is in trouble and the oracle-like sphere has chosen you to save the beautiful and prosperous city! Are you up to the task? Find out today in Atlantis Adventure!


The oracle-like sphere in Atlantis has seen into the future and knows about the devastation that will occur soon! It has also seen how Atlantis could be saved and the only person who can do so is you! There will be many trials that await you if you took up the burden to save the city, but, don’t worry, there will be hints along the way to help you too!

There had also been a man who was here before you, but he had failed to save Atlantis. His diary which detailed his every movement and thoughts have been scattered all over Atlantis. Collect the pages of his diary to learn lots of interesting things about the city as well as the secret that he has borne!


The game starts off with a simple tutorial, which teaches you the basics of the game, by guiding you through your first level. Then, you’ll be allowed to choose a character from the 2 choices given, either the boy or the girl. Once you’re done, you can embark on your exciting Atlantis Adventure by going straight into the second level of the game!

The gameplay in this game is fairly straightforward, particularly if you have had experience with match-3 games before. What you need to do is to move the crystals in order to get at least 3 in a row or a column. Sometimes, you may also manage to get a 4-crystal match. For 4-crystal matches, you’ll obtain a crystal with a ring around it – the ring can be horizontal or vertical, depending on the direction you swapped the crystal with. Swapping the crystal upwards or downwards will earn you a vertical-ringed crystal while swapping the crystal sideways (left or right) will award you with a horizontal-ringed crystal instead! These ringed crystals will be able to clear entire rows or columns, depending on the direction of its ring, via the power of lightning when matched.

For 5-crystal matches, you’ll get a hypercube as opposed to the ringed crystals for 4-crystal matches. Hypercubes functions to remove all crystals of the same color from the field when swapped. Not to mention, if you managed to perform 2 3-crystal matches in an L- or T-configuration, you will get a flame crystal. When matched with at least 2 other crystals of the same color, the flame crystal will explode. The explosion will vaporize all the crystals within a 2-crystal radius, clearing up quite a huge number of crystals. However, you must perform a match in order to trigger the explosion, unlike in other games whereby you can double click it to set it off. If you ran out of moves in any of the levels, the game will automatically shuffle your crystals before the game will resume.

Atlantis Adventure provides a nice variety of level types with a varying list of objectives that you’ll need to complete in order to proceed to the next level. The most basic level type requires you to only collect the required number of points, provided that you’re given limited number of moves. There are also other level types, which include clearing all the tiles on the field, bring down all the runes, collect the number of points required within a very short period of time or a combination of any of the above with the objective for the basic level type. Don’t worry though! The game is very easy for the first 2 chapters at least, and you can get all 3 stars on your first playthrough. Furthermore, any leftover moves that you may have will be randomly turned into ringed crystals and activated in turns in the Winner Bonus round at the end of the level. After all, any bonus points are always welcomed!

However, as your progress in the game, you will gradually encounter various special items and obstacles that make the game much more challenging and fun! For example, you may be asked to clear multiple-layered (up to 4 times) tiles instead of the easy single-layered tiles you first encountered. Not to mention, some crystals may also be netted and thus are locked in place. Besides obstacles, there are also special items, like colored butterflies, in Atlantis Adventure. When matched, each butterfly will help you to randomly clear 3 crystals of the same color by spawning 2 more butterflies to help it.

Atlantis Adventure also implements a life system. The game provides you with a maximum of 5 lives, which will only be lost if you failed in any of the levels you played in. These lives lost can be regenerated over some time, though, if you want lives faster, you can purchase them using real money or pester your friends for more!

Of course, no one likes losing lives in any game. Thus, you are offered a huge range of helpful boosters that you can buy if you get the feeling that you’re going to fail a level. Some examples include sky fire booster, which will transform any crystal into a flame crystal; god’s hand that allows crystals to be swapped even though the move is otherwise impossible; shiny bow that breaks any 1 crystal on the field and sands of time, which returns the crystal field one move back. There are also the starfall boosters that will break 6 random crystals, tornado whereby tiles in selected rows are destroyed and time freeze, which will slow down time on levels with a time limit. These boosters will be available to you one by one as you progress in the game. However, only a selected number of boosters can be used for certain levels – it’s obvious that you cannot use time freeze for a basic level type since there is no timer in that level!

Interestingly, in Atlantis Adventure, you are able to use boosters to forge amulets. Amulets are improved boosters, such as time spiral, which will add an extra 10 seconds to the timer. They also include items that provide a permanent boost to your game. For instance, the life amulet will increase your total number of lives to 8, permanently.

There are plenty of achievement artifacts that you can try to acquire in Atlantis Adventure as well! However, most of the achievements will be automatically awarded to you whenever you finished a stage in the game, such as the Amulet of Luck bestowed to you by Athena after you’ve completed your first stage and the Shield of the Ancient Gods after you’ve helped the elemental in stage 2 to recover the wheel from his locomotive. These artifacts serve no functional purpose, except as tools for bragging, of course!


Atlantis Adventure is among the top free-to-play match-3 games on Big Fish Games’ website! On its Facebook fan page, the game has a sizeable number of likes - around 120 thousand of them! The game also provides its players with a nifty forum whereby the players can add other players in order to gift lives to each other. You may also make new friends along the way!

Graphics/ Sound

Atlantis Adventure has astonishing graphics that are absolutely beautiful to behold! The crystals in the game are all brightly colored and have that polished sheen that makes them so desirable! The game also has a nice variety of music, which include a catchy fantasy tune for the first stage and for the third stage, the music switched to a more underwater-appropriate sound. It’s pretty awesome!


In conclusion, Atlantis Adventure is an extremely addictive and fun match-3 game that has a very interesting and engaging storyline, aesthetic graphics and superb sound! The game has quite a number of level types, making each level feels refreshing. It also offers a huge list of boosters and amulets that are designed to help you when you’re facing some difficulties with a level. Best of all, it’s free to play. So, what are you waiting for? Embark on your Atlantis Adventure now! Atlantis is not going to save itself, you know!

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New Game Added: Atlantis Adventure

by Aethyna Mar 11, 2015
Experience an exciting adventure while enjoying the fun-filled match-3 games in Atlantis Adventure! Can you save the legendary city of Atlantis from potential destruction? Atlantis Adventure: Ringed crystal Atlantis Adventure: Hypercube Runes in Atlantis Adventure Read More
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