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Atlantica Online 8 rate Descended from a great hero, you have the markings of a savior... the savior that the poor people in Atlantica Online needs to rescue them from the tyranny of Riederani and his demonic minions. Play as any of the game’s many amazing classes, and set off on a crucial quest to return peace to the once-peaceful land. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Descended from a great hero, you have the markings of a savior... the savior that the poor people in Atlantica Online needs to rescue them from the tyranny of Riederani and his demonic minions. Play as any of the game’s many amazing classes, pledge allegiance to 1 of the 3 factions, and set off on a crucial quest to return peace to the once-peaceful land. Are you the hero the people in the world of Atlantica Online has been looking for? Play now and find out!


The plotline in Atlantica Online changes slightly depending on the race you choose during the character selection process. Different races start in different starting zones too. For instance, if you opt for the Atlantian race, you’ll be awoken by a computer to find that your city and its people are in terrible danger from the army that Riederani has at his command. This actually fueled your desire to go on your quest to slay the villain.

For the Scions, the game will start off in a dream-like world where you’ll be briefed about the terrors that Riederani has inflicted upon the land and its people. Of course, like any good adventure, you are determined to change that.


Despite being a pretty old game, Atlantica Online is still alive and kicking. There are 5 servers available out of which 4 of them are labelled as being “Busy”. That’s a pretty healthy player population.

After picking a server, you get to create your character, starting from its race and class right up to customizing its looks. There are 3 main races in this game – Scion, Hero and Atlantian, and you will probably be selecting a race depending on the class you’d like to play as since there’s a restriction on the types of classes available to each race. When it comes to class though, Atlantica Online offers a huge variety of them. Due to the wide class choices, the game thankfully grouped all of the classes – more than 15 of them in all - up into 3 helpful categories – melee, ranged and magic. Most classes are available from the get-go but certain classes like the Berserker will require you to have at least 1 level 100 character. It’s also nice that the game allows you to create up to 5 characters per account (all character slots are free). If you want to try out all classes though, you may need to own multiple accounts, which from what I know, isn’t a bannable offense in this game.

After the buffet of classes to choose from, character customization might be a tad bit disappointing. There isn’t a lot of options for you to remake the default look of your character but do bear in mind (once again) that this game is very old. Perhaps at the time of its release, the customization options the game has might be “good enough” for the players back then.

Aside from classes, races and character appearance, you’ll eventually get to choose a faction, or Legion as the game calls it, as well. There are 3 Legions in total, namely Shaolin, Shadow and Diabolic, and each Legion differs from one another based on the school of power it is an expert in.

Now, when it comes to questing, Atlantica Online provides the usual... and very standard types of quests. Most of them involves collecting quest items from slain mobs, but unlike some games, the drop rates are pretty good. Similar to most browser MMORPGs, the game also offers an auto-path system allowing players to “travel” to the quest location or giver without actually needing to do so. Once a quest is complete, you can simply turn it in by pulling up the quest log without needing to run all the way back to the quest giver.

Talk about “running”, the game’s movement controls can be played using the old “click to move” but if you like using WASD to move, well... it may require a bit of getting used to. Although you can use WS to move, the AD keys don’t allow your character to move sideways. Instead, the keys merely turn your character. Your character will only move in the direction your character is facing and you can’t jump in this game either. So, in other words, movement is very linear in Atlantica Online.

Combat, on the other hand, is pretty intriguing because there are some random elements to it. As opposed to the hack-and-slash-styled combat system used back in the day, Atlantica Online is perhaps the first of its kind to implement a strategy-like aspect to its combat, making it feels a lot like a strategy game instead.

The combat is turn-based and you’ll get a limited amount of time per turn to use up all your moves. Which character gets to move in a turn seems to be randomly selected, though the number of moves you get to perform per character is regulated. You can also select active mercs and order them to a particular enemy that you’ve singled out. Interestingly, in this game, looting the corpses of your defeated enemies takes a move too.

Auto-battle is available in Atlantica Online too, but it is pretty tightly controlled. You have a limited number of times to use auto-battle per day and to use this feature, you actually need to buy an auto-battle license first. This is among the many convenience items that you can buy in this game.

During combat, you’ll be controlling a team of 8 mercs (9 if you include your main character) and naturally, the team formation – basically, how you arrange your heroes - can make all the difference. You can recruit wandering mercs during your adventures to join your team by winning them over with conversation and gifts. Some mercs are the special sort and they can be rather hard to recruit. Most of these special ones are named after famous heroes like Washington, or legendary figures (which may or may not be fictional). If you happen to have more mercs than you can have in your team, you can temporarily store the excess mercs in the Merc Room.

Besides mercs, you can also increase your team’s battle rating by equipping them with better armor and weapons. These items can usually be earned from chests that dropped from fallen enemies, be it a mere mob or a boss, but if you happen to be rich in the game, you can also purchase stuff off the game’s market. You can even enchant or refine the gear item to boost its stats and killing efficiency or craft your own items using materials you’ve collected in your travels.

Another way to increase your team’s rating is by upgrading your skills and equipping or fusing your Star Stones. The game has a pretty straightforward yet antiquated skills system whereby you’ll need to have sufficient skill points and the correct skill books to increase a skill by 1 level. There are also profession/job-like skills called Life Skills such as Insight, Gardening, Mining, Harvesting, Lumbering, that you can use to collect materials for crafting new items. Level up your Life Skills to earn the highest accolade a crafter can get... the Perfect Artisan!

When it comes to stats though, there are plenty of ways to increase them. By default, your character’s stats will increase with every level up, but you can even use Star Stones to permanently increase certain stats and upgrade these stones via fusion. Growth vials can help to boost a random stat too. If you have plenty of premium cash to spare, you might want to grab a costume from the shop. These items usually bump up your stats by huge amounts.

Unlike most MMORPGs, Atlantica Online opens up the PvP arena, the AoA, to its players a lot earlier than its group dungeons. This is mainly because in the AoA, all the characters in both teams are made uniform (raised up to 100) to ensure fair play, where skills, good team formation, great lineup selection and a dash of luck will determine the victor. You can even practice with an AI first to find the best formation or lineup for you before heading into a ranked match.

The best part about this game though is its connection to the real life. You’ll get to experience and immerse yourself in various major real world events as well as meet many renowned real life heroes via the game’s quests. Even the map of the surface world is an exact copy of the world map in real life. In some way, Atlantica Online is able to educate its players about world-real changing events while they are having fun leveling up and battling enemies. How awesome is that?


Most players in this game will join a guild once they are able to, and well, being part of a guild does bring you plenty of benefits, such as access to the training center as well as a guild mentoring system whereby higher level players in the guild can help by grouping up with a newbie and sending some extra experience points their way.

Graphics/ Sound

As mentioned plenty of times before, Atlantica Online is a pretty old game and thus, its graphics, which may be good for the 2000s, doesn’t seem as good now that we have 4k resolution and that HD has become the norm. That said, it’s not too bad until it’s completely unplayable though and there are some eye-candies in the game too.

In terms of sound, the game features an amazing, Celtic-themed music with a pirate-y tune that I daresay has managed to withstand the test of time. The rock music played during combat is pretty okay and there are some really nice sound effects as well.


In short, Atlantica Online be an “older” MMORPG, but it has aged pretty well. Although its graphics may not be up-to-date, the music and unique gameplay are still strong reasons for players to give this game a try. So, if you’re looking for a game for your “Throwback Thursdays”, Atlantica Online might just be the game you’ll like. Try it today!

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by Aethyna Jan 25, 2017
Descended from a great hero, you have the markings of a savior... the savior that the poor people in Atlantica Online needs to rescue them from the tyranny of Riederani and his demonic minions. Play as any of the game’s many amazing classes, and set off on a crucial quest to return peace to the once-peaceful land. Atlantica Online: Skill activated Auto-pathing in Atlantica Online Atlantica Online: Grabbing a quest Read More
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