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by Kim
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Atlantic Quest: Solitaire 9 rate In Atlantic Quest: Solitaire, you’ll help our ocean friends Clowny and Sharky explore a mysterious sunken ship. This high-low solitaire game combines a fun storyline with engaging gameplay that’s sure to grant you hours of card-matching fun. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Dive into the riches of the sea and experience a solitaire game unlike any other in Atlantic Quest: Solitaire. Match cards and get bonus pearls, special cards and amazing power-ups to help you on your quest for finding wealth under the sea.


One fine day in the world of Atlantis, Sharky and Clowny were basking under the sea when a beautiful ship sinks and falls to the bottom of the ocean. Together, Sharky and Clowny agree to check out what precious objects they can find from the ship and uncover the cause behind its sudden sinking.


Atlantic Quest: Solitaire’s main goal is to clear the card layout by matching a card with a lesser or higher value than the one on the deck below. Based on the card that’s open from the deck of cards on the bottom, click on a matching card on the card layout above. Matched cards will be cleared from the layout and you can continue to clear cards in the same manner. If there is no more match for the card on the deck, click on the next card to make a new batch of matches. You are only given a limited number of cards per deck, so you need to clear the cards before your deck runs out. When that happens, you can either fold (quit the game) or buy a new deck of cards to continue the game.
Each card you remove is worth 5 points, and each stack of cards you clear is worth 25 points. When you clear 5 or more cards consecutively, these are called Combos and you are rewarded bonus points for Combos starting with 5 consecutive cards.

Completing each stage will grant you with a scoring system of one to three stars, depending on how well you played. More stars mean more XP points and more Pearls. Pearls are the main currency of the game and are used to buy upgrades and power-ups. You can also get Pearls from random cards from the layout.

You might notice some cards that don’t get added on to the deck when you click on them. Rather, they are kept aside on the bottom right corner, with their numbers visible in a bubble. These cards can be added on to the deck later on, when you need to clear one card from the board but you’re missing a card in between to complete the sequence. These filler cards are great when you’re stuck, and these can only be used once, so use them wisely. You can find these cards randomly within any stack on the layout.

Sometimes cards are blocked with oil, plants or sleeping clams and you need to find the right card to clear these nuisances before you can click on them to take them off the board. The Spongy card clears oil, the Swordy card releases cards blocked by plants and the Lantern card wakes up sleeping clams.

For extra difficult rounds, you can gather your hard-earned Pearls and buy power-up or booster cards from the store. The Skipper is a wildcard that can replace any card you decide goes on to the deck. While you can purchase Skipper cards, these also appear randomly on a layout without having to actually buy it. Other cards include Clowny’s Headbut, which destroys one card you specify, Inky’s Tentacles gets rid of several cards, Crabby’s Claw lets you click on as many cards as you can for five seconds to clear them. There are 10 of these awesome cards in the store, and you can all buy them using the in-game currency.

In later stages, there will be side quests that you can accomplish for bigger rewards (and more pearls). In some layouts, there will be one or more fish that are trapped in a bubble. You have to free them by making the required number of Combos (indicated on the bottom of the trapped fish). You can choose not to engage in this side quest, but you’ll miss out on huge bonuses.

Other things you can do with this game include changing the design of the back of the cards, play in the Casino for a chance to earn Pearls and change the cards’ animation so that it “sways” as if it’s turning in water. With up to 70 levels and 2 kinds of difficulty, there’s a lot of fun card-turning hours to be had with this game.

The only thing that’s missing in this game is the ability to undo your last move, which means you should really be careful with what or where you click. There’s also no “hint” button to help you out when you get stuck. This means you might need to keep playing a level several times to successfully complete it if you don’t have power-ups or enough Pearls to add a fresh deck of cards.

Other than this minor detail, this game is still fun and interesting to play, especially with different adventures and twists that happen as you progress further into the game. The fact that there are so much more game features than the traditional card game makes Atlantic Quest: Solitaire one of the most player-friendly card games in its genre.


Atlantic Quest: Solitaire is a unique solitaire high-low game that’s well-received by most players. You can check out its official forum on the Big Fish Games website to meet other players, swap tips and get helpful information for playing the game.


This game is supposed to be set in an underwater world of Atlantis, and the images and animations do suggest that aspect of the game’s environment. It’s not the best replication of underwater marine life, as fish and other objects still appear cartoonish rather than life-like. The soundtrack, however, is relaxing and makes for a perfectly paced gameplay.


A solitaire game that’s part-puzzle, part-adventure, Atlantic Quest: Solitaire offers a new twist into a classic card game. With its unique power-ups, generous reward bonuses and colorful storyline, this game is engaging and never boring. There’s always something to help you out when clearing cards, all while exploring the wonderful world of the vast ocean.

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by Kim May 2, 2016
In Atlantic Quest: Solitaire, you’ll help our ocean friends Clowny and Sharky explore a mysterious sunken ship. This high-low solitaire game combines a fun storyline with engaging gameplay that’s sure to grant you hours of card-matching fun. Atlantic Quest: Solitaire layout another layout in Atlantic Quest: Solitaire Atlantic Quest: Solitaire filler card Read More
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