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Astronite 10 rate Astronite is an action-packed 1-bit Metroidvania where you’ll play as the titular character on a mission to expel the invaders from his home planet. Developed in a 1-bit style, explore a massive map and take on numerous enemies to get the job done! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Imagine this; your home planet has been taken over by a horde of beings brought about by a strange entity aptly called the Entity. Forced out, you have no choice but to try and fight back, and your people decided to get this done by sending Astronite, a space adventurer. Though the prospects seem dim, the future won’t be bleak. After all, Astronite is determined as ever.

Astronite has a rather exciting premise paired with 1-but graphics that remind us of Downwell. It’s a newly-released game with retro graphics and boy, does it nail that widely sought-after retro feel. However, it’s not the simplest nor the most straightforward game to play - it’s a highly challenging experience that will cause rage quits and have players deal with a relatively steep learning curve.

Regardless, it’s undoubtedly up there with its peers, which include games like Celeste and Hollow Knight. The question is, will it be for you, and should you give it a shot? Before you dive into planet Neplea, let’s check out what it has to offer.


Astronite’s story would make for a fantastic sci-fi movie. Planet Neplea has been overrun by hordes unleashed by The Entity living in the planet's core. With that said, the inhabitants have been driven away, and now, it’ll be up to Astronite to defeat the bosses and take out the Entity’s army. Surprisingly enough, the story and dialogue are significant parts of the game, so it’s best to keep this in mind.


Astronite’s gameplay is an amalgamation of several genres. Essentially, it’s a Metroidvania platformer with run ‘n’ gun and sidescrolling shooter mechanics. Plus, there are also puzzles you need to solve, especially since the game centers around a riddle the Nepleans have failed to solve. Though it has a lot going for it, the overall experience is nothing new nor revolutionary, but it successfully merges everything to create a consistent and enjoyable concoction.

Without diving deep into spoiler territory, you’ll lose most of your equipment in Astronite, and the first order of business is to get them all back. These include your space gun, jet pack, and ability to dash - all of which are essential in traveling through the treacherous world and dealing with the multitude of enemies and obstacles you’ll encounter. Along the way, you’ll also gain power-ups and additional ways to deal with obstacles like what seem to be magical doors and blocked pathways.

Astronite’s overall feel is comparable to something like Downwell if the latter is a Metroidvania. It has a sprawling map with lots of explorable places and unlockables. Its areas range from long vertical caves and tunnels to what seems to be old ruins. The movement feels tight, especially if you’re trying to evade spikes and projectiles scattered across areas. Things can get tricky, mainly since you’re limited to three lives. Thankfully, there are save points scattered everywhere, allowing you to dive in and out fairly easily.

Playing via a keyboard is fine, but it’s best to experience the game on a gamepad for smoother and more precise control, which will come into play when you reach the underwater area. The controls are relatively intuitive and typical of a Metroidvania.

One of the best parts of Astronite is the boss fights. These can be ridiculously difficult, even if you have memorized their attack and movement patterns. Even I had a hard time with the first boss, which was just a sentient rectangular boulder that jumps around. In addition, you’ll also be challenged by scores of tiny enemies, and the further you progress, the more difficult the bosses are.


Astronite may not look like much in terms of presentation, but it’s one of the best-looking 1-bit platformers today. Even on a rather large monitor, everything looks sharp. It is incredibly polished and detailed, and though the areas look pretty minimalist, you can differentiate everything, and no two places look the same. The same can be said about its audio elements, which are reminiscent of old arcade games in the 90s.


Overall, Astronite provides a fast-paced and fantastic Metroidvania adventure. Its 1-bit art style delivers an immersive atmosphere and despite its minimalist nature, contains a lot of charm and depth. However, don’t feel lax; its platforming elements are pretty tricky, and getting through bosses will require a lot of trial and error. The game is relatively short at five to six hours, but is worth your while.

So yes, start your journey in Astronite and endeavor to stop the Entity and reclaim Neplea!

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New Game Added: Astronite

by Mikhail Dec 3, 2022
Astronite is an action-packed 1-bit Metroidvania where you’ll play as the titular character on a mission to expel the invaders from his home planet. Developed in a 1-bit style, explore a massive map and take on numerous enemies to get the job done! Battling a boss in Astronite Crashed ship in Astronite Puzzle in Astronite Read More
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