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ASTA Online 10 rate The Gods split the world to stop the fighting, and now the mortal races carry on in a beautiful MMORPG. Choose your side in a world divided and nations at war now. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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ASTA Online is a beautiful MMORPG where you get to explore the world, fight monsters and even build your own home. With everything you could want in an MMO set in what is simple a beautiful world you can enjoy a fun story and interesting leveling system. Create multiple characters and discover both sides of the conflict in a brilliant and fun game.


The Gods were at war, and you were a soldier fighting for your chosen faction. When finally some had were through fighting they cast great magics upon the battlefield. In this battle the world was divided. Two continents now stand, Asa and Ora. Unique realms, one of light and life and the other one of darkness and death. It is here you fell, with no memory of what you once were you must gather your strength to fight once more. This time for your realm and these battles will determine the fate of your world.


When you first log in you have a beautiful screen where you can choose from the 2 different factions. Once you decide there is information on the different races and classes where you choose what you want to play. Then you are onto the character creation, and here it will take you a while as there are many options to choose from. You can adjust almost every aspect from the height to the size of your feet.

There are 5 classes to choose from, with Humans able to play all of them. Each faction has 2 more races and you can pick one of 2 classes. For example if you want to play a Tigerian you can be either a Rogue or an Archer. The classes are: Warrior, Rogue, Archer, Healer and Mage. Each has their own unique attack style and abilities.

Upon entering Asta you are shown a short cutscene that explains the main plot of the game, from there your character arrives on the ground with no memory and you are instantly able to take over. There are a few introductory quests to show you the basics, and whenever you open a new pane or area of the game a blue highlight bar will give you some info about what it is.

As with all MMO’s your character will be able to gain experience by killing monsters, collecting items and completing quests. This is no different, and the starting quests are pretty simple. They also give you an introduction into the professions and will gain you useful items and other things you can use like mounts. You talk to the varied characters around you and they give you the tasks to do, sometimes you need to return to them and others the quest will pop up in your window as complete, which is useful and saves time.

One of the best features of the game is the quest tracking. Not only do you have a map with the areas on it, but there is an arrow next to the quest, with the distance inside so you can always see which direction it is in. If you click on this you will get an arrow under your character. This is a really useful tool, and is a much better fix than the autopathing some free games use.

There are also things called Public Quests, these are multi part tasks that automatically appear when you enter or are near the required area. These have several phases and taking part in any of them can get you rewards. At the end of each is a mini boss that when defeated has its own loot and will finish the quest. These also will refresh can can be completed again, but for less xp and rewards. The more you do in the quest the better your rewards, so keep at it and you get more from it.

When you make a level, you have a choice about which stats you want to improve. Each level gives you 5 points and these can be split among the 4 key stats: Attack, Vitality, Impact and Energy. The higher the stat the better you are at a given skill or the more hitpoints you have. Once you make the change it stays, but there are ways to respend the points but it can be expensive.

Another nice feature is the ability to Enhance your character. There are items you find that give you enhance points. These grant you a roll on a slot style machine, with a line for each stat. You can pick up plus points in each of them and these count toward an Enhance Target. Once the target is met for all stats you will gain a huge increase to character power. Each time you complete it the Enhance Target goes up. You can also use gold and Soul Stones to enhance, but it will get progressively more expensive.

There is also the option to craft your own items, and enhance the ones you have. The enhancement will cost an item called a Material, these can be found in the world and are rewards from quests. However it is possible that during the enhancement the item will be destroyed. There are protection stones you can use, and once again they can be found, rewarded or bought for currency.

Your character also has a couple of choices for personalization outside of gear. You can place points into Talent trees, with unique abilities and options than improve your current skills. This works like pretty much every other game. However there are also things called Divine Spirits. These are crafted buffs that you choose. You unlock 1 slot every 10 levels, and can change the spirits.

You will find Summoning Points as you play, these can be spent to summon a Divine Spirit. It will not always work, when it fails you will get some spirit dust which you can use in other places. If it succeeds you will get a Spirit that will improve your character. From extra hitpoints or mana to reduced cast time there are many beneficial abilities. These can also be upgraded by adding in special experience spirits or combining multiple copies of the same one.

Once you are set and leveling there are lots of different group activities too. You can play through dungeons and there are raids for the end game. Each of these you can do in a guild or use the in game group finding tool. As with most games these are more challenging content, especially the raids and have the rewards to compensate.

There is also the option to PvP, there are battlegrounds and areas of world PvP where you can test your skills against other players. For the serious player there are also Arena’s where you can go 1v1 or in a team to take on our enemies and see if you can climb the ranks. However there are not that many players interested in this side of the game and it can take some time to get a game together.

There are several currencies in the game. From the gold coins you find on monsters to the special Ecoins real money currency. Gold is used for in game purchases and the trading house where you can buy and sell from players. There is also a shop where you can spend the 2 other currencies. Ecoins can buy you a variety of cosmetic and useful items, simply click on what you want and it will take you to a Steam popup box where you can assign the real money and buy it.

There are also Soul Stones these are earned in the game and can be used across any character. So a high level character that can make a lot of them can funnel some to a lower ranked character to help buy useful things like Inventory Slots or chests of items. These can also be bought for real money too if you want, though the ability to farm and share them is quite nice. But you do need a lot of them to unlock everything useful.

One great thing is that these real money items do not give the player a huge edge over those that do not spend money. The things you can buy are cosmetic, or faster mounts rather than tough items or characters. This is quite a refreshing change and makes the game much more playable and appealing in the long and short term.

The controls and interface are a lot more standard than you would expect for such a dynamic game. Though there are a few options for rearranging it. It works pretty well and it does leave a lot of the screen for the gorgeous graphics and combat abilities. Overall Asta feels pretty good to play and a log of what you want is easy to find, as well as all the little touches that make this game special.


There are actually less players than you would think for a free game of this calibre. Having said that you do still see a lot of players around in the world and as this is a Steam held game there is a pretty active community on that platform. There is also a Facebook page and several dedicated websites. The world is huge, and can feel empty sometimes, especially at the higher levels. Having said that you can often find a dungeon and the Public Quests are often completed with multiple players.


In simple terms, Asta is stunning. The graphics are amazing, the artwork surrounding you is detailed and beautiful. The characters move and act in unique ways depending on race and side. The creation process is really detailed and there are some great options. Once you are in the game you are welcomed to a gorgeous world that plays brilliantly and is a lot of fun.

The sound can get a little repetitive, as can the voicework for the characters. Despite that it is still a nice place to be, and you can choose several options to enhance or remove some of the different sounds as you see fit.


For a free game, there is a lot going for Asta, the look alone makes it worth taking a sneak peak. The size of the place is overwhelming and some of the quests can be a little dull. But the gameplay style, unique features and overall feel make it very enjoyable. Combined with the free rewards and such a complete game there is no reason not to jump in and try this fantastic experience.

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by Adeaphon May 10, 2017
The Gods split the world to stop the fighting, and now the mortal races carry on in a beautiful MMORPG. Choose your side in a world divided and nations at war now. Light & Dark in Asta Rogue in Asta Wolf Mount in Asta Read More
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