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Armored Warfare 10 rate In the not so far future the world is run by megacorps and their mercs. Now you get to join the battle in your own tank, as you drive around the fields and cities of the future in a fully customised war machine. Discover a tactical and fast paced FPS where you control your destiny and get to drive some of the biggest war machines known to man. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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With Armored Warfare you get a stunning tank based shooter where you roam around the battlefield in huge war machines working as a mercenary. Build up a host of customised tanks with crew and ammo loadouts to suit your playstyle. Choose from a huge range of vehicles and then enjoy fast paced PvE and PvP action with your teammates. Discover a world of war and enjoy a stunning shooter.


In the future, world governments are weakened and the corporations have taken over. Step into the shoes of a mercenary trying to restore the balance and stop these power hungry companies from destroying what is left of the world. Your actions can help create a better future for the common people of the world.


When you first enter the game you are given the option to play through a tutorial that will give you a basic overview of how to drive and shoot your vehicle, and also give you a little reward too. Once you complete this you are off into the full game, where you are given 3 tier 1 tanks to play with and then you are able to jump into the action.

As you are starting out the game there is also a series of objectives to complete. Many of them are simply enjoying playing the game, with rewards and unlocks as you progress through them. When you open up a new part of the game there is a brief explanation of how it works, with easy to follow guides on upgrading and changing your crew and tanks.

There are two main aspects to the game: PvE and PvP. In each of these you enter into a battleground and must either complete the objectives or destroy the enemy team. In each case you are assigned a team of players to work with and you are queued according to the rank of your tanks so you fight vehicles of the same approximate level.

You have a third person perspective when you are driving, and you can move in one direction while rotating the turret to fire in another. The controls are pretty simple to use and the interface is easy to read. Once you get the hang of controlling the turret it becomes a really fun game.

One of the best features of the game is the sheer customization available for you, not only are there over 100 tanks to choose from but each comes with a range of options. You can choose the ammo, accessories to use in combat, camo style, boosters and engine or body upgrades. All of these give you a boost and can be tailored to your playstyle. Either the quik lightening fast style or the sit back and pound heavy tanks there is a vehicle for you.

Each of your tanks can also have a crew, these crewmembers have a specific task, such as driver or gunner and as they gain experience they can improve these bonuses. The tank commander has their own skill tree and as you play they gain experience and ranks. The higher the rank the more options you have, and there are several commanders to choose from with their own specialties.

Your tanks also gain their own experience in the form of reputation. This is earned through battles and can be spent on upgrading that individual tank. These upgrades are in a tiered tree system and the more points you spend the better the attribute or skill. Your reputation is also used as a requirement to buy the next tank in the line up. If you have a light tank, and want the next one you need x amount of reputation in your current one. While it may sound like a chore you make the rep just by playing, so it’s a fun way to get what you need for the higher tier tanks.

There are 2 main currencies in the game outside of the reputation, these are Credits and Gold. Credits are earned in the game, and can be used to buy a lot of the upgrades and your new tanks. Gold is a premium currency that you buy for real money, or can earn in special events and gold can be used in a variety of ways, such as premium membership or converted into credits and rep.

No matter if you enjoy the PvE or PvP side of the game there is so much for you to do here, and a massive variety of options for you to enjoy. The gameplay is smooth and engaging and the battles can be quick and fun, or you can enter into 15 v 15 arenas full of fast paced action.


As Armored Warfare is a pretty well established game it comes with its own established community. There are a lot of players in the game, and quite a few support sites that have advice and tips for getting the most out of it. With a huge following online globally there is a large amount of people for you to play and interact with.


This is a really well designed game, the menus and out of game systems are easy to manage. When your in a battle this place is stunning. The movement, combat and UI are all immersive and the tanks are easily identified and look sharp. With an amazing engine behind it this is a beautiful game that brings some amazing locations and combat to live in a way that is both vivid and engaging.


Simply put Armored Warfare is a really fun place to be, there are lots of different play styles around and you can experiment to find the one that best suits you. The action can be fast paced and there is so much for you to do. Unlocking and getting that new higher tier tank is also fun and being able to go out and stomp on your enemies is really fun. A great game with a lot to do as a free player it really is a little gem of a game.

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New Game Added: Armored Warfare

by Adeaphon May 8, 2018
In the not so far future the world is run by megacorps and their mercs. Now you get to join the battle in your own tank, as you drive around the fields and cities of the future in a fully customised war machine. Discover a tactical and fast paced FPS where you control your destiny and get to drive some of the biggest war machines known to man. Battalion in Armored Warfare Red Camo in Armored Warfare Charging in Armored Warfare Read More
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