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Arkheim - Realms At War 10 rate Arkheim - Realms At War is a real-time strategy where you can build your base, recruit troops, gather resources, and wage war against countless enemies throughout the map. Expel invaders and monster hordes in your territory and subjugate your enemies. Have your warlords lead armies in exciting card-like battles. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Arkheim - Realms At War is a well-made attempt at creating a mix between a competitive RTS game and a casual one akin to those you play on smartphones. Though this concoction is rather hard to blend, it manages to excel, putting casual and non-competitive players in the same boat, while those players who wish to compete are on a different pedestal.

It features a high fantasy world populated by elves and dwarves. Those who existed before them, called The Ancients, made use of powerful technology and magic. The game follows a typical RTS loop: build your base, battle NPC enemies, and compete with other players for resources and overall dominance.

So, let’s say you’ve invested countless hours playing real-time strategy games before, and you consider yourself semi-retired in the genre. Should you give Arkheim - Realms At War a shot? Before you decide, let’s check out what it has to offer:


The Ancients, the beings who preceded the Elves and Dwarves, managed to harness the power of the three moves. Sure, they were technologically advanced, but unfortunately, they fell victim to their own ambitions and ended in a bitter civil war. This, in turn, led to their eradication, and ages went by, their ruins and the Arkheim was rediscovered.

The player’s role will be to continue this story as either an elven or a dwarven leader. What will you do with the remnants and ruins, as well as the towers scattered all over the land? Only time and the circumstances will tell.


Arkheim - Realms At War’s gameplay is essentially a real-time strategy game with tried-and-tested mechanics. However, it managed to infuse a plethora of new gameplay mechanics to keep things fresh. It starts off with a rather lengthy tutorial that orients you about the goals, how to navigate its user interface, and how to wage war, gather resources, and build your base. Before that, though, you’ll choose between two races: Dwarves and Elves. You’ll then feel the differences between the two through the art style and troop composition.

Arkheim uses the age-old RTS system of timed buildings and recruitment, which is a bit archaic. However, it manages to be newbie-friendly by giving players the option to instantly complete all constructions in under five minutes. It follows the loop of building farms, storage areas, and army recruitment buildings and levying troops from your base to serve in your expeditionary force. The game guides you to specific objectives, and when you accomplish them, you’ll earn

What sets Arkheim apart from its peers is its combat system. Sure, it’s almost automated, but players can turn the tide of war in their favor by using the game’s Warlord mechanics. In a nutshell, these warlords command your army, and each has its skills and abilities that can provide buffs and give your side an advantage in battle. For example, a warlord named Shazeiros can provide a 10% attack damage bonus, while Brandoud can offer 25% armor, making your armies last longer in combat.

Let’s say you’ve managed to build your base, and you’re ready to go out into the world. You can get this done on Arkheim - Realms at War by tapping on locations scattered throughout the map overview. These consist of towers and places to control and resource spots to gather necessities from. You’ll have to compete with other players to gain access to these spots, but before you can start harvesting though, you’ll need to deal with enemy NPCs taking the form of goblins and other critters. In RTS titles, there’s always a massive disparity between players. Fortunately, the game manages to solve this issue by introducing a system that separates casual players from highly competitive ones. This evens out the playing field a bit, putting players on equal footing.


Arkheim - Realms At War has a massive community of players, and you can interact with many of them on the global chat room or the official forums. Note that many clans and players are frequently looking to recruit new blood to add to the fold, so you can easily find others to play with. Though you can undoubtedly play on your own, it’s best to include other players into the mix. In addition, the developers regularly hold live streams and interact with their fans.


Arkheim - Realms At War impresses in terms of presentation, thanks to its unique art style and easy-to-navigate user interface. Sure, there are many other real-time strategy games that use elves and dwarves, but Arkheim’s art manages to differentiate itself from others. Even if it does not dish out stunning visuals that would put triple-A games to shame, every element positively contributes to the gameplay.


Overall, Arkheim - Realms At War is a fantastic RTS that manages to differentiate itself from its peers. It’s an exciting entry into the world of browser and mobile RTS games, offering an experience that both competitive and casual players would undoubtedly love.

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New Game Added: Arkheim - Realms At War

by Mikhail Sep 27, 2021
Arkheim - Realms At War is a real-time strategy where you can build your base, recruit troops, gather resources, and wage war against countless enemies throughout the map. Expel invaders and monster hordes in your territory and subjugate your enemies. Have your warlords lead armies in exciting card-like battles. Recruitment in Arkheim Combat in Arkheim Map in Arkheim Read More
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