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APB Reloaded 8 rate Set in a fictional city of San Paro, players can choose the role of an enforcer or a criminal and your actions can affect your reputation. Battle other players in a classic PvP match with different mission objectives and party up with other players to claim victory. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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APB Reloaded is an online third person shooter game where players can pick an alignment of either on the side of good (as police enforcers) or the side of evil (criminals). Players can roam around the large city and interact with NPCs to take on missions, these can be completed alone or with friends and some will involve PVP battles. The game also boasts a deep character customization feature where they can pick different outfits to use.


The game is set in a fictional dystopian city of San Paro. Where the city is divided by two factions; the enforcers and the criminals, your usual good versus evil scenario. As these two groups are battling over control over the streets of San Paro. You as a citizen of this city must pick a side and prove your worth on bringing victory and the right to control the city.


APB Reloaded focuses more on PVP battles than PVE battles as this game will make it a mandatory for you to battle against other players regardless if its game mechanics features RPG elements. Players who are not into PVP may have a hard time adjusting to the game.

Starting off in the game you will be giving the option to choose factions; the enforcers or the criminals. Picking from the two will have an impact in your gameplay depending on your actions, if you play as an enforcer, shooting at civilians will lower your rank points but if goes higher if you catch or kill criminals and the opposite will happen for those who picked the criminal faction.

Then, you’ll get to customize your character. At the start, you will be given full control on how you make your avatar appearance, from changing the facial shape and textures to the overall body shape, if you are creative enough, you can replicate your own self into the game. It also features a large range of outfits for you to customize, these can be in form armors or premium cosmetics from premium cash shops.

Controls are similar from popular shooters games, the movements are controlled by the WASD keys while aiming and shooting are on the mouse, there are other functions such as crouching and sprinting. There are no differences on the control layout which makes it for shooters fan to adapt to the gameplay immediately.

The game features a large city for everyone to roam around, with streets and pedestrians walking and cars travelling around the neighbourhood, you can interact with the environment and similar to sandbox games like Grand Theft Auto, you can do anything, you can ride cars by purchasing them or stealing them, you can also shoot civilians but these actions will have consequences as it may lower your reputation meter depending on your faction or law enforcers will make hot pursuit on you. Though there is a big city to explore, there are only few interacting NPCs that can give you missions or sell you items, which makes the city feel barren despite having a lot of NPC civilians roaming around the streets.

There are a series of missions that you can participate and the objective will differ from the two factions. You can participate on missions from NPCs depending on your level or join one from other players who are looking for a partner. You can activate your status to ready when you are prepared to join a mission and you will be queued to a group of players with the same level.

Some missions may require you to capture an objective, or escort a VIP or assassinate a target, and the fun part in these missions is that the opposing team will try and stop your team from completing the mission, so you have to race towards the objective or defeat them to delay their attacks before the time expires, you will earn experience points and money depending on your performance and if you complete the objective.


Despite APB Reloaded is a sandbox game and open to a lot of players, the total population in the game is a bit low, so you might have some hard time forming a team at certain times, and some may have higher population in other regions so you may consider switching. You can chat with other players in the global messaging which is the same like in any other online games, you can add them to your friends list for future adventures or if you want to meet up for missions.

You can also invite or join other players’ missions and coordinate with each other on how to complete them, and all of the missions are PVP oriented, meaning the enemies that you will encounter are real players and matchmaking are done based on character level and latency.

Graphics/ Sound

The game is already seven years old but still provide some good visuals, the character models are nicely modelled where you can see the blemishes and freckles when viewed close up, the car models are also accurate and are finely detailed. The level design may feel flat as some areas are less detailed and looks redundant.

The audio department has some ups and downs, the sound effects are impressive with a lot of ambient sounds and voice dialogues in certain missions, but the game lacks any background music in the main game, which can make the game a bit quiet in some cases.


Overall, APB Reloaded is a fun game for those who are fans of shooters and open world games. Some aspects of the open world features feel incomplete and some of the level designs are not that polished, the gameplay makes up for it, even though there aren’t any unique features found in it. For those who want to have that bit of Grand Theft Auto vibe in a game, they might like APB Reloaded.

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New Game Added: APB Reloaded

by Richard May 15, 2017
Set in a fictional city of San Paro, players can choose the role of an enforcer or a criminal and your actions can affect your reputation. Battle other players in a classic PvP match with different mission objectives and party up with other players to claim victory. APB Reloaded: Police chase A stand-off in APB Reloaded APB Reloaded: Cop on duty Read More
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