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by Aethyna
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Another Case Solved 10 rate In a dysfunctional world where consuming sugar is a crime, there are plenty of “crimes” happening all about, forcing the police to work overtime just to get them all. Still, there are plenty of smaller fries that the police just don’t bother with and it is these cases that you, a brand-new private investigator, decide to take. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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In a dysfunctional world where consuming sugar is a crime, there are plenty of “crimes” happening all about, forcing the police to work overtime just to get them all. Still, there are plenty of smaller fries that the police just don’t bother with and it is these cases that you, a brand-new private investigator, decide to take.

With all of these setting the tone of the game, you can probably guess that Another Case Solved is not your average match-3 puzzle game. Instead, it is more of a puzzle game where you actually get to put your investigative skills to good use. The gameplay has incredible depth and variety, so much so that every case you solve feels different, fun, and unique.


Another Case Solved is set in a fictional town where its mayor, Mayor Covet, has imposed a sugar ban on everyone. The only sugary treats available, like sweets and donuts, are available, in rations, to police officers. This incredibly unpopular move also adds a certain extra burden on the police force as they try to enforce this ban – obviously, when consuming sugar is a crime, there will be plenty of “crime” to go around… so much so that the police are no longer able to solve smaller, pettier crimes like finding missing cats.

This is where you come in! Being a new private investigator out to make a name for yourself, you’ll need to take cases big or small and do your best to solve them so your clients will be happy enough to recommend your services to their friends and colleagues.

What I really like about the storyline in this game is how every snippet of its stories contain an undertone of dry humor which somehow fits the theme just fine. Granted that it’s no “laugh-til-you-drop”-type of humor, but it may at least get you to bark out a laugh or chuckle, or even give you that ticklish feeling in your belly from time to time.


Cases in this game can be solved by following these rules: 1. Find clues; 2 Use clues to talk to witnesses and find important locations; 3. If you ask the right questions, you will get the right answers, and lastly, 4. Use the answers to solve the case. Sounds easy enough, but the game has a whole lot more depth (and thus, it may be a bit more complicated than what most people are used to) than these summaries of the gameplay may imply.

For starters, finding clues doesn’t refer to finding hidden objects, but rather collecting clues from the board via a match-3 game mechanism. This means that you’ll need to match at least 3 (but you can chain up your matches into longer chains as long as the clues you need are close by) clues of the same type to collect them… and there are many types of clues for you to collect.

You don’t just collect clues willy-nilly, however. You’ll need to collect the exact amount and type of clues based on each witness’ requirement. These requirements are shown at the top part of the screen, and you’ll need to actually fulfill these requirements to complete the level and move on to the next part of the game. There’s a bit more strategy here rather than just simply matching clues since you can actually see what types of clues you’ll need in advance, much like in Tetris where you can see what shape your next Tetris piece will be. You can use this information to plan your moves accordingly.

What’s more interesting though is how this game has a second layer of matches. Called Evidences, these items will only appear on the playing area if you manage to match at least 5 clues. They can be collected by chaining them up with a swipe. However, unlike the first layer of matches, you can also simply tap on them to collect.

Do also take note that although there isn’t a move limit in the earlier parts of the game, this is a pretty prominent feature later down the road… mainly because you may end up having fewer clues than you need (Clues and Evidences turn into some sort of currency later on) to solve a case, resulting in a flunked case. So, be sure to only use your moves to collect the Clues and Evidences that you need.

At the end of the “clues-matching” round, you’ll enter into a bonus round where you can use up whatever moves you have left. There are 2 forms of bonus rounds – the Bonus Cash round where you can match any 5 clues to get a special gold coin which, like Evidences, can then be collected; and the Bonus Candy Truck round where you will need to collect the number of clues indicated on the truck to get a free candy.

And…. This is just the first part of the game! In the second part, you’ll then use whatever Evidences and clues you get to ask witnesses questions or find the location of a building or an object. For the interrogation part of the process, you are given a list of questions that you can choose to ask. Each question will cost you a Photo evidence. Considering that you don’t have unlimited Evidences to use, you might want to only ask questions that can actually help you to discern the culprit from among the witnesses. Once the culprit is correctly identified, the case is solved!

At other times, you may need to find a location instead. For these moments, you’ll need to use the Map evidence to uncover hints which will lead you to the specific building you need. Sometimes, you may need to find an item rather than a building. In those cases, you’ll get to play a round of “Hot or Cold” where you try to find where the item may be hidden by using a “hot or cold” indicator. The closer you are to the object, the “hotter” you will be. Similarly, once the object is found, the case is solved.

Need some help with a puzzle? Well, the game has a myriad of Tools and Skills that can help you at any stage of the investigative process. Tools are basically boosters that you can use, for example, to collect all clues of the same type, change all the clues on the board, and more. Skills, on the other hand, can only be used as long as you have a sufficient number of clues since clues are basically the “currency” you need to use a Skill. The game even has a skill tree where you can invest stars that you get by solving cases to improve your investigative Skills.

The money you earn from completing cases can, in turn, be used to “upgrade” your dingy PI’s office. There are many types of furniture you can buy, and interestingly, some of them even will give you passive bonuses when purchased and placed in your office. There are also Equipments that will, for instance, unlock new Tools for you, in addition to bonuses, when purchased and placed.

You can spend the money, or your sweets (premium currency), on your avatar as well. There are tons of clothes to buy, hairstyles to try, and accessories to wear. Sweets can be obtained for free by playing the mini-game at your office every 12 hours or watching video ads. You can even buy them using real cash.

Of course, considering how different Another Case Solved is from any other game even within its own genre, it has a pretty lengthy tutorial. However, I’ve noticed that the tutorial isn’t exactly very comprehensive. It still leaves a couple of stuff for you to figure out on your own.


Another Case Solved isn’t exactly a social game and as such, you probably won’t be able to interact with its community via the game itself. However, the game does have several fan sites and forums to discuss the game with like-minded folks.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game evoke, at least for me, the atmosphere of a detective movie set in the 50s, albeit with some color. The music in this game matches the theme as well.


I don’t usually gush over games mainly because I have seen my fair share of games in the few years I’ve worked in the game reviewing industry and know enough about the “formula” that most companies use to create their games. However, I’ve got to say – Another Case Solved is one intriguing match-3 puzzle game that completely breaks the stereotypes that are commonly placed on other games of its genre. It doesn’t only have a pretty cool and unique theme for a match-based game; its gameplay has the sort of depth and variety that many players crave in a casual game. Of course, that’s not including the humorous stories you will uncover as you solve your cases.

Another Case Solved is, needless to say, a masterpiece of its kind and it pains me to say that the game has not obtained the sort of recognition that I think it deserved. So, if you really liked this game after trying it, make sure to let your friends and family know.

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by Aethyna Mar 25, 2018
In a dysfunctional world where consuming sugar is a crime, there are plenty of “crimes” happening all about, forcing the police to work overtime just to get them all. Still, there are plenty of smaller fries that the police just don’t bother with and it is these cases that you, a brand-new private investigator, decide to take. Another Case Solved: Interrogate witnesses Candy Truck bonus level in Another Case Solved Another Case Solved: Finding a location Read More
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