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Animal Jam 7.2 rate In Animal Jam you can go on exciting adventures to rid the land of Jamaa of the horrid Phantoms. You can also enjoy the many exciting mini-games, collect cute pets, watch cool animal videos and party with your new friends! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Do you love animals? Sure, you do! With their adorable beady eyes and smooth scaly complexion, animals are one of the most indispensable parts of life! Therefore, National Geographic Kids is introducing a new educational and fun virtual world game, called Animal Jam! In this game, you can go on exciting adventures to rid the land of Jamaa of the horrid Phantoms. You can also enjoy the many exciting mini-games, collect cute pets, watch cool animal videos and party with your new friends! This is possibly one of the most entertaining, scholastic and populated kids’ game on the internet! Create your animal avatar at Animal Jam today!


Once upon a time, the land of Jamaa was invaded by a horde of Phantoms. The animals who live there did not know where the evil Phantoms came from, but they fear for their lives as these Phantoms hunted the animals down. It was a miserable and dangerous time for the animals and their lives were tough.

However, a group of animal heroes, called Alphas, surfaced! These Alphas are super-animals with extraordinary strength and wisdom. The Alphas freed Jamaa from the tyranny of the Phantoms and banished them from the lands once and for all! Peace returned to the land and the Alphas can finally do what they have always wanted to do, that is to explore the vast world of Jamaa… only the Panda Alpha remained to help the animals to rebuild their homes.

Now, the land of Jamaa is the home of millions of different animals living together in peace and this is the place that you’re headed to right now! However, there have been rumours that the Phantoms have returned and they are hungering for revenge! With the Alphas gone (except for the Panda Alpha), Jamaa will definitely need more willing volunteers to help defend the land. Are you up to the challenge?


Once signed up, you will have to create your first animal avatar! There are many cute characters for you to choose from – Monkey, tiger, penguin, koala, panda and many others! Then, you will be asked to provide a name. Mix and match a name from the available choices to create a name that is uniquely your own! After you’re done, you will be dropped onto a ship, the Blue Heron where Liza the Panda Alpha will guide you through the basic controls of the game. You are then free to explore the world of Jamaa once the ship reached shore at the Township of Jamaa.

There are many things to do in Animal Jam, but for starters; you may want to explore the vast and wonderful land of Jamaa to see what the game has to offer! If you like watching free snippets of National Geographic documentaries, feel free to visit the Sarepia Theatre and hey! Don’t forget to grab some popcorn along the way. There is also a small photo booth at the entrance of the theatre where you can get some nice screenshots of your avatar and send them to your friends! Furthermore, Animal Jam offers many other locations like art studio, where you can draw whatever you want or print out drawings for coloring activities, or the water slides at Crystal Sand, where you can wind down after finishing your schoolwork and have a great time with your friends.

If you drop by Dr Brady Barr’s laboratory in the Lost Temple of Zios, do check out his Python Safari adventure! In this game, you are there to help out Dr Brady as he traverses the land in search of a giant python for a simple scientific experiment. The Python Safari adventure is very entertaining, because you are given choices to choose from as to which way to go or what to do. You can also earn awesome goodies, like collectible animal plushies after you’ve passed certain checkpoints in the game.

However, if you prefer marine animals instead, head on to Dr Tierney’s aquarium in Crystal Sand! Here, you can watch videos on amazing marine animals, such as sharks, dolphins and octopuses. You can learn a lot about marine animals here! There is also a Touch Pool here whereby after collecting all the types of marine animals available in the pool, you can earn some awesome plushies too! These animal experts are extremely enthusiastic about their work and are eager to answer your questions on any of the animals that they are specialized in. So, if you have any burning questions, ask away!

The plushies or any other furniture items that you’ve gained can be placed at your den. Yes, by being an animal jammer, you can have your very own home in Animal Jam! Cool, isn’t it? Decorate your house and your lawn with furniture to make it look beautiful and invite your Animal Jam friends over for some fun! Additional furniture can also be bought at the shop with gems (in-game currency). However, if you’re looking for zone-themed furniture, you will need to visit the shops provided in their respective zones in Jamaa.

In Animal Jam, you can even trade items with other players. If you see something that you like on their trade list (a list that shows the items that they are willing to trade), click on that item and offer one or more items of yours in exchange. Remember to give them some time to decide whether to accept the trade or not, and if they accept, you will have gained a new item! Whoopee!

As you explore Jamaa, you will encounter plenty of Pet Finders scattered around the map. These are locations where you can purchase adorable pets, such as hamsters, tortoises, cats and dogs that will follow you around in Animal Jam for a low price of 400 gems! You can buy more than 1 pet in this game but you can only bring 1 along with you on your adventures!

Running out of gems? Don’t worry! Earning gems in Animal Jam is very easy – you just need to play mini-games. Choose from the many incredibly fun and challenging mini-games provided, such as Gembreaker, Spot On, Swoopy Eagle (a game that mimics the famous game, Flappy Bird), Pest Control, Sky High and many more! These mini-game stations are scattered across the land of Jamaa for you to find and play, or if you want the easier way out, you can just go to the Jamaa Arcade and play all those games there.

Each game will have their respective rules (They are very easy games to learn, so don’t worry!) that will teach you how to play the game. Some of them will have modes, from easy to hard, for you to slowly increase the game’s difficulty at your own pace. You can also play some of these games in multiplayer instead of playing alone - The more, the merrier! Every week, one of these games will be given a 2x score boost, so you can earn 2x more gems. There are also mini-games that will involve your pets. There are just a couple of these pet-based mini-games in Animal Jam, and unfortunately, these games are only available to members of Animal Jam.

One of the most enjoyable and challenging activities in this game is going on an adventure! These adventures are team-based and you will need at least 4 other people to join your team before you can start.

What are adventures all about? Well, in adventures, you have to walk through a special portal to arrive at a special adventure map (there are loads of these portals at the Lost Temple of Zios, but most portals will require higher levels to play). You will then have to walk across the map to the exit portal safely. The path to the exit portal is filled with roaming Phantoms though, so you got to have your wits around you as you trap these Phantoms by leading them towards Chomper plants or by stealthily walking pass them in the tall grass.

The game also offers achievements to its players. These achievements can be earned while shopping, playing games or exploring Jamaa… practically anything you do in Animal Jam will amount to an achievement sooner or later. So, start collecting your achievements now!

If you love Animal Jam and think that it is the best game ever, you can support the game by signing up for its membership. As a member of Animal Jam, you will unlock many cool and new features like more variety of pets for you to adopt and more items to buy at the shop. You will also gain the ability to customize the colors for any items you buy. You can even change the music in your den and get weekly diamonds that you can use to purchase premium items.

In short, Animal Jam has plenty of fun-filled animal adventures for you to experience. This is definitely a game that both kids and adults can enjoy!


Being such a great game, it is no surprise that the game’s community is burgeoning rapidly. The community of players in Animal Jam is so huge that you will never be alone in any area in Jamaa (except, of course, in your den). However, the game does not feel over-crowded and that’s maybe why National Geographic Kids has yet to open a new server to support the massive community that they have in Animal Jam.

Since Animal Jam caters mainly to kids, it has very tight security and regulations to aid in protecting the younger members of the community from being scammed by unscrupulous players or from being exposed to inappropriate content by other older players (by, for example, having a restricted chat system). It is certainly a game that is safe for kids to play in!


Animal Jam has very colourful, cartoony graphics that is pleasant to look at. Moreover, all the videos provided in the game are of high definition quality as well!

In addition, the music in this game is very catchy and lively, and will change depending on which location you are in or which game you are playing. With that much variety in background music, you will never get bored of the music in the game!


Animal Jam is an amazing browser-based and child-friendly game that is both fun and educational. There is never a dull moment in this game as you can watch animal videos, go on adventures with your friends, play arcade games and discover the beautiful land (and sea) of Jamaa. There are even achievements to see how well-versed you are with the game. This is a brilliantly-designed game that attempts to spread knowledge to the younger generation through a more entertaining way (as compared to the usual books). Kudos to National Geographic Kids for creating Animal Jam!

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Animal Jam Has Little Educational Value

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