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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp 8 rate Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a fun campsite simulation game that lets you to not only decorate and customize your camp, but also allow you to decide which of your many animal friends you'd like to invite to your place. There are plenty of requests to complete, items to craft, and fun characters to meet as well. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Animal Crossing is one of Nintendo’s biggest success and after long last, it has finally come to your mobile devices in the form of a fun campsite management game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. In addition to having your own virtual campsite to customize and decorate as you wish, this free-to-play game will have you traveling from location to location to fulfill various other campers’ requests to forge a friendship, and eventually invite them over to your camp as guests. The game encourages you to make new friends with other human players as well. If you love Animal Crossing, this game is definitely a game you’ll want to play.


To begin, you’ll first need to create your avatar. The customization allowed in this game is somewhat limited. Aside from choosing its gender as well as other physical features like hairstyle, eye shape, hair and eye colors, and skin tone, you don’t get to choose which clothes to wear, and well, the default clothes aren’t exactly the best looking.

Granted that you can purchase new clothes later on by visiting the marketplace, the items you can buy are incredibly limited as well. The items on sale will be refreshed periodically though, so you may need to visit the place frequently just so you can get the items you want.

Anyway, once you’ve got your looks fixed, you can then choose your starting campsite theme, be it Cool, Sporty, Natural or Cute. Different themes will naturally attract different types of animal friends more strongly, but you should still be able to host all sorts of animals at your campsite. The items you can place there won’t be affected by your starting camp theme either. You will still be able to place everything you want in the game regardless of the theme you chose.

That said, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a really simple game to play. You’ll basically be managing your own campsite by deciding which animal friends to invite to your place and decorating your camp with a variety of furniture and beautiful decor. You can buy some of these items at the marketplace using Bells (game currency), but most of the time, you’ll need to collect the necessary materials to craft these items instead.

The crafting process is very straightforward – just add an item into the crafting queue, wait for the process to complete and then claim your item. However, you will only have 1 free crafting slot. So, when you reach that stage in the game when the crafting duration can go as high up as a couple of hours to almost half a day, you might feel a bit frustrated. Thankfully, you can buy up to 3 slots using the game’s premium currency, Leaf Tickets, and if you scrimp the free Leaf Tickets that you get, you should be able to easily purchase the extra 2 slots easily. You can also use Leaf Tickets to speed up the crafting process.

Now, to get yourself some materials to craft with, you’ll need to dive into the game’s somewhat RPG aspect. There are goals in this game, both Timed and Stretch, where you can complete to earn extra materials and Bells. The game also contains plenty of quirky animal characters who will have requests that you can fulfill.

These animal requests mostly require you to collect “quest items” from the several locations in the game. Sometimes, you may be required to catch specific butterflies or fishes, while at other times, you may just need to collect fruits off trees or shells and corals off the beach. The requests will also keep coming until the animal in question is content. But if you have some request tickets, you can use these tickets to get 3 more requests.

It’s important to note that travelling between locations is free in this game, so it’s not restrictive in that sense. However, certain locations, specifically, Shovelstick Quarry, is locked behind a paywall where you can either try to get 5 friends to help you unlock it, or you can simply spend 20 Leaf Tickets to do so every time you want to head over to the place. This location is not exactly an optional place to go to either. It is pretty important later in the game when you’ll need rare minerals and some precious stones that can only be mined at this quarry.

With each completed request, you’ll not only obtain crafting materials; you will also slowly inch your way across the friendship meter with that animal character until it is full, which in turn, will result in a level up. Once you reach a certain level, you’ll then be able to add the animal as one of your close contacts and invite that animal to visit your camp. The animal will probably have some extra requests before actually heading over to your place, but these requests mostly involve crafting which we’ve covered in the previous paragraphs. Aside from fulfilling requests, sometimes, you can talk to them to earn some friendship points too.

The friendship levels you get will also be credited into your own experience meter that will slowly but steadily level your avatar up as well. Every level up will earn you tons of freebies, and unlock a variety of new crafts and animals to make friends with.

Not to mention, the controls in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp are really easy to grasp as well. You can move your character simply by tapping on the place you want to go, or you can just tap and drag your finger across the screen and your avatar will follow suit. To interact with something or talk to an animal friend, you just need to tap on them. It’s that simple!

Catching bugs and fishes can be slightly tricky though. Instead of just tapping to collect, you need to tap once to start the catching sequence, and again when an exclamation mark pops up. Bugs scare easily too, so if you run pass it, it will quickly flutter away, and you’ll miss your chance to grab it. Some locations will have special areas where you can kind of “cheat” to get bugs and fishes in bulk, but for this to work, you’ll need to have honey (for bugs) or nets (for fishes). If not, you can always buy more using Leaf Tickets or simply use the grindier method of catching these bugs and fishes individually.

Being a simulation game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp provides you with a quaint little place to build, customize and decorate. Simply bring up the home-editing feature by tapping on the Grid icon and start placing items. Items can be rotated 360-degrees too. Once done, you can admire your handiwork by tapping on the Camera view option. The camera will allow you to view the entire campsite as well as to zoom in or out as you like.

However, unknown to many, aside from your campsite and the small tent plot, where you can then build other themed amenities (unlocked at level 5), that you have, you actually own a camper (the van-version of a home trailer) and you get to customize that as well. To enter your camper, just tap on your van twice.

Don’t like the default look of your camper? Well, you can customize the appearance and size of your camper at OK Motors. It’s interesting that you don’t exactly have to pay for the customization you want up front. Instead, you can take out a loan and pay the penguins at OK Motors later. But you should know that you can only take out a loan at a time, so before you can get another paint or mechanical job done on your camper, you’ll need to settle your previous loan debt first.

Another part about the game that I really like is actually its downloading screen. You’ll be prompted to download additional game content at the beginning of the game and while your game is being downloaded, there’s a fun “endless runner”-like 2D game you can play to earn some extra Bells. You don’t really have to do much though – just tap on the truck whenever you spot a coin that’ll require a jump to collect.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a very social game. The game encourages you to meet and add new friends by randomly putting players’ avatars in locations you’re in. By having a friend, you can visit your friends’ campsite and give them kudos for creating a great-looking camp.

You can also earn the somewhat rare crafting material, Friend Powder, by completing friends-related Goals. I suspect you may be able to gift each other this powder as well. As mentioned before, you will need to get your friends’ help to visit places like the Shovelstrike Quarry too.

Graphics/ Sound

I really like the visuals in this game. The adorable character models are only matched in excellence with the wonderful surrounding. The graphics in this game is definitely designed with both adults and children in mind – it’ll appeal to both groups of players.

The sound in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is quite unique as well. The music – I’m not even sure you can call it that since it sounds more like random bursts of instruments (mainly the accordion) – is pretty alright. Sounds a lot like the sort of sound you’ll hear in a handheld game. The game doesn’t stop there though. It adds in ambient sounds, such as the sound of waves if you’re by the beach, and what sounds like machine-generated gibberish as the voices of the animal characters you “talk” to. There are also some sound effects for some of the buttons you tap on.


All in all, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is definitely the sort of simulation game that will attract fans of the game franchise. The gameplay is fun and relaxing to enjoy, and the cast of animal friends you can meet have enough personality to be engaging. Some players might find the game a bit boring after a while though, since you’ll basically be doing the same stuff over and over just to “farm” for friendship points to unlock new content. It’d be nice to have special weekly events to spice things up.

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New Game Added: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

by Aethyna Nov 30, 2017
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a fun campsite simulation game that lets you to not only decorate and customize your camp, but also allow you to decide which of your many animal friends you'd like to invite to your place. There are plenty of requests to complete, items to craft, and fun characters to meet as well. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: Marketplace Map in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: Enjoying fruits with new friends Read More
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