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Angel Alliance 7 rate Angel Alliance is an MMORPG developed and optimized for web browsers, the game features a turn-based combat gameplay and a series of quests to complete. You can choose from three different character classes that you can master and recruit other characters to be on your side. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Angel Alliance is a web-based Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game where players try to save the angels from the clutches of the Dark Lord. The game will feature a traditional roleplaying game experience with a turn-based combat gameplay, you will be taking on quests and completing them will provide you new recruits which also includes the angels that can provide a great boost to your team.


The game takes place in the fantasy world of Etheria, which was being engulfed into the darkness by the evil Dark Lord and managed to imprison all of the strongest angels in the world. You task is to rescue all of the angels from the Dark Lord to bring peace once again to Etheria. You will be encountering different characters to help flesh out the plot in the game as you explore different regions in hopes to rescue each of the captured angels.


Running on a web browser, Angel Alliance shows some limitations in terms of visuals and performance such as loading times, but it still managed to provide an easy to control gameplay and a very familiar combat mechanics for those who are used to mobile and browser based RPGs.

Starting off in the game will put you in a short tutorial scene where it explains the basics of Angel Alliance, it tells the functions of certain buttons and windows as well as the combat system. Completing the tasks in the tutorial will provide you with some nifty rewards and unlocks on certain functions in the game. Completing the short intro will let you choose your character class, there are three classes available in the game; Warrior, Mage and Archer. Choosing any of the three will make no difference in the storyline, so you can choose which class that suits you. Unfortunately, there is no options to customize your avatar’s appearance, however you can change its costumes from the equipment that you will collect.

You will only be using a mouse for this game, since the limitations of a browser-based game made some hindrance to certain functions on other peripherals, but you can still use a keyboard when doing conversations to other players. The interface feels a bit cluttered as there a lot of icons displayed on screen, it would have been better if all of the icons are sorted properly and placed in a single location that can be easily accessed.

The combat system is very straightforward, you do not need to do any action from your side, as the AI will handle all the actions for you. It is using a turn-based combat mechanic which is popular to typical JRPGs in the market. You can see which character will take their turn on the screen to give you an idea on what is going to happen next.

You start off on your adventure on your own, but you will be recruiting more characters to your side to help turn the tables to your advantage. And later on, you will be able to acquire Angels that will assist you in battles, the only difference with angels is that they won’t attack normally as they will only unleashed powerful abilities whenever their meter on the lower left screen goes full, this can be done by attacking or receiving damage from opponents. You can acquire more angles by completing quests

Taking quests is quite similar like in other MMOs, as all of them can be acquired through progression in the game. The objectives on the quests are very straightforward; you need to kill X amount of Y monsters or talk to Z NPC and Collect X amount of W items, it is very easy to tackle the quests and to make the journey less of a hassle, there is the auto-path function that automatically moves your avatar to the designated location or monster without clicking to locations or warps to traverse.

There are some other features to encourage players to log in to the game regularly, these provide daily gifts to aid you in your everyday questing or you can gamble by taking a shot at some lottery type of activities. There are also premium items that provides boost in experience points or special mounts and costumes to give you stat bonuses and premium looks for your avatars, but at a cost of spending real money.


Though it may be a browser game, you can still interact with other players in the game, without any limitations. You can socialize with them via the global chat for a healthy conversation or through private message for other close friends in the game. There is also the guild feature where you take form a team with fellow players or challenge other rival guilds in competitions.

Graphics/ Sound

As for the visual presentation, the 2D sprites have certain animations and vibrant colors, however the backgrounds in the game are very static and provide less impact to the overall presentation due to the limitations of the game engine. Art designs are decent with some character portraits being shown when opening a conversation or dialogue. The audio department especially the music may need some improvements as the tracks are not very inspiring and could help increase the mood in the game.


Angel Alliance has that classic MMORPG vibe in an easy to access platform with some auto questing features to make the game sessions faster to compete, but the limitations of the game engine and from web browsers tend to limit some of its fun factor and visual presentation. Fans of browser based RPGs may give this a try and probably enjoy this, but for those who are into mobile games may have to get used to some of the features and visuals and might probably turn them off from playing it.

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New Game Added: Angel Alliance

by Richard May 19, 2017
Angel Alliance is an MMORPG developed and optimized for web browsers, the game features a turn-based combat gameplay and a series of quests to complete. You can choose from three different character classes that you can master and recruit other characters to be on your side. Angel Alliance: Gameplay Chillaxing at the world tree in Angel Alliance Angel Alliance: Horse mount Read More
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