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Andromeda 5 9 rate Choose a faction and hop right into the conflict between these two factions as well as between humans and aliens in Andromeda 5! Obtain resources to craft useful items or you could sell them off for cash. Use the cash earned to upgrade your spacecraft or purchase a new and much powerful one instead! Try it today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Fly through the vast and beautiful galaxies in your very own (and awesome-looking, I might add) spacecraft in Andromeda 5! Choose a faction and hop right into the conflict between these two factions as well as between humans and aliens. Collect resources to craft useful items, like ammo, or you could sell them off for some cold hard cash. Need more resources? Well, complete the missions that you get, or participate in exciting PvP combat to obtain more. Don’t forget to use the cash you’ve earned to upgrade your spacecraft or you could just purchase a new and much powerful one instead. So, if you enjoy playing casual space simulation/ MMORPGs, Andromeda 5 is definitely a game that you’ll enjoy! Try it today!


Ready to get flying, pilot? Great! There are 2 servers you can choose from, namely the Americas and Europe. Pick a server that is closest to you (for lower ping) and you can then select a faction you want to join. The 2 factions on offer are Vindexis and Regia Ales. Generally, both factions are pretty much balanced in terms of population as you’ll be able to see right under each option. Of course, the game will automatically point out the faction which needs you the most with a helpful arrow.

After some really nice cinematic and tutorial, you’ll be dropped into the starting zone which is the Hydra Galaxy and your journey through space will begin! Now, let’s start with the basics. Controls are pretty much straightforward in the game as you can choose to either use the mouse to “point and click” or you could also use WASD. For combat, it’s designed in a way that is pretty much the space version of hack and slash. You’ll first target the enemy and once your ship is within range, it will automatically start auto-shooting. You can move your ship around while it’s shooting, but generally, due to the game’s “lock on target” system, you can’t really avoid taking fire from enemy ships by moving around.

That aside, you should definitely know that resources are the most fluid “currency” in Andromeda 5. There are quite a variety of them (a total of 9 resource types) and they are separated into 3 nifty tiers, with the lowest tier consisting of common resources like Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen, while the highest tier contains rare and more valuable resources including Equilibrium, Deuterium and Acetone. Resources can generally be obtained by destroying enemy spaceships, but you can also earn quite an amount of them via missions in this game. By the way, missions in Andromeda 5 are mainly made up of pretty much the usual stuff you’ll always encounter in MMO games such as collecting and killing missions.

As you might have guessed, resources are very important in this game. This is partly because you can trade them in for some cold hard cash at the resource merchant your base, and also partly because you’ll need them to craft items that you can later use. Some items that can be crafted include ammo and better weapons. You can also use them to facilitate the fusing of other base resources to make new and usually better grade materials that you’ll definitely need to create more powerful items.

At your base, you can also access your vault, where you can store extra items for your ship and to free up your ship’s cargo; the in-game cash shop (or Nova shop) in which you can purchase items like neuron modules, experience boosts, auto-miner (automated resource collector), and damage boost. However, the most vital part of your base is the dock. This is the garage for your spacecraft!

At the dock, you will have access to your ship’s customization interface. Here, you can customize, upgrade and repair your ship as long as you have the cash needed. Ship upgrades are limited to only 10, but interestingly, you could also upgrade your weapons separately up to a total of 15 levels. Unlike ship upgrades, weapon upgrades allow you to choose which stats you’d like to improve, namely damage, cooldown, range, penetration and targeting. Thus, it is entirely up to you to decide which stat you value more.

Why bother upgrading when you could buy a brand new and more powerful spacecraft, right? So, go ahead and check out the range of awesome-looking spacecrafts that Andromeda 5 has to offer! You can buy these spaceships, which include serpent, vindicator, boar, destroyer, mantis, tiger and the cormorant, using either in-game cash or premium currency (Nova). Each ship has its own range of stats, like speed, shield, targeting, avoidance and corpus, as well as cargo capacity. These ships also come with free repair drones, which you can use to your advantage during combat. Naturally though, the more expensive a ship is, the better the starting stats and specs it will have. But don’t forget, by upgrading your ships, you can get even better stats than what you’ve started off with.

Besides stats, each player has their own skills that they can develop by investing neuron modules that you’d earned by leveling up. There are 3 main skill trees, namely guardian, destroyer and protector, and although there is, obviously, no need for a “tank” or a “healer” role in this game, these different trees will help you mold your spacecraft to your playing style. In addition to these skill trees, you’ll also have passive skills that you can develop as well as an amplification option to boost your spacecraft.

If you’re a PvP-centric player, don’t despair just yet! Andromeda 5 also offers exciting PvP galaxies for you to play on. You can enjoy dogfights in space whenever you like just by heading to those open PvP sectors. However, on the downside, it seems that the question of “who will be dominating in PvP” mainly falls on who has the highest level and the best ship upgrades. Skills don’t really come into play much, except if you count on figuring out a way to catch a player who is circling the map in an attempt to avoid you.

That being said, Andromeda 5 also has plenty of beautiful galaxies that you can explore and enjoy the view. From the greenish Mensa to the purplish Orion, you’ll definitely be able to find a spot in space that you’d like.


The community at Andromeda 5 is mainly grouped around their respective factions. Amazingly, in this game, you can actually appoint outstanding players to join the council and become a powerful council member of the faction. Council members will then vote on whether or not to launch a full blown faction war or if they would want to use the factions’ respective boosters. That being said, you could meet up and chat with the majority of its players via their game forums. If you have any feedback, bug reports or suggestions, you can leave it there for the devs to read through as well.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Andromeda 5 are really astonishing for a browser-based game. The spacecraft models are very intricately designed and I absolutely adore the scenic views my eyes were able to feast upon as I traveled across different galaxies in the game. It is truly an incredible and oddly calming experience. In terms of music, the game features some pretty awesome tunes that range from epic inspirational music to some soft techno music that has some really nice beats.


All in all, Andromeda 5 is a pretty solid, browser-based MMO space simulation game that allows you to commandeer your own sleek spacecraft and head into the vast unknown of space to explore (and of course, destroy enemy ships). There are many ways you can improve and customize your ship and its loadout to suit it to your playing style, or you could merely ditch the old ship and buy a new one instead! Don’t forget that all of these will require lots of cash and the best way to earn them is by selling resources you’ve collected from destroyed enemy ships or by completing missions. So, if all of these sound appealing to you, then what are you waiting for? Head over to Andromeda 5 now and check the game out now!

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New Game Added: Andromeda 5

by Aethyna Nov 4, 2015
Choose a faction and hop right into the conflict between these two factions as well as between humans and aliens in Andromeda 5! Obtain resources to craft useful items or you could sell them off for cash. Use the cash earned to upgrade your spacecraft or purchase a new and much powerful one instead! Try it today! Boar spacecraft Earth in the background Beautiful scenery in Orion galaxy Read More
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