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Ancient War 9 rate Recruit legendary Greek heroes and send your troops into the never-ending, faction-vs-faction war in this brand-new, browser-based MMO game, Ancient War! Build your empire, amass a strong army and work together with your fellow allies to expand your faction-controlled territories. Climb up the ranks and maybe you may even make King! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Ancient War is a browser-based MMO RPG/strategy game set in the war-torn era in a region that is now known as Greece. Playing as a general from one of the three major factions involved in the war, you’ll need to build up your empire, assemble your very own team of legendary Greek heroes, and send your armies to conquer rival territories. Will you be able to climb the hierarchy of your faction and rule over all others as their one-and-only king? Play now and find out!


Paris from the city-state of Troy has kidnapped the beloved Queen Helen from her people. In hopes of getting her back safely, the king has promised a massive reward to whoever managed to conquer Orpheus City where the Queen was held and rescue her.

With the help from Agamemnon, you managed to rally the Greeks to form a coalition that is hopefully strong enough to defeat the enemy troops that were holding down the fort. Eventually, you managed to save the queen and as a reward, you are granted the title of Lord and a city to call your own.


To begin your journey as an empire-builder, you’ll first need to choose a faction to align with. You can side with Thebes, Sparta or Athens, though which faction you choose doesn’t really matter much since you don’t really get a faction bonus. However, if you’d like something extra, it’s best to choose the “Random Faction” option instead – you can get 88 Gold Coins (premium currency) for free!

You will then need to choose a gender for your general and also input a name before you can dive right into the game and see some action on the battlefield.

As the game is a party-based RPG, you’ll actually need to assemble a team of heroes to help you fight the good fight – you can’t possibly handle everything on your own! To do so, you’ll need to summon new heroes and hope that you get a strong one. Heroes differ from each other by their type (the type of troops they lead, be it lancers, archers or knights) and quality or grade (common, rare, epic, etc).

These heroes can be upgraded as well. You can level them up to match your character’s level. You can also equip them with gear, each of which can be further refined at the forge. You can even evolve your heroes to increase their quality or salvage extra ones to get Soul Crystals that you can then spend at the Exchange Store.

The troops that your heroes lead can, in turn, be upgraded via the 4 types of barracks in your main city. You can do so simply by upgrading those very barracks. As you level up, you’ll unlock 2 more new features which can drastically increase your overall Power Rating (it indicates how strong your army is), namely mounts (level 40) and relics (level 60).

The armies you amass can then be sent to battle enemies in the game’s PvE campaign, called the Sand-Table Drills, or on the world map. On the world map, there are common robber strongholds, which will basically pit you against normal AIs, or you can participate in the arena PvP and try to climb the rank ladder as you go. Interestingly, you can even help your faction expand the territories it controls by simply working with other players in your “team” and attacking neighboring, enemy-controlled cities. Every victory will grant you a loot chest too!

Before diving straight into combat, however, you should know that the game has a planning phase where you’ll get to strategize by arranging the formation of your troops. This is important, in addition to having a higher Power Rating, because different types of units have an advantage, or disadvantage, over another type of units.

The combat system in Ancient War is also automated, and that is a good thing if you’re looking to play a not-so-demanding MMO game on your browser. However, what I really like about this game is that it doesn’t really force you to watch the battles you get involved in, especially the ones on the world map, if you don’t want to. You also have the option to turn off auto-combat and play the game as manually as you can, that is by manually triggering your heroes’ rage skills whenever the rage meter is filled up.

Being an empire-building game, you will be expected to build up your city-state as well. Resources are needed to do so and thankfully, the game does provide you with a variety of ways to gather enough of them. You can collect from your resource-producing buildings like farms, mines, forests, and houses, or you can pray for free resources, for 10 times for free every day, at the altar.

As with any game within the genre, you can upgrade these buildings to improve their productivity. Upgrades take time to complete, but you can speed things up for free if the duration drops below 5 minutes. You can also spend premium currency to purchase an additional builder so you can build or upgrade 2 buildings at once!

Another really nice feature I’d like to point out here is the fact that faction hierarchy is present in Ancient War. This means that if you do well within your faction - by contributing to the war effort, for example – you may get a chance to contest for one of the 4 important positions of power or even be appointed as the next “King” of your faction. This feature isn’t exactly unique but it’s still a nice and rare feature to find in games.

Now, Ancient War is a freemium game and as such, players can try to speed up the game or gain powerful heroes at the get-go simply by “topping up” with some real cash. Aside from the premium gold coins they’ll get, these spenders will be showered with numerous top-up rewards. Naturally, the more you spend, the more (and better) rewards you’ll get!

Free-to-play players, on the other hand, don’t really get a lot of freebies as they advance through the game, but they don’t feel pressured to spend either. So, I guess it’s an “okay” sort of a win-win.


Although the game was just recently released, the community has been growing quite fast. This trend will possibly increase further once the game has a bit of marketing going, further intensifying the faction-vs-faction battles on the world map.

Graphics/ Sound

Ancient War doesn’t exactly have great graphics, but for a browser game, the visuals are pretty good, as long as you look at them from afar (zoomed out as opposed to in). The music used here is really nice though. It’s quite solemn in places and yet inspirational overall. The soundtrack even includes the sounds of sword clashing at times.


All in all, Ancient War is a really decent MMO game where you get to recruit legendary Greek heroes to help lead your troops into battle. Strategy and teamwork are the important keys here if you ever hope to rise to the top of the ranks. If this sounds like a game that’s designed for you, well, Ancient War beckons! Play it now on Facebook!

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New Game Added: Ancient War

by Aethyna Jul 4, 2018
Recruit legendary Greek heroes and send your troops into the never-ending, faction-vs-faction war in this brand-new, browser-based MMO game, Ancient War! Build your empire, amass a strong army and work together with your fellow allies to expand your faction-controlled territories. Climb up the ranks and maybe you may even make King! Ancient War: City hall World map in Ancient War Ancient War: Combat Read More
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