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Albion Online 10 rate Albion Online is an open-world medieval sandbox where players explore dungeons, fight monsters and interact with other players. Join or form a guild and engage in mini MOBA-like arena battles or engage in a turf war with enemy guilds. Craft your own weapons and armor, and dive into an amazing medieval fantasy world. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Large-scale MMORPGs sometimes seem to provide generic experiences with little to work towards, making gameplay repetitive after a couple of hours. The classic grind - level up - get good gear cycle feels the same. Fortunately, if you’re looking for a game that breaks this cycle, Albion Online is a great title to immerse yourself with. Though it has many of the elements of most classic MMORPGs, it sets itself apart by incorporating other gameplay elements making it an entirely unique experience.

It’s a free-to-play MMORPG that is available on Steam. If you’re looking for a new online game to dive into and explore, is Albion a good one to get into? Let’s dive into what it offers and see if it’s worth playing - at least for you.


In a nutshell, Albion Online is a world shrouded in mystery and has a deep and intricate lore, spanning for over a millennia. Its lore and history is based on the tale of King Arthur and some of its characters, like Morgana and Merlyn. Without diving deep into spoilers, there was a human civil war fought in Albion where Morgana summoned demons to help in her on the war.

These events ravaged Albion and although Morgana and her minions (except one) were driven out of the earth, the country was in ruins. It was then surrounded by a dense fog for more than a millennia. Fast forward to the game’s setting, the mists have subsided which led to the people of the Old World to explore and hopefully, colonize Albion. You’ll take the role of one of these explorers and see what Albion has to offer. Tread lightly though, not all demons and enemies fighting a war that has long been over have been kicked out of the once great country!


At first glance, you’d think Albion’s a typical MMORPG and quite frankly, it plays like one initially. You’ll create your own character using the game’s rather limited character customization system and end up in an island where you’ll learn the game’s basics. You’ll do quests handed out by various NPCs, battle monsters, and gain fame which is the game’s version of experience.

Albion Online has to class system. Instead, your weapons and other gear determine what your combat capabilities and skills are. This degree of freedom is refreshing but in return, makes everything complicated. Though the skill trees and masteries are robust, it wouldn’t be a good idea to waste your fame on unnecessary weapon skills and abilities. Instead, consult the community guides for builds and tips. After all, you’d want to utilize every bit of fame you receive, and create a great character, whether it’s a support battlemage or a damage-focused warrior. You'll also get to choose from a variety of mounts which get stronger and more varied as you progress.

Albion Online focuses a great deal on its multiplayer aspects. Though you’re more than welcome to become a solo player, you’d want to join a guild or play with your friends if you want to get far into the game. Doing so can make you eligible to fight in fast-paced guild wars or engage in mini MOBA-like PvP battles. There’s also a building and base management aspect, since you can own an island or a plot of land in a city. You can plant vegetables and develop your own crafting stations to create things other players can purchase so you’ll be able to make a profit! Before you start doing anything though, be sure that you’re in the same starting area as your friends: traveling between regions can be both dangerous, tedious, and expensive, due to the vastness of its entire world.

Although PvP and crafting play a crucial part, PvE and exploring various dungeons is an important aspect of Albion Online. Killing monsters and finishing quests from NPCs yields you fame which grants you more abilities, and stronger equipment to craft. You can take part in solo or group expeditions, battle various factions and face monsters from the war a millennia ago.


Albion Online is full of players today, which isn’t a surprise since it has recently become free-to-play. So yes, you’ll be able to find new players to dive into with. Unfortunately, there’s a big downside: the influx of new players have lead to server issues and a downgrade in server performance. Lag and framerate drops are noticeable and in some time I spent online playing, the server was forced to make other players invisible to boost my own experience.


In terms of presentation, Albion Online looks fantastic. Though its presentation elements are far from realistic, the overall art style and presentation fits in dishing out a medieval fantasy theme. Though there are a few framerate drops and performance issues (which can be attributed to my rather weak computer), it’s a pleasure to play.


Overall, Albion Online is an MMO that is guaranteed to give you countless hours of good fun. It provides a fantastic experience and is never repetitive. In addition, it doesn’t have pay-to-win mechanics (it has cosmetic freemium items and a battle pass of some sort). It’s a well-made experience that is best played with friends and is definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

So, give Albion Online a shot and start exploring!

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New Game Added: Albion Online

by Mikhail Jun 14, 2019
Albion Online is an open-world medieval sandbox where players explore dungeons, fight monsters and interact with other players. Join or form a guild and engage in mini MOBA-like arena battles or engage in a turf war with enemy guilds. Craft your own weapons and armor, and dive into an amazing medieval fantasy world. Guild in Albion Online Dungeon battle in Albion Online Albion Online map Read More
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