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Agency 33 9 rate Use your keen eyesight to uncover the conspiracy within the agency by searching for clues in the agency’s various safe house locations! Everybody at the agency is either dead or missing – you are the agency’s only hope to foil the cataclysmic plans of the enemy and save Agency 33! The clock is ticking... so play it now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The agency has been compromised! Enemy agents have attempted to kill you, but, unknown to your enemies, you survived by your wits! However, due to an injury to your head, you have lost all memory about the agency or your past, though you still retain your awesome skills as a secret agent. Use your skills to uncover the depth of the conspiracy within the agency by searching for clues in the agency’s various safe house locations! Find out who betrayed the agency which has led to its downfall! Everybody at the agency is either dead or missing – you are the agency’s only hope to foil the cataclysmic plans of the enemy and save Agency 33! The clock is ticking, so play it now!


You are a recruit, a promising one at that, at the top secret Agency 33 for almost a year. You are on the way to work when suddenly you received a call from Iris, the director at the Agency warning you that the agency has been compromised. It was then you noticed a van driving alongside your car and with a “wham”, the van drove you off the freeway into the river. You managed to save yourself from your car by using the hammer in your car to break open the windshield. Thankfully, Iris was there when you swam to the surface and brought you to one of the safe houses of the agency, which has been turned into the new headquarters. However, due to a hit in the head during the crash, you ended up with amnesia. As the enemy thought they had you killed, you are now the agency’s only hope to find out who has betrayed Agency 33 and what are your enemies’ plans! Are you up to the task, agent?


You are first introduced to the game's background story with a short animated video. The game proper only starts when you are introduced to the Orpheus cube which allows you to travel instantly to the various safe houses that Agency 33 has scattered around the fantastical world.

As it is a hidden object game, you’ll need to employ your skills as a secret agent to scour the scenes for clues so as to find out the enemy’s real motive behind the attack on Agency 33. There are a total of 11 hidden object scenes for you to play while there are also several other locations that you’ll have access to in order to uncover its secrets. Although there’s a timer in the scenes, there is no time limit for you to play the scene. You can take your time to find the items needed on the list, though in doing so, you’ll lose out on the time bonus that the timer will provide.

Each scene will also consume a sizable amount of energy points when you play them and this value varies depending on many factors, such as its level and the challenges that it contains. You’ll start with a total of 10 energy points at first and your total energy capacity will increase by 10 with every level up (you’ll also get a full energy refill and some real life currencies, called gems, when you level up). Scenes in Agency 33 can be unlocked as you level up as well, though some scenes are unlocked as the story of the game progresses.

Once you’ve completed a scene, it will provide you with 1 creation element – you can earn different creation elements depending on which scene you are playing in. These elements are vital for you to craft symbols and other items that you’ll need to unlock new clues in order to proceed with the story in the game. These items cost money to craft and requires you to wait a certain period of time for it to be completed. You can, however, speed things up using real money, of course. You’ll also need to complete quests by doing whatever was requested of you to obtain the instructions to craft an item that you need.

There are hints in this game too, but they are limited by how many hint emblems you have. Thus, you’ll need to use them wisely! However, there are ways you can earn hints. You’ll get a chance to earn hint emblems by performing combos while playing a scene or by spending real money. Each scene will have different combo rewards, mainly bonus experience points, in-game money or hints, and you’ll need to find at least 5 objects in a row to trigger the combo bonus.

The scenes in Agency 33 can be replayed multiple times in order to complete quests too! Thankfully, some of the objects that you’ll need to find in the scenes are not fixed, making each play through fresh and non-repetitive. As you play a scene over and over again, it will eventually level up. There are 3 levels per scene and different scene levels will increase the variety of creation elements that you can obtain from a particular scene.

If you looked carefully, you may also notice that some location contains a bright anomaly spot on the ground. These anomaly spots can be harvested using anomaly traps, which can also be crafted using creation elements, to obtain relic pieces. Once you have a complete set of relic pieces, you can then form a relic. These relics are important for you to banish some of the spawned baddies that are roaming the map and get yourself some bonus boosts, such as the timekeeper amulet, which reduces item creation time by 75% and many more others!

One of the most interesting aspects of Agency 33 is its challenges. You can attach up to 3 different challenges, which can be crafted at the creation room, to a scene to ramp up its difficulty somewhat drastically. Some examples of these challenges include eclipse, endless rain, starfall, northern lights, tornado and distortion. For eclipse, you’ll be playing a scene that is darkened. With your trusty torchlight, you’ll need to find the items on the list as fast as you can. For endless rain, the list of items that you need to find is not revealed to you all at once. Instead, you’ll only get to see only 1 item at a time and if you cannot find the item on the list, you will not be able to move on and search for other items on the list.

The “Northern lights” challenge is also a very interesting challenge as it inverts the entire scene into its mirror image counterpart. Thus, what items that used to be on your left will end up being on your right. On the other hand, for starfall, instead of getting the usual combo rewards, you’ll be given a relic piece instead! So, be sure to get those combos up! Sometimes, due to the anomalies, these challenges will crop up randomly on scenes, increasing the energy points you’ll require to play a scene as well as increasing the scene’s rewards if you managed to complete it.


Although there isn't exactly an official Facebook fan page for Agency 33, the majority of the community in Agency 33 segregated over at the Agency 33 forum on Big Fish Games’ website. You can head on over there to meet you fellow friendly players and compare your high scores with them! You can also leave your feedback to the developing company via the forums too.

Graphics/ Sound

The hand-drawn sceneries and locations in this game are pretty nice to look at. The visuals may not be exactly top-notch, but they are acceptable. In terms of sound, Agency 33 has perhaps one of the best scores in any hidden object games! The orchestral music has a mysterious-sounding tune that will get your heart thumping in anticipation of something bad that is going to happen. The music in this game has quite a range of varieties too as each scene has its own awesome soundtrack.


All in all, Agency 33 is an addictive and fun-to-play hidden object game that contains an engaging storyline that touches on topics like conspiracies, secret organizations as well as the supernatural. As you are sent hopping from one location to the other, you’ll find clues that will lead you one step closer to the truth and to stopping the enemy agents from unleashing a cataclysm on the world! There are challenges that you’ll encounter which spices up each scene and there are plenty of items, such as creation elements and relic pieces that you’ll need to collect in this game! Craft the quest items required, anomaly traps and challenge tokens at the creation room using the creation elements you've gathered. You can also combine the relic pieces into a complete and functional relic, which you can then use to banish roaming enemies on the map for some bonus loot. Do you have what it takes to be a secret agent and to stop an impending doom? Play Agency 33 to find out now!

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New Game Added: Agency 33

by Aethyna Mar 28, 2015
Use your keen eyesight to uncover the conspiracy within the agency by searching for clues in the agency’s various safe house locations! Everybody at the agency is either dead or missing – you are the agency’s only hope to foil the cataclysmic plans of the enemy and save Agency 33! The clock is ticking... so play it now! Agency 33: Shaman tent Agency 33: Library The scientist in Agency 33 Read More

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A Hidden Objects game that is for everyone!

At the start of this game, you are a recruit agent. You are highly recommended within your own organization because of your skills. In fact, you were on your way to the top secret group called Agency ...Full Review
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