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by Aethyna
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Adventures in Dreamland 10 rate Focusing on age-old fairy tales that we all knew and loved, albeit with a bit of humorous plot twists here and there, Adventures in Dreamland is a fun puzzle game where you’ll get to move tiles to construct a path for the adorable Dream Faery to move to the exit. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Adventures in Dreamland is a fun puzzle game where you’ll get to move tiles to complete a path for the adorable Dream Faery to move to the exit. However, unlike most puzzle games, Adventures in Dreamland emphasizes on age-old fairy tales that we all knew and loved, albeit with a bit of humorous plot twists here and there. You’ll get to collect a variety of cards to set up cute puppet shows, unlock new stories, and journey through the dreamscape where anything and everything can happen.


Adventures in Dreamland offers unique renditions of the age-old fairy tales that we all knew and loved. From Snow White to Aladdin, each story has a plot twist in it somewhere although the stories may be familiar to you.


Being a fairly simple-to-grasp puzzle game, the gameplay in Adventures in Dreamland is also very straightforward. In this game, your single objective is to help the Dream Faery to move from the start to the end of the puzzle by moving tiles to build the path it needs. You can easily move the tiles by swiping but bear in mind that only colored tiles can be moved. You can also speed up the movement of the Dream Faery by pressing down on the screen.

Generally, the puzzles themselves aren’t very hard, though there are a few tough ones that will pop up from time to time which will really push your puzzle-solving skills to their limits. This is particularly true when the game implements the “limited moves” system. It definitely increases the difficulty level of an already difficult puzzle, but as mentioned before, most of the time, the puzzles are still simple enough for you to solve within the first try.

Another tricky yet intriguing part about the game is that there are times when you don’t really need to use all the tiles given to solve the puzzle. In other words, like math, the puzzles aren’t linear and there are many ways you can solve them, with some requiring less moves than others. Your goal here is to figure out which solution uses up the least number of moves. If this is not possible, finding another but more moves-consuming way can also do the trick, but in this case, you may need to use power-ups, namely the one with the extra moves, to help you reach your goal.

Like most casual puzzle games, Adventures in Dreamland offers a series of power-ups that serve to help you get through some of the tougher levels in the game. Aside from the extra moves power-up, there are also Tips that when used, will show you the path you’ll need to build to complete the level; as well as Hourglasses that will stop the Dream Faery from moving temporarily. You can purchase them via the in-app store using game currency, or Dream Shards, that you can in turn obtain by playing levels or watching video ads. If you managed to earn 3 stars for all levels in a chapter, you can also get some free power-ups as rewards.

When it comes to levels, there are plenty – more than you could possibly imagine – in Adventures in Dreamland. Each storybook contains multiple chapters or pages that consist of 12 levels each. These 12 levels are then separated into 4 groups and by completing the levels in each group (and collecting all the items needed), you’ll earn a collectible card. These cards, 4 in total, will then make up the storyline of that chapter through a rather cute puppet show.

Of course, once you reach the later levels, you’ll encounter challenging obstacles like the Mist Block that’s basically a path tile that’s covered in rocks. You’ll have to make a somewhat educated guess on which type of path it has and connect your other tiles accordingly. It’s not so much an obstacle rather than a way to make players go through the whole trial and error process. However, since there is no penalty for replaying/ repeating a level, you can attempt a level as many times as you like!

But that’s not even the best part – unlike many freemium mobile games out there, I particularly like that this game has comparatively very few ads, though you could always show your support to the devs by buying the game’s ad-free option. There are even cute little costumes that you can put on the Dream Faery and a codex to show you the list of cards and items you’ve collected.


Adventures in Dreamland is a fairly new game and hence, its community might be quite small. However, the players that it has managed to attract are all the puzzle-loving type. The game is basically a single-player experience though, so there isn’t any social features to speak of aside from connecting your game to your various social media accounts.

Graphics/ Sound

Adventures in Dreamland is set in the dream world and hence, having a piano-based music with some techno-styled tinkling sounds in the background, is just perfect to sculpt the dreamy atmosphere of the game. The same goes for the game’s graphics as the visuals seem to have that dream-like softness despite the bold color scheme used. Personally, I love the art style used in this game as well.

However, I think the music is a bit too short and is looped rather heavily in the game. Players may eventually tire of the tune and just decide to mute it.


Featuring a nice blend of storytelling and puzzles, Adventures in Dreamland is a game that will delight both casual and core gamers alike. The puzzles themselves are challenging at times without being too difficult throughout, making it a suitable game for even younger kids to enjoy. The game’s stories also have a nice touch since most of them offers familiar fairy tales but with interesting and sometimes humorous plot twists in them, such as that one story that took a jab at pop culture like taking selfies.

So, if you love puzzle games that are covered in a generous helping of stories, Adventures in Dreamland is a game you should definitely download on your phone/tablet. Give it a try today!

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New Game Added: Adventures in Dreamland

by Aethyna Jun 15, 2017
Focusing on age-old fairy tales that we all knew and loved, albeit with a bit of humorous plot twists here and there, Adventures in Dreamland is a fun puzzle game where you’ll get to move tiles to construct a path for the adorable Dream Faery to move to the exit. Adventures in Dreamland: Collect items Uncover story snippets in Adventures in Dreamland Adventures in Dreamland: Completed level Read More
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