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8-Bit Hordes 10 rate 8-Bit Hordes is the successor to 8-Bit Armies which made its way to the PlayStation 4 last year. Take control of fantasy-themed factions like the Lightbringers and Deathsworn and destroy your enemies. Take your armies online in PvP or co-op battles. Go through the campaign or fight exciting battles in Skirmish. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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8-Bit Hordes for the PlayStation 4 provides an authentic real-time strategy experience comparable to the old Red Alert games on the PlayStation 1. Not only will your reflexes and hand-eye coordination be tested, but also your ability to form strategies and decisions within a span of a few seconds. With its many maps, two-pronged campaign, and online multiplayer capabilities, it promises countless hours of gameplay.

In your case though, is it something you’d want to try out on the PlayStation 4? Let’s check out what it has to offer.


In 8-Bit Hordes, the plot only plays out on the campaign mode Comparable to old games like Warcraft, the two playable factions are like the Orcs and Humans. The Lightbringers are the game’s “good guys”, while the role of the antagonists falls on the hands of the Deathsworn. Outside of the campaign, the plot becomes largely ignored. I was hoping for a campaign featuring the other factions, but that’s a bit too much to ask.


8-Bit Hordes follows the gameplay of the old Red Alert games and 8-Bit Armies. You’re first given a headquarters, as well as a couple of units and a harvester to gather resources - or money - to build structures, train units, and manufacture vehicles. However, Hordes takes a different approach when you’re playing as one of its fantasy-based factions. Instead of a military headquarters, it’ll be a castle, and instead of truck harvesters, you’ll be given minecarts. Once you’ve gathered enough units, you can then start battling opponents across the map.

The factions you select weighs heavily on the kind of playstyle you want to approach. If you want a defensive, slow-paced approach, you’d want to pick the Lightbringers. Otherwise, you’d go for either the Guardians or the Renegades, as both have fast-moving units.

Note that the factions have varied units and tech trees and buildings. They aren’t generic, enabling players to experience and try out different playstyles. Every game you play brings out a unique experience. For example, the fantasy factions - Lightbringer and Deathsworn - require you to build farms so you can increase your unit population. Meanwhile, playing as a military faction means you need to build power plants to keep your buildings up and running. Two more factions are on the pipeline: Marines and Crainoids which are coming sometime in the future.

To win in 8-Bit Hordes, you can’t just amass extremely powerful units and launch them towards your enemy’s bases. You’ll need to devise strategies, not always resort to a full frontal attack. For example, using stealth units to harass enemy harvesters is a fantastic idea. Dividing your forces could also be an option: one acts as sacrificial pawns while others perform an attack to destroy enemy buildings. Accompanying slow and anti-vehicle treants and ballistae with ample Phoenix and Paladin support is one way to succeed. Different factions require different strategies, so be sure to read up and see what each of them is capable of.

Like its predecessor, 8-Bit Armies, 8-Bit Hordes feels smooth on the Dualshock 4, but you’ll have to go through a bit of a learning curve since the controls take a little getting used to. Training units requires you to press triangle, square, or circle to determine their unit groupings. It’ll get confusing a lot, but try to divide through different unit types or functions. Opening the unit creation and building tabs are done with just R1 and L1. Once you get the hang out of everything, it’ll all be second nature.


8-Bit Hordes has a large community on Steam and small and inactive one on Reddit. I can’t say anything about the multiplayer experience though. However, if you base it on how good 8-Bit Armies’ multiplayer was, players will be treated to a great experience. There’s also an online co-op mode which will be a lot of fun.


As its name suggests, 8-Bit Hordes takes a simplistic and classic approach to presentation. The voxel style art looks fairly outstanding on a base PlayStation 4. This is further compounded with excellent audio design. The music is a joy to listen to, while the attack and destruction effects add to the overall immersion. Call me crazy but the sound of buildings exploding and enemy units squealing in pain feels satisfying.

However, there are noticeable framerate drops during action-packed sequences and whenever there are at least 100 units on screen. Nevertheless, the overall experience is smooth and stable. This is a relatively minor issue that will barely put a damper on your overall experience.


Overall, 8-Bit Hordes is a fairly decent strategy game, though players who have tried out 8-Bit Invaders and 8-Bit Armies will find it quite similar. Nevertheless, it feels like a proper sequel, not just a reskin. This is due to its plethora of maps, new factions, and more intense gameplay. Whether you’ve had experience with fast-paced RTS games before or not, 8-Bit Hordes is more than worth your while and highly recommended.

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New Game Added: 8-Bit Hordes

by Mikhail Feb 1, 2019
8-Bit Hordes is the successor to 8-Bit Armies which made its way to the PlayStation 4 last year. Take control of fantasy-themed factions like the Lightbringers and Deathsworn and destroy your enemies. Take your armies online in PvP or co-op battles. Go through the campaign or fight exciting battles in Skirmish. Drones attacking enemy base in 8-Bit Hordes Frontal attack on enemy base in 8-Bit Hordes Retreating drones in 8-Bit Hordes Read More
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