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by Mikhail
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60 Parsecs! 10 rate 60 Parsecs is a space age survival adventure where you must keep your crew alive and make difficult choices. Drift along space and land on planets, manage your crew’s resources, and survive various denizens like aliens, intelligent cockroaches, and Soviet cosmonauts!
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At some point in our lives, we’ve been overly fascinated with space travel. Most of us did so when we were kids, and the thought may have crossed our minds as adults while watching anything remotely related to space, like Star Wars and Dune. In any case, we’re all remotely aware that this isn’t all sunshine and rainbows: space travel is a serious matter, and at this point in our history, getting to other planets in our solar system would take a global effort.

In 60 Parsecs, this has become a reality. Its backdrop aside, it is a point-and-click survival adventure game where you guide your crew of spacefarers in a government space program to survive in space after a rather cataclysmic event. It’s a text-heavy, story-based experience where all your decisions, may it be soup-related or anything that seems trivial, matter. Available on Steam, should this adventure be something you’d want to jump into? Let’s check out what it has to offer:


Back in the 60s, space exploration was the craze. People fantasized about exploring space, visiting other planets, and discovering what lies in the final frontier. It was also the decade where astronauts and cosmonauts first headed into space, with the former finally making it to the moon. However, apart from the so-called Space Race, another issue dominated the headlines: nukes. The Soviets and Americans were constantly under threat of being nuked by the other side in the “Cold War” era.

This acts as the backdrop of 60 Parsecs! The game starts with your chosen character - who will be the crew captain - panicking and trying to grab while they can while trying to make it to the escape capsule. Well, who wouldn’t want to get out of there, given that the space station is about to be bombed? This isn’t the best way to kick off America’s Astrocitizen Program, where regular people, AKA the characters, are somehow headed off to space.

That aside, this is the start of every voyage: you have a minute to grab resources like soup, materials, and usable objects to bring to the capsule along with three other crewmates. Once time is up, you’ll have to deal with day-to-day issues like space monsters and ship malfunctions and attempt to land and survive on a planet. The goal is to make it for at least 60 days. Simple, right?


60 Parsecs is one of those games meant to be played several times. It’s essentially a visual novel-like point-and-click survival adventure where you have to manage resources, make choices, and live - or die - with the consequences. It’s a text-heavy, story-centric experience where you must pay attention to the details and continuously ensure you have enough materials and resources to survive.

However, the game doesn’t tell a serious tale like Suzerain, though it follows a morbid yet lighthearted way of telling the story. After all, the game has French cats, and Soviet dogs sent to space that you can communicate and cooperate with. There are two facets to 60 Parsecs: the first is its survival-management mechanics, and the second is its visual novel-like decision-based gameplay.

To survive being locked inside space, you need to manage relationships with your crew and ensure they don’t throw you out of the airlock. To get this done, you need to ration soup and ensure they don’t get hungry, give them sock puppets to maintain their sanity, and attempt to run things well with zero problems to preserve their friendship and loyalty.

In addition, there are also random events wherein you have to decide your course of action. Many of your choices rely on your resources, and not having them will determine whether your character gets hurt or if the other items on the ship will be affected. For example, do you have a sock puppet to help you make friends with robots on a planet you just landed? Or do you have duct tape to manage the leak inside the ship? And do you have an upgraded gun to help you fend off a squid-like space monster? It pays to continue crafting items just in case you need them since you never know what situation the game will put you in.

Character backgrounds and stats also matter in 60 Parsecs. For example, Emmett is a chemist, so naturally, he’s smart and is suited for tasks requiring intelligence. Meanwhile, Baby is all brawn and has no brains, so he can do most of the heavy lifting, and Deedee is best for tasks requiring deft and dexterous hands.

The goal is to survive for 60 days, and unfortunately, there are countless events that will hinder you from doing so. Some are pretty random; there was one occasion where everything was running smoothly, then my captain failed to fix a visiting robot and, along with another crew member, got KIA. I’ve had at least five playthroughs and only managed to survive once. Spoiler alert: some of the endings I had involved colonizing a planet with cats, getting wrecked by Soviet cosmonauts, and starving to death. Speaking of endings, the game recently underwent an update that added a few more endings, art, and space events.


In terms of presentation, 60 Parsecs excels. It presents a mid-1900s comic book art style with improved textures, akin to what you usually see in old cartoons. The user interface is also quite intuitive, and the text is large and readable. Playing the game is like watching the events unfold in a Saturday morning sci-fi cartoon.


Overall, 60 Parsecs is one of those under-the-radar experiences that deserve the spotlight. It’s a fantastic survival experience that will put you on edge and challenge your resource-management skills. It also tells a thrilling tale, perfect for anyone who likes story-based and text-heavy adventures. We recommend giving it a shot, so enter the Astrocitizen program today!

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New Game Added: 60 Parsecs!

by Mikhail Aug 11, 2022
60 Parsecs is a space age survival adventure where you must keep your crew alive and make difficult choices. Drift along space and land on planets, manage your crew’s resources, and survive various denizens like aliens, intelligent cockroaches, and Soviet cosmonauts!
Gathering resources before escape in 60 Parsecs! Beating the ship AI in a chess game Dee Dee dies in 60 Parsecs! Read More
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