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by Aethyna
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Prison Wars Online 7 rate Prison life is tough, more so when you are sentenced to the maximum security facility at Guantanamo. Train your inmate up, perform crimes to earn cash and find some other inmates to rough them up. Show the other inmates and guards what you are made of, and become the biggest badass in the block! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Since you’ve been sentenced to the maximum security prison at Guantanamo, you thought your life of crime is over... or so you think! In Prison Wars Online, you’ll get to experience, albeit virtually, and survive in the harsh environment of prison life. Train your inmate up, perform crimes to earn cash and find some other inmates to rough them up. Produce and deal in a variety of narcotics so you could afford the best makeshift gear and maybe hire yourself a mercenary bodyguard. Make a name for yourself and become the biggest badass in the block or even the entire prison! Think you’ve got what it takes to “make it” inside the infamous Guantanamo? Well, play Prison Wars Online now and find out!


Wow, where should we start? Prison Wars Online may be just another “text-based” browser MMORPG, but it does offer a ton of game features that will definitely amuse and entertain you as you try your darnest to survive the harsh life in a maximum security prison.

Like prisons in real life... not that I know anything about that except from watching seasons after seasons of Prison Break, you’ll actually need to work hard to be the biggest and baddest inmate around, and by being a badass inmate, you’ll get to enjoy a tons of perks. In your journey to be the top dog, all you need is money (and plenty of them), reputation and respect.

To earn tons of money is no easy matter in a prison... unless you have your paws dipped into the prison’s supply of black market narcotics so you could cater to the addicitons of your fellow inmates and rake in the cash. You can even make your own merch in your cell, by for example, building a moonshine still, or rolling your own pack of smokes, and sell them off for a pretty buck or two. If you prefer, you can help others deal their own stash of goods or do some odd jobs here and there to scrap together some extra cash.

Being entrepreneurial may bring in a steady amount of cash, but if you really want to get more money, you might need to get physical and grab them off other inmates. Ultimately, cash is still pretty much a king in prison. You can choose to beat the crap out of other people and steal their money or you could attempt to sneak into a prisoner’s cell and ransack it in hopes of getting a ton of valuables, which you usually will. In fact, ransacking other inmates’ cells is the most profitable way to earn a lump sum of cash in Prison Wars Online.

You might also want to safeguard the cash you get by opening a prison bank account and storing your hard-snatched... ahem, I mean... hard-earned cash in it. This is a foolproof way to prevent other bigger and stronger inmate from stealing your stack of bills. You could even set up a long-term deposit so you can earn a bit of interest after the deposit duration is over.

Don’t forget that you can improve yourself through education in prison as well. Take up various courses including courses on how to be a mercenary, a contract killer or even a farmer, and open up new opportunities for your inmate to earn more money!

With so much cash, you may want to invest some of that into your cell – to buy yourself better amenities. After all, being in prison for life doesn’t mean you have to live in squalor. You can unlock new facilities for your cell, add in other money-making items such as the moonshine still, and upgrade all of these amenities to increase their usefulness.

Now that you’re done with the money part, it’s time to build up your fearsome reputation. There are many ways you can do so. The first that comes to mind is by carrying out crimes in prison. This action will require Nerve and well, there’s a chance that your attempt may fail. If that happens, you may need to bribe the guards or be thrown into isolation. Your Nerve will drain as you use them though and you’ll need to wait for it to regenerate before you can pull off another crime.

That said, the main way form you to really earn a reputation and some respect from your inmates is by taking part in fights. There are many ways in this game to get into a brawl too. You can simply search for a random victim and mess him or her up bad, or you could put your skills to better use by taking out specific inmates via contracts. But of course, if some inmate made the terrible mistake of insulting you or your mother, well... that’s not exactly something you can let slide either.

The turn-based combat in Prison Wars Online is completely automated so this means that stats are incredibly important when determining who will emerge as a victor from a fight. This also means that you’ll need to do tons of training, and where else you could get the best training facilities in the entire prison? The gym of course! Training consumes energy but it allows you to add points to one of the 3 stats available, namely strength, defense and speed.

Like Nerve, your Enegy will refill itself over time, but if you can’t wait, you can buy instant refills using the game’s premium cash – Prison Coins or PC in short. You could also head to the canteen to eat food and regain some energy. However, due to being in prison, you can only get free food at certain hours of the day... that is unless you have the PCs to spend.

To maximize the stats you gain, you might want to invest some game cash into buying steroids from the prison pharmacy. It’s all under the table and everything, of course. Steroids will double up the stats you gain per exercise session. How awesome is that? Not to mention, you could also ramp up your badass-ery with some cool ink, which will also boost the stat you gain from training at the gym.

A maximum security prison is definitely no picnic and you’ll need all the “protection” you can get. There are plenty of weapons defenses and speed items that you can buy provided you have enough cash to spend. Even a water pistol is better than having nothing at all, right? Each of the weapons you buy can be upgraded up to a maximum of 3 times and you’ll need to wait out the 24-hour cooldown duration in between upgrades. Despite the very lengthy cooldown, the upgrades are free... so there’s that. Naturally, having some extra muscles to push other inmates around doesn’t hurt either. Thus, you might want to hire a mercenary to be your personal bodyguard too.

Tired of all the fighting? Well, the game also provides some gambling games that you can enjoy in between bouts of smashing people’s faces in. You can play a few rounds of blackjack and slots on the slot machine, or try your luck at the daily lottery. As you progress through the game and level up, you’ll eventually unlock a whole lot more game features, such as buying and using mega items, joining a fight club or gaining followers, that you can then explore. You’ll also move up the ranks and hence will be “promoted” to a cell in a new cell block. Regardless, you’ll still be able to move about the prison by using the very helpful game map.


Once you reach level 15, which will take quite awhile, you’ll finally unlock the Gang (a.k.a. Guild) feature in Prison Wars Online. By being a part of a gang, you’ll be able to access a range of new gang-only features, such as the ability to craft drug mixtures that are more profitable, participate in exciting gang battles and crimes, as well as helping your gang grow their own stocks of “herbs” (if ya know what I mean...).

Graphics/ Sound

Being a text-based game, Prison Wars Online doesn’t offer any sort of sound effects or music. However, the game’s visuals are quite amazing and personally, I think the art style looks superb. As long as you don’t go in expecting a whole lot of this game in terms of graphics and sound, you should be able to enjoy the game as it is.


To sum up, Prison Wars Online is a fun and interesting, text-based MMORPG whereby you play an inmate in the infamous maximum security prison at Guantanamo. Surviving in such a harsh environment is going to take a lot out of you but it is entirely possible to enjoy the game without spending a single cent. Will you be able to make it at Guantanamo or will you become the opposite of being a badass?

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New Game Added: Prison Wars Online: Guantanamo

by Aethyna Dec 22, 2016
Prison life is tough, more so when you are sentenced to the maximum security facility at Guantanamo. Train your inmate up, perform crimes to earn cash and find some other inmates to rough them up. Show the other inmates and guards what you are made of, and become the biggest badass in the block! Prison Wars Online: Getting tattoos Your prison cell in Prison Wars Online Prison Wars Online: Fighting the guards Read More
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