Upcoming Events in 2020: 2nd Mobile Gaming Asia Summit

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The 2nd Mobile Gaming Asia Summit will be taking place in Singapore on February 18th, 2019. Sign up now and reserve your spot! WWGDB - Upcoming Events in 2020: 2nd Mobile Gaming Asia Summit

Gamers in Asia spend $12 billion yearly on mobile games – and industry players argue that by 2021, Southeast Asia alone will house 250 million mobile gamers, driving $2.4 billion in revenue. While this presents an opportune moment for the mobile gaming industry, players continue to struggle with monetization and commercialization.

Focusing on Commercialising Asia’s Mobile Gaming Industry, the 2nd Mobile Gaming Asia Summit will bring together top game developers and publishers, government agencies, telco companies, payment providers and more to examine monetization strategies and partnership opportunities in the ecosystem. See the full event agenda here. https://bit.ly/31BRkn6

Upcoming Events in 2020: 2nd Mobile Gaming Asia Summit

1) Starting Date: 18 February
2) Ending Date: 19 February
3) URL: https://www.iqpc.com/events-mobilegaming
4) Country: Singapore

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