Types of MMO Dungeon Raiders (PuG edition)

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There are reasons why Pick-up groups, or PuGs for short, are notorious among experienced players in the many worlds of MMORPGs as being one of the top most frustrating experiences in an MMO, alongside endless grinding and being on the receiving end of corpse camping! Read on to find out! WWGDB - Types of MMO Dungeon Raiders (PuG edition)

There are reasons why Pick-up groups, or PuGs for short, are notorious among experienced players in the many worlds of MMORPGs as being one of the top most frustrating experiences in an MMO, alongside endless grinding and being on the receiving end of corpse camping! Anyway, there will certainly be a time when your guildies are not around and you really wanted to get a raid in before the ending the day, so what do you do? Yes, you typed “LFG or LFM *insert the name of the dungeon you want to run*” into the chat box and pressed “enter” (If you don’t know what “LFG” means, please check out our nifty guide to MMO terms). Little did you know that those words may send you on one of the “most horrifying” gaming experience you’d ever had in your in-game lifetime!

The first and most common dungeon raiders that you’ll meet in almost every bad PuG (there are some good ones, though these are rare) are the obnoxious “Leeroy Jenkins”. These are the most "not serious" of raiders and are mainly there to troll everybody else in the team. They can come in many forms and will sometimes rile up an argument among members in the team or keep (purposefully) running into dangerous situations and dragging a whole lot of mobs to the team just for the sake of his/her amusement, leading to a team wipe and eventually a team disband. There are also players who join up the group just to leave after they’ve gotten what they wanted, leaving the other teammates hanging, especially if the player in question plays an important role, such a tank or healer.

Raiders in Guild Wars 2

The following type of raider that usually and perhaps exclusively exists in PuGs is called the ninjas. Stealing all your loot since the ancient Japanese era, these are the players who will roll on anything and everything… especially when 1. They have waited “ages” …*cough* a few days *cough*… for the item and that everybody else’s right to roll for it is nulled because their wants and needs always come first; 2. They already have the item; 3. They wanted a dozen of “spares” and lastly, because the item model looks nice despite the fact that they are not able to use the item at all. Imagine spending hours clearing a dungeon only to get the chance to earn the loot you deserved stolen from right under your nose! It may even turn you into one of those “monsters” that players turn into when they experienced lag. The worse thing is there are also players who needlessly rolled on items just so they can turn the item, which could have been a huge upgrade in gear for the other players in the team, into enhancement or crafting materials. Well, that’s PuG for you!

Furthermore, in PuGs, you’ll meet all sort of weird and indifferent players and one of these types of players is “the daydreamers”. These players are living in a world of their own and do not respond to anything. In fact, even after you’ve given explicit instructions to the team to, for example, avoid the circles of bubbling lava on the floor, they will still walk right into it and stand there in defiance. Then, after a couple of wipes, they will merely just leave the team without as much as saying a word. These players are very unlike the Leeroy Jenkins as they are not obnoxious or in any way attention-grabbing but they do have a very bad tendency to do the opposite of everything they are supposed to be doing in a raid. Oh and they are not newbies either… well, their heads are just not in the game! It a true wonder why these players asked for a spot in a raid in the first place!

Raiders in WoW: The Burning Crusade

Last but not least, there are also dungeon raiders in PuGs that can only be aptly called “the disconne……cted”. These are the players, who keep going offline during the raid and sometimes during critical moments in a boss fight. However, despite their internet having a very bad hair day, they still insist on playing while giving all sorts of reasons to get people to stay in the group, making everybody in the team (who feel bad for them) to wait for them. If the team is in the middle of a boss fight and, for instance, the only healer in the group, froze and vanished (the common “symptoms” of disconnection) from the raid. Usually, the patience of players is very limited and after a couple of disconnections, it is obvious that the team won’t work and well, you can easily guess what that follows!

Have you been in a PuG before and have met face-to-face (virtually) with these sort of dungeon raiders? Do let us know your hilarious or frustrating experience below! Furthermore, as there are many types of MMO raiders, this article is not all encompassing. If you have encountered any other types of MMO raiders in PuGs, feel free to share your experience below as well!

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