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Optimove is one of the biggest names in the marketing industry, be it games or any other products and services. Let’s learn more about what Optimove is and what it provides to game developers. WWGDB - Interview with Optimove

Optimove is one of the biggest names in the marketing industry, be it games or any other products and services. In the context of the games industry, they specialize in user retention and help game developers keep their existing players.

However, for laymen like us, all of this can be a bit complicated to understand. Due to this, we are happy to be able to land an interview with Optimove’s Senior Data Scientist, Shachar Guz, and Howard Bick, the Director of New Business and Legal, to understand more about Optimove, what it provides to game developers, as well as their experiences in the games marketing industry.

Hello, Shachar... Howard. Thank you so much for agreeing to talk to us.

Oh, it’s no problem at all. Please, have a seat.

Q: Thanks. To start things off, could you (Shachar) explain briefly what do you do as a senior data scientist at Optimove?

Shachar: Sure. A data scientist is basically similar to a data analyst. What I do is to filter the data we’ve received and help companies identify critical insights which can then be used for user retention purposes. Being a data scientist means that you’ll need to truly understand what you’re looking for as we receive massive amounts of data every day.

And well, being a “senior” data scientist means that I’ve been at this job for quite a long time.

Q: And Howard, what do you do?

Well, I’m basically here to make sure Shachar didn’t provide any wrong information about the company by accident and to further clarify what is being said in this interview.

Ah I see. So, what is actually Optimove and what does Optimove provide?

Shachar: Optimove is a customer retention automation platform powered by predictive micro-segmentation technology. The proprietary algorithm that we have is able to perform cluster analysis (a form of data mining) to find meaningful customer segmentation that our customers (game and other companies) would find useful when filtering and managing huge amounts of data. This segmentation can then be used to predict behaviors of consumers. Predictive behavior is, in turn, extremely powerful for creating marketing campaigns and to prioritize which accounts to target. Basically, we help our customers make sense of all the data and to pinpoint important stats or analytics that the companies could use.

Optimove: The team at Casual Connect Amsterdam

Howard: The Optimove is not static though – it can be customized to suit the need of each individual developer. This customization is particularly effective to target and reach specific groups of users instead of aiming for the generalized masses.

We also specialize in helping game developers to retain their customers via a variety of methods, such as emails, push notifications, lobby banners, Facebook, real time triggering and more. In fact, out of the 2.4 billion users that we’ve helped retained last year, 1.1 billion of them had been Facebook users. It’s all about forging an emotional connection between the developers and the users – you need to make the players feel connected to the game and as a result, they will want to play the game.

Optimove can be used for both analytics and user engagement as well.

(At this point, Shachar was called away and the interview continued on with only Howard answering the questions.)

Q: Wow, Optimove does provide quite a lot of services. What do you think that Optimove has to offer to its clients that is unique?

We truly understand the customer, can identify when marketing is needed and deploy the most suitable marketing strategies to achieve the target the clients want. Not to mention, we have our effective and helpful proprietary algorithm that our clients will have access to by securing our marketing services.

Q: I’ve heard of this term called ‘marketing fatigue’ that tends to plague marketing companies. How does Optimove combat this?

Marketing fatigue won’t affect our users as our marketing efforts are all personalized and are delivered at the right time and with the right (effective) method.

Q: That’s nice. Since Optimove is focused more on user retention... I’m just curious, which of these do you think are more important – building rapport with existing users or acquiring new ones?

Well, retention – that is keeping the players you’ve obtained – is of course important as companies usually have to spend more to acquire new users. However, without new players, the game will gradually become stagnant and will no longer grow. It’s all about finding a balance between retention and user acquisition.

Marketing plan generated using Optimove

Q: That’s actually a very diplomatic answer. Which companies have Optimove worked with?

We have worked with a lot of game companies, some of them are pretty big names in the gaming industry, such as Zynga and Scopely. We’ve dabbled in many other non-gaming related companies as well.

Q: Optimove promotes itself as the “industry leading Customer Marketing Cloud”. What does ‘Customer marketing Cloud’ mean exactly?

It actually all boils down to data analytics and campaign marketing. We monitor the situation for the best moments to launch a campaign and we’ll immediately change it according to how potential users react to it. We also identify small groups that respond well to certain methods, and note it down for future reference.

Q: What do you think is the biggest challenge for Optimove?

Most companies have this Business Intelligence (BI) department that abhors our techniques. However, once we get through that and once the people at the company see the results that we can deliver, this hurdle will automatically resolve itself and the BI people would be more willing to work with us. It’s all about getting through to the clients and letting them know we have something that they need.

Q: I’m sure I’ve taken up enough of your time. To wrap this up, do you have anything to add?

Well, from my experiences, I do have a quick word of advice to game developers. They should try branching out from developing conventional games to other exciting and growing fields such as fantasy sports, social gaming, and others.

And lastly, Optimove is an excellent tool for marketers and it will definitely be able to help your company from user acquisition to user retention and engagement. It’s pretty much an all-in-one tool. So, if you’re looking for the perfect marketing tool, Optimove is definitely the game-changer that you’ll need.

Thank you so much, Shachar and Howard. I’m sure our readers are now more knowledgeable about how game marketing works and what role Optimove plays in the gaming industry.

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