Interview with Miniclip's Producer

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Every avid gamer would have played at least one of Miniclip’s games – this is an impressive testament to the company’s reach in the gaming industry. Let’s find out more about Miniclip and what role Producer, Rob Laverty, plays in Miniclip’s daily operations. WWGDB - Interview with Miniclip's Producer

Who hasn’t heard of Miniclip? The company’s reach in the “browser games” section of the gaming industry is simply huge. Thus, in order to learn more about how Miniclip works, we’re thankful to be able to snag an interview with Miniclip’s producer, Rob Laverty. Hopefully, this interview will be able to shed a bit more light on the company that most players know and love.

Good afternoon, Rob. It’s nice to meet you!

Good afternoon, and it’s nice to meet you too.

Q: Let’s start off by setting down the groundwork for the readers. As a producer, you are in charge of deciding which games to publish and which to not, right?

That’s correct.

Q: How do you make the decision? Do you estimate the potential success of a game prior to its release?

Yes, we do. We have a standard procedure that we follow when we review the game, and I get to play the game for a bit to get a feel of the game as well. Then, I will look at the cost of obtaining the game license and judge its worth.

Q: Let’s say a game is selected to be published on Miniclip. What would happen next?

We’ll send the developers the developer guideline... or as we call it at Miniclip – the “Miniclip-edia”, for them to refer to and to adapt their games to our guidelines. There’s also an API integration sheet that the developers will have to fill out. It can be a pretty stringent process, but we only do this just to ensure the quality of the game that we produce on Miniclip is top-notch.

Q: How do you highlight the game’s features to potential players?

We usually highlight the features via its labels and we let the players to freely discover the games they like from the huge number of games that we have. We also focus a bit more on the awards each game has… the achievements, in particular. There are quite a number of hardcore players on Miniclip who play new games as soon as they come out just so they could be the first to collect all the achievements the games offer. The more achievements they get, the higher they will rank on the overall achievement leaderboard.

Only the best games get published on Miniclip

Q: The launch of a game is perhaps one of the most important parts in a game’s lifespan. What do you usually need to do prior to launching a new game?

Yes indeed. Considering that we release a new game every day, I am thankful that we have this CMS system to help us with a game’s launch. We usually use the system to determine and set the positioning of the game, and of course, we also do tests to make sure the game is working fine on both the test site and the live (actual) site.

Naturally, there will be backups in place just in case something went wrong with a game’s launch, and trust me when I say there are quite a lot of things that could go wrong if the launch is handled improperly.

Q: What about post-launch though? Are you involved with the maintenance of the game?

The game pretty much maintains itself, but well, I’ll still be involved in a game post-launch. As you may have noticed, new Miniclip games don’t come with any ads at first. However, after around 2 weeks or so – I’ll determine when the best time is, we’ll start pre-rolling the ads to the game. We also select the best performing games on our website and integrate them to Facebook where we can reach an even wider range of audience.

Q: Ah, yeah, the ads. They are the major source of revenue to Miniclip I suppose?

Well, the revenue actually goes to Miniclip OR the developers themselves. It depends on the licensing agreements.

Q: What would you say is your most popular game at the moment?

Definitely, 8 Ball Pool. It’s an exciting multiplayer table pool game that has a lot of attention at the moment. Have you heard of

Yeah, I’ve heard of it.

8 Ball Pool

Well, it topped the charts for months last year and it is still in the top 5 most-played games on Miniclip right now. It is simply crazy how popular the game is.

That’s awesome! Actually, 2 members of our company have produced a pretty unique game of their own. It’s called Icy Run, and the way you play it is by swiping underneath Icy the penguin while trying to help him get back home to the South Pole.

That sounds fun. Maybe we could help your company publish the game on Miniclip?

Q: Wow, it would be great if you do! We could perhaps talk about this a bit later. Back to the topic at hand, do you have anything exciting that Miniclip fans can look forward to?

Well, we have plenty of new games and events in store for the future. We’ll have a lot more tournaments for our Basketball game, as well as more game modes for 8 Ball Pool and for

Q: Anything you would like to say to fans of Miniclip games?

Thanks for playing at Miniclip! We wouldn’t be where we are without you.

Thank you, Rob, for talking to us, and for letting our readers get a glimpse behind the daily duties of a producer, as well as behind the company that has provide so much entertainment not only to me, but to millions of gamers.

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