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Goal United 9.5 rate Join millions of players all over the world as you create and manage your own football club. Decide which players make your team, their training and formations on the field. Off the field organise your sponsors, facilities and build a huge stadium to play in. Play your way up the leagues for trophies and glory! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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When you first create your account in Goalunited you are able to name your club, and then introduced to your guide who will show you around the game. Here you will have a few simple tasks to complete, and they will show you everything you need to know about the game, and along the way give you some cash to spend on players and facilities. At any point in the game you can open up your mentor too, so you can get a little more help.

There are several main areas of the game that you can manage, your team and tactics, the facilities you have and your staff. As well as a special area where you can track your matches and opponents. Each of these is easy to find in the game and we will go into more detail for each of them and what you can do there.

Let’s take a look at the team first of all, you have a starting group of players, with several for each key position. You have several options open to you, firstly you are able to set your squad for a friendly match, so you can pick the formation, team captain and get going. You decide who plays in the team based on their skill, fitness and form. You can also change the positions of your players to suit their strengths.

You can also set daily and weekly training schedules your team, each activity is for all of your players, but some of them will gain more benefit from an exercise. For example if you train in passing and scoring, your strikers will gain more from it that your defenders will. There are several slots open each day, and you can pick and choose what your players train in. There are also exercises in the evening that can increase the fitness or form of your players too.

Once you have set up your team and the training it is time to move on to the club facilities, here you are able to build a stadium and all of the support buildings you need. In the tutorial you build the first of your stands as well as places for your players and supporters. As you increase the facilities there will be an upkeep cost per week, so you need to make sure you have the funds to cover them. On the plus side though you will earn more money each week from home games as the more fans the more they will spend at the club.

In your grounds you have lots of room for buildings, from an academy for youth players to a restaurant where your fans can buy food. Each building will give you some kind of benefit, and they can also be upgraded. You will need the lower level version of the building, and upgrades cost money, but the rewards can be pretty high too.

You can also hire staff to work at your club, once you have the relevant building you can hire help in a specific area. For example when you have a massage center you can then hire a physical therapist. They will help keep your players endurance and energy levels up. You can also hire more staff or change them throughout the course of a season.

Your staff and players all have contracts, that can be renewed or ended as you see fit, though there are warnings if you are going to end a contract you may have to pay out a larger sum of money. There are player auctions where you can find new members for your team, or try and sell players you no longer want. The same goes for your staff too, though they are hired through the Staff section of your club management.

When it comes to finally playing your matches, there are some options available to you. One of the nice features is when the fixtures are played. Each season takes around 3 months to complete, with each team playing the other twice once home and once away. At the end of the season the top teams will receive their prizes, and promotions where they apply. You can always see your league status, and the other teams in it on the Matches tab.

When you start a match you have a couple of options, you can go to the Match Ticker which shows you all of the events that happen, as they happen in real time. The whole thing takes 50 minutes to complete, and you can adjust your team tactics and players during this time. Also the ticker will run in the background, so you can carry on playing, setting training and organising your grounds while the match is played. This is a really nice feature as it keeps you informed about what is going on without stopping you playing.

There are also cards in Goalunited which can give your team or an individual player a boost during a match. They can also be used to improve a particular player, but increasing their endurance, or granting an extra special skill. Cards can be traded between players, and bought for the in game cash, you will also get some if you sign up to the Premium membership. Cards play an important part in the game and if used well can provide you with that final push you need to win a close match.

The layout of Goalunited is really easy to use, at the bottom is your main menu, and from there you can access submenus like the team statistics or stadium you own. Everything is easy to manage with the mouse and the the mentor is really useful too. There are several nice features and the way the interface moves is really smooth, making playing the game enjoyable too.


Goalunited has been translated into over 20 different languages, with leagues and servers based in specific countries to accommodate the huge number of players that enjoy the game. The leagues are pretty active and there is a lot of support information and forums where you can turn for advice. You can also add friends directly in the game, chat to them and help them out a little as you play too. This is one of the worlds most popular football games, and you can see why when you get into the heart of it. There are lots of very passionate people who play Goalunited, and this leads to a vibrant and fun community.


When you first come across Goalunited you will see just how well designed it is, and how good it looks when you play. The players are 3D models, and the grounds and everything around it look stunning. One of the flaws of the games is that there is no movement or any animations for the actual gameplay like in some other games. But that is the only real flaw to the game. Navigating around is really smooth and everything flows really nicely, it just looks and feels good when you play.


If you are looking for a game that has everything you want, then you found it right here with Goalunited. With a huge range of players, leagues and skill levels there will be a competitive and fun place for you to play. Manage everything in your team and make a top flight squad to take you to your next trophy.

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Dec 2, 2014
Join millions of players all over the world as you create and manage your own football club. Decide which players make your team, their training and formations on the field. Off the field organise your sponsors, facilities and build a huge stadium to play in. Play your way up the leagues for trophies and glory! Goalunited Substitution Matchplay in Goalunited Goalunited Winning Read More
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