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by Aethyna
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Born 2 Race 6 rate With a variety of cars for you to purchase, a plethora of car customization options as well as a range of car parts that you can upgrade to get your car to go faster, Born 2 Race is a challenging and rather fun to play racing game that allows you to race against intelligent AI or human players in real time! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Born 2 Race is a challenging and rather fun to play racing game that has hit the Facebook platform barely 1 year ago. The game provides a variety of cars for you to purchase, a plethora of car customization options as well as a range of car parts that you can upgrade to get your car to go faster! Race with the clever AI or pit your skills against other human players in very competitive races across various cities from all over the world, like Tokyo! The music and the sound effects in the game, when combined, effectively provide that racing rush you crave as well! If you’re interested, do give Born 2 Race a go!


The game starts by letting you choose between loading the tutorial and start the game, which is a nice touch, by the way, as most games forces their tutorials down your throat. However, in this case, it’s best to enjoy the fast car that you’ll be driving in the tutorial as you will not get the chance to do so again… unless you spend real money!

Once you’ve graduated from “tutorial school”, it’s time to get yourself a first car from the car shop! In Born 2 Race, you are unfortunately given only 2 choices. Both of them are small buggies and, well, even their names reflect that - Minusculate and Bugzter! Before you buy anything, it’s wise to check out their specs first. For cars in this game, they have 4 important criteria that will affect your gameplay, namely power, speed, steering and weight. Power refers to how much speed your car will lose when going up slopes. Of course, the higher the better! Speed is obviously how fast your car can go while steering refers to how well you can control your car. The first car you get will have 0 points in steering and when you race later on, you’ll realize that every little movement you make on your keyboard is translated into huge motions by your car. Steering is a vital aspect if you are racing in tracks with plenty of turns. Lastly, for weight, the lower the faster your car can go!

However, besides the 2 admittedly lousy cars that are available for in-game money, the other cars can only be bought using real money. They are even worse cash-grabbers than Need for Speed: World (NFSW) and well, at least NFSW has much better graphics and race modes. Cars are the core of any motor racing and the lack of cars to purchase for free-to-play players truly made this game a huge disappointment to the free-to-play label.

The game tries to compensate for their cash-grabbing actions by providing a huge variety of car customization as well as car upgrade options. Your car can be upgraded by adding on a new nitrous system or by improving existing components, such as tires, engine, gearbox, intake and turbo. There are several stages of components that you can upgrade to and the prices for the upgrades will increase accordingly. After upgrading, your car’s stats should have increased. Nonetheless, when you test out your upgraded car, you’ll notice that your speed will remain the same even though for example, you’ve increased your car’s speed up to 160, but when racing, you can only reach 140 (your previous speed was 139). With or without upgrades, you can’t really see the difference.

Furthermore, the car customization in Born 2 Race is quite detailed. Since all cars purchased start with the default grey color, you may want to change the color of your car. You can change the color of your car part by part, such as the hood, the bonnet, the roof, bumper and etc. Each part will cost you a sizeable sum of your in-game money and yes, you don’t even get a few free selections of colors to choose from. You can also choose the paint type, namely matte, gloss, metallic or normal, and even add vinyl as well as aerography on your car. Funny thing is that in Born 2 Race, it seems that car customizations are in fact a lot more expensive than upgrading your car. Guess they are trying to make customization only affordable for people who play a lot.

To start racing, you’ll need to choose a race mode first! Each race you participate in consumes 1 fuel point. You can get more by waiting, using real money for refills or enlarging your tank, or ask for more fuel from friends. You can have a maximum of 10 fuel points at any time. There are 4 race modes for you to choose from – the campaign mode, quick race, online PvP and ladder. The campaign mode involves beating bosses to unlock new cities, but you’ll need to defeat all members of their respective teams first before you can face the boss. Do note that the game only contains 3 cities/ tracks at the moment and you’ll be playing the same track until you’ve defeated the boss in that city you’re in to move on to a new track.

Quick race on the other hand is a great way to make enough money to upgrade your car, provided that you repetitively play it while ensuring that you get first every time. Online PvP is when you think you’re ready to go head-to-head with a human player in real time while ladder is some sort like a PvP option except that it is against AIs with different cars. If you win, you’ll rise up in ranking in the ladder leaderboard and if you lose, your ranking will drop.

Now that you’re ready to race, let’s get those engines running then! The racing part is perhaps the only redeeming feature of the game. Use the WASD keys to drive your car and F to shift your gear up and V to shift your gear down. Don’t forget to rev your engines before the race and get the indicator into the green zone to get a good head start! Gears needed to be shifted every time the indicator reached the green zone. If you get it into the red zone, you’ll get a warning saying you’ve done a poor shift instead. Poor shifts will reduce your car speed slightly and may even cost you the race! How many gears you’ll need to shift depends on how fast your car can go. Real money cars can reach up to 400 plus speed which will require 7 shifts while free-to-play players can get to less than 200, which are around 5 shifts. Remember to use your nitrous too by pressing left shift and collect coins along the way!

Not only that, you’ll also have to steer your car away from oncoming traffic as well as barriers as you drive and shift gears. Avoid collisions with traffic by switch lanes using the left (A) or right (D) key. You’ll have to know when to pay attention to your indicator and on your driving. If needed to, you can also use the handbrake by pressing spacebar to sometimes avoid a pileup right in front of you. The speed of your car will fluctuate depending on the terrain as well! Your car’s speed will reduce while going up slopes - how much the reduction is depends on the power of your car.

To win, you’ll need to reach the end first and beat your opponent/s. You can also press B to switch the camera view over to the back so you can take a look at those poor fellas biting your dust! If you want an edge over your opponents, you can buy boosters using real money to allow you to use your nitrous more than once in each race. How many extra nitrous you get depends on how much real money you spend.


Born 2 Race has 11 thousand likes on its Facebook app page, which is quite an achievement considering that the game is very much a pay-to-win and cash-grabbing game. Due to the game’s slower loading speeds, you may often see players complaining about getting stuck during loading on the page as well! Nonetheless, it is still a good place to find new friends to add so you can ask them for more fuel and they can do so likewise. A point to note though, the developer/s, who supposedly started the page, do not post anything or communicate with their players. So, besides the players there, the page does have an abandoned feel.

Graphics/ Sound

The game’s techno/rock music can be a bit too noisy and loud for some (just tune the volume down!), but the music is very upbeat and will get your heart pump a tad bit faster! The music in Born 2 Race has quite a variety as well! The game has amazing graphics for a Facebook game. It may not be as smooth as a standalone, like Need for Speed: World, but it’s good enough.


In conclusion, Born 2 Race is a so-so car racing game. It has a nice and challenging gameplay that is ruined by the fact that the game is a cash-grabbing game and it didn’t even try to hide it. Every car in the shop is “real money only” besides the 2 lowest grade and lousiest cars, which has speeds that cap at 130 (before upgrades). However, the game tries to compensate for that by providing excellent car customization options as well as a range of car parts that you can upgrade to get your car to go faster! You can also race with other human players in the online PvP mode or against intelligent AI in the other race modes in various cities from around the world! So, if you fancy playing a new racing game, you can give Born 2 Race a try and experience its interesting gameplay today!

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New Game Added: Born 2 Race

by Aethyna Apr 22, 2015
With a variety of cars for you to purchase, a plethora of car customization options as well as a range of car parts that you can upgrade to get your car to go faster, Born 2 Race is a challenging and rather fun to play racing game that allows you to race against intelligent AI or human players in real time! Born 2 Race: the finish line Cool yellow car in Born 2 Race Born 2 Race: Watch out! Read More
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