Fortnite's Playground Mode and Significant Changes in the v4.5 Update

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Fortnite’s v4.5 update introduced a multitude of changes. These include a new weapon, a number of nerfs and buffs, as well as the highly anticipated Playground LTM. WWGDB - Fortnite's Playground Mode and Significant Changes in the v4.5 Update

With less than two weeks left before the end of season 4, Epic Games released patch v4.5. This introduced a slew of new changes to the gameplay, a new weapon, and several nerfs and buffs. In addition, a highly anticipated mode was made available, but its release hasn’t exactly been smooth. Regardless, it feels as if the meteor hitting Dusty Depot (now Dusty Divot) was years ago, and we definitely hope Epic will outdo itself in the coming weeks. With that aside, what are some of the notable changes in patch v4.5?

Dual Pistols

New Image

Well, John Wick skins can now double as Neo, given that Dual Pistols are now available. It is the newest weapon added to the Fortnite’s arsenal, and is only available in Epic and Legendary variants. Firing it shoots both pistols at once, and it deals 41-43 damage, depending on the rarity. Found everywhere (floor loot, chests, and supply drops), it uses medium ammo and is perfect for short to medium range engagements. However, note that it does not use first-shot accuracy mechanic, so take special care when aiming.

SMG buffs and adjustments

Nerfing shotguns is a necessary evil, especially if you want people to start using SMGs more. We can safely say that both the tactical and silenced variants are not the most popular in-game weapons, but it may be the preferred close-range weapon soon.

Adjustments to the tactical SMG include the removal of the first shot accuracy, while increasing its overall accuracy by 25%. Sprinting accuracy penalty is reduced by 15%, while the ADS gets 10% lowered accuracy bonus. The most telling addition is the damage being increased by two. Silenced SMGs also receive the same damage buff, while the ADS accuracy bonus has been increased by 20% and the overall base accuracy has been increased by 10%.

Shotguns are nerfed...again

Shotguns are nerfed again...

It is rather disheartening to see shotguns being nerfed. After all, it is everybody’s go-to weapon in close-range battles. The past few updates saw its damage being reduced, while the headshot multipliers have been significantly lowered. Today, the damage it deals to structures are brought down. Pump shotties deal 50% fewer damage, while heavy and tactical shotguns are at 25%. To add salt to the already gaping wounds, ammo stacks are reduced by four instead of five.

Bigger and better explosions

Although explosive ammo has been reduced and you’re only allowed to carry a few at the time, it received a timely buff. You see, explosions can now damage structures within range, regardless if they are visible from the explosion center. For example, if you plant a C4 behind a wall inside a building, every structure within its explosion range will be destroyed. This makes it easier to destroy large forts and stop people from finally engaging in build battles. Oh, and the grenade launcher now fires grenades shooting fireworks, although this is simply a cosmetic change.

Playground LTM

Fortnite Playground LTM

The most significant addition this week is the Playground LTM which has been requested most of the Fortnite player-base. Here, you’ll drop into the entire map with a few friends for an hour, and you can basically do whatever you want, including fight each other since friendly-fire is enabled. The storm won’t close in after 55 minutes and will take five minutes to gobble up the entire map, giving you an hour to build and practice. 100 Llamas are spawned around the map, while resources gather 10x the normal rate. In addition, chests and ammo boxes spawned 100% of the time.

The Playground mode is perfect for people who want to practice and improve their game, especially the building aspect. Building battles are already a huge part of the gameplay, and honing your skills in this regard takes time and improved muscle memory. Moreover, it gives an opportunity for players to master their respective key and controller binds, especially console players who want to learn how to use the builder pro setting. Unfortunately though, the playground has been closed hours after it was activated, due to server issues and is still not back as of this writing.

Gameplay changes and other additions

Map marker changes

Other notable gameplay changes include:

  • There are new 3D map markers which are hard to miss

  • In build mode, edit boxes will be opaque instead of being semi-transparent. Moreover, walls also build closer, enabling you to block enemies in close range affairs easily.

  • Items dropped in the water appear now on the surface.

  • Progress for elimination quests are now given when you down enemies with the required weapon instead of actually eliminating them for it.

  • Thermal scoped rifles no longer highlight chests that have been opened.

  • Boogie bomb explosions are no longer blocked by vehicles.

So, are the newest additions and changes to your liking? To be fully certain, hop into the battle bus and find out!

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