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Wordscapes 10 rate Wordscapes is a fun and relaxing word puzzle game that fuses elements from both word-finding and crossword games. There are many gorgeously-themed stages, each with multiple individual levels, to solve, and if you’re stuck, the game has a helpful hint that you can buy. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Most of the word games nowadays often try to outdo themselves by being intensely competitive and hence, “social”, but many of these game developers forget that sometimes, we wordies just want to have a fun time challenging ourselves and our brains without having to stress out about losing our high rank on the leaderboard whenever we played a few bad games. When it comes to fulfilling this non-competitive need, Wordscapes is perfect for you.


In addition to containing plenty of levels and gorgeous backgrounds, the game has a very unique gameplay where it mixes elements from both crossword and word-finding games. This new word game formula allows Wordscapes to add a certain puzzle element that’s absent in most of the time-based word-finding games.

Linking up letters to form a word is also presented in a rather neat way – all the letters are shown in a circle plate of sorts, and you can link up these letters whichever way you like! There is even a helpful shuffle button, which is free by the way, that you can use to jumble up the letters in hopes of spotting a word you’ve missed.

If you’re truly and utterly stuck, you can always purchase a Hint. Hints cost 50 coins each and will give you the position of a single letter of a random word you have yet to find. If the word you need is long though, you might need to buy multiple hints before being able to guess what that word is. That said, you can easily earn coins simply by playing the game. Inviting friends to the game will get you some coins. You can also watch a video ad to get 25 coins for free - To get this option, you’ll need to press the Shop button and then exit without buying anything. Of course, ultimately, you can buy more coins using real money.

After the first stage of the game, you’ll be introduced to the concept of Challenge Words and Bonus Words as well. These are great ways for you to earn a bit more coins on the side for free since you’ll get 1 extra coin per Bonus word you find. For Challenge Words, it’s 3 coins each. You usually won’t be able to earn a lot by finding extra words, but well, at least it’s better than nothing, right?

Another part that I love about Wordscapes is its beautiful worlds, or “stages” to be exact. There are just so many differently-themed stages ranging from the desert to the canyons; from the tropics to the jungle... and interestingly, the themes used aren’t always biomes. Sometimes, you get seasons and nature-related themes too. Each stage houses several individual levels and to unlock the next stage, you’ll need to clear all the levels first.

It’s also nice to note that the game doesn’t have a 3-star system for its levels, so there is actually no need for you to replay levels, but of course, if you like to, you can still do so.


As mentioned, inviting new friends to the game is beneficial to you mainly because you can get some free coins from this action; and partly because you’ll be able to play with your friends. For players who are slightly competitive, they can have fun competing with their friends to see who can reach the next level first!

Graphics/ Sound

Personally, I absolutely adore the game’s soundtrack. It’s almost as soothing as listening to the sound of waves gently crashing at the seashore. The graphics are amazing too. Love the aptly-themed backgrounds they have in each stage.


Overall, Wordscapes doesn’t only offer its players a nice and innovative word puzzle game; the game is also designed in such a soothing way that after playing it for a while, you’ll feel more relaxed. I’d say this game is the perfect game to play for wordies to wind down after a stressful day at work. Do give it a try!
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New Game Added: Wordscapes

by Aethyna Aug 18, 2017
Wordscapes is a fun and relaxing word puzzle game that fuses elements from both word-finding and crossword games. There are many gorgeously-themed stages, each with multiple individual levels, to solve, and if you’re stuck, the game has a helpful hint that you can buy. Wordscapes: Challenge word Stages in Wordscapes Wordscapes: Using a hint Read More
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