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Rise of Incarnates 8 rate With up to 13 different characters for you to play as, Rise of Incarnate, the hottest online PvP-based arena fighter game around, has plenty to offer! Fight against your opponents in 1-on-1 or even partner up with a friend! Combine abilities and gain devastating combos to crush the competition! Play it now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Looking for a fast-paced and online PvP-based arena fighter game? Well, you can definitely check out Rise of Incarnate by Bandai Namco. The game offers up to 13 different characters for you to play as, with more characters being added on an occasional basis, and each of them have very different abilities, combos and play styles. You can customize your character in terms of looks (aesthetics) as well as in terms of skills and stats. There are also plenty of game modes for you to enjoy, including team fights, solo combat and even nifty character tutorials that introduces you to the various abilities and combos a particular character has. The controls, on the other hand, can be very clunky for keyboard users even after you’ve rebind most of the default keys, but thankfully, the game supports controllers, so you might want to plug in your controller for this game instead. Level up your player and characters’ ranks, and climb up the leaderboard to be among the best arena fighters in Rise of Incarnate!


To start any match in Rise of Incarnates, you’ll first have to select a character to play as. There are currently 13 very unique characters, including Zeus, Mephistopheles, Ares, Lilith, Fenrir and others. Some characters are grouped as mid-ranged to ranged attackers while some other characters shine out when dealing melee damage instead. For instance, Ares is a very powerful ranged attackers which requires him to stay at a range as much as possible, while Mephistopheles deals devastating attacks when up close as he can transform into an “uber” demon form, though he can, somewhat, hold his own when at ranged.

There are also characters that are pretty much balanced in terms of melee and ranged damage output, but excel at distracting the opposition via a range of abilities. For example, the Grim Reaper may not be a particularly strong character, but he has abilities that allow him to summon hordes of zombies to swarm the enemy, effectively distracting the enemy while he closes in for the attack or the kill. Choosing the right characters to complement your teammate can be very important in this game and may determine whether you’ll win or lose the game.

Characters are fixed in terms of name and gender, but you can customize them with costumes, new weapons and headgear or face paint. These features are all cosmetic in nature and will not boost up your character’s stats or abilities. Interestingly, free-to-play players can also get their hands on some of the cosmetics by playing and winning matches (the items will be dropped randomly). If you enjoy the game, you might want to consider splurging some real cash into getting some other, much cooler cosmetic items for your favorite character as well.

Furthermore, you should also take note of the stock option for each character before selecting a character. Stocks range from 1 to 3 and they function like the lives in a typical match-3 game. Each team starts a match with equal team stock pool. However if your or your partner’s character dies, the stock option of the said character will be deducted from the team stock pool. That being said, as long as you have stocks in the pool, you or your partner will be able to respawn and rejoin the fight.

In terms of skills, Rise of Incarnates provides 2 rather unique skill systems for you to use – the skill grid and skill cube. The skill grid allows you to augment your character by adding “skill cubes” (items) to have increased damage or a particular stat in damage, defense, run speed, regeneration and many others. The “skill cube” (feature) option, on the other hand, allows you to take skill cubes that you don’t need or want and use them to “level up” the skill cubes you want and increase the skill’s overall effectiveness. You can level up a skill cube to a maximum of 10 levels.

Now that you have all the basics down, it’s time to get some action going! Rise of Incarnates provides a huge range of game modes for you to choose from. They include ranked matches, namely solo, whereby the game will team you up with a randomly picked partner, and team, in which you’ll need to set up your own team before queuing up for a match. There are also custom matches that you can set up and single matches, whereby you can test your skills in a thrilling 1-on-1 deathmatch. Ranked matches will only be unlocked once your player level reaches rank 5 though.

The game has also one of the most comprehensive and hands-on, in my humble opinion, tutorials for a free-to-play action game. There are 3 tutorial types, namely system tutorial, controls and character tutorials. System tutorial teaches you the mechanics of the game while the controls tutorial teaches you not only about basic movements and attacks, but also the general (team-based) combos, called tag combos, that you can use. It’s also nice to see that the game provides individual tutorials for each character since different characters have their own unique abilities and thus play out differently. This is a great way to learn more about a new character, as well as its individual combos, before playing a ranked match with him/her. Not to mention, the game even provides a nifty “vs bots” option, so you can train up your skills in a competitive match with intelligent AIs before tackling other human players.

In Rise of Incarnates, the controls can be a bit clunky for the conventional mouse and keyboard user as all the controls in the game are localized on the keyboard and absolutely no mouse movement is needed. Hence, some player may prefer using the controller option for this game. Since you won’t be using your mouse in this game, you cannot exactly use it to target the enemy you want to attack. Instead, the game provides an auto-target feature that will target the enemy that you’re currently facing, but of course, you can switch back to the other opponent with a mere stroke of a key as well. However, although you are technically “locked on” the enemy, he/she can still evade your attacks, like any good action-based game.

You can also dash by double tapping down the movement keys (WASD) and leap impossibly high upwards by holding the A key, but this will consume your action gauge and once depleted, your character will fall back down to the ground. There are also team combos in Rise of Incarnates too. Usually, when your teammate hits a guy into the air, you’re given the option to follow up the attack, depending on how close you are to the enemy, with a tag combo move. This will usually result in a temporary stun or knock down effect. Once your enemy is knocked down, your enemy is invulnerable to attacks, so it’s best to use this time to gang up on the other still active guy in the arena.

By playing matches, you’ll gradually progress through the ranks, both for the character you use as well as your player rank. The ranks, technically, don’t provide anything special for your characters (like unlocking a new ability etc), just to show your proficiency in the game. There are also other features that you can explore such as spectate mode and the in-game cash store.


The community in Rise of Incarnates is not very huge and thus, it may take some time before you can get a match in this game. However, despite their smaller numbers, members of the game’s community can be a very helpful bunch. If you need guides, tips and tricks, you can easily get them by merely asking a fellow more experienced player. If you fancy meeting, albeit virtually, new friends in this game, well, you will have better luck by hanging around the discussion forums on Steam.

Graphics/ Sound

In terms of graphics, the game has some pretty nice visuals. The animation and effects of the characters’ various abilities are fantastic as well! Sound-wise, the upbeat combat-style music will surely get your blood pumping in your arteries and to get your brain into the fight-or-flight mode that is needed to trigger your excellent reflexes.


In short, Rise of Incarnates is a challenging yet fun-filled 2 vs 2 arena fighter game that allows you to play as one of the 13 characters available and fight other players in teams of 2 or in single player mode. Despite the game’s rather clunky controls or key-bindings that can be somewhat rewired, the game has some excellent action-based in-game combat mechanics provided that you are able to master the combos. You can also customize your character’s aesthetics as well as skills and stats via the skill cube and skill grid systems. Besides team and solo matches, there are also some pretty comprehensive tutorials, particularly its character tutorials that teach you about the combos, special abilities, strengths and weaknesses of a particular character and its “vs bots” mode whereby you’ll be fighting against intelligent AIs who will do their darnest to defeat your team! If all of these sound like what you’ve been looking for in a game, well, head on over to Rise of Incarnates on Steam and give the game a go today!

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New Game Added: Rise of Incarnates

by Aethyna Jul 27, 2015
With up to 13 different characters for you to play as, Rise of Incarnate, the hottest online PvP-based arena fighter game around, has plenty to offer! Fight against your opponents in 1-on-1 or even partner up with a friend! Combine abilities and gain devastating combos to crush the competition! Play it now! Brynhildr in Rise of Incarnate Rise of Incarnate: Combo in action Odin in Rise of Incarnate Read More
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