YouTube Gamers: Twitch and Stream

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Broadcasting one's own game play online whether in a tournament or an online match can be very entertaining. Let's take a look see why many YouTube Gamers are doing it.
WWGDB - YouTube Gamers: Twitch and Stream

For the fourth installment of our YouTube Gamer series we now move on to the gamers who stream or broadcast their real-time game plays online. These are not the normally recorded and uploaded videos on YouTube like the stuff that Let's Play gamers leave behind although some of them may be left for future viewing. In game play streaming, the players play the game right then and there impromptu without any editing to make it look nice. The viewers and fans also watch it at a specific set schedule just like watching a live sports broadcast on ESPN.

Game Streaming online although similar to Let's Play is a totally different platform. There are two major services when it comes to online streaming and these are of course YouTube Gaming and Twitch. Both services provide the player a means to broadcast live as well as several support and monetization features as to why some game streamers have treated the activity as a profession and have successfully established a steady stream of income from game play streaming alone.

Just like any YouTuber who stacks up on views, streamers earn in a similar way so it is not surprising that many Let's Play gamers progress from simply upgrading their game play to streaming live. Also, professional eSports players consider streaming as a viable platform to show of their skills and earn at the same time. Streaming after all is used primarily to broadcast eSports events and tournament matches to subscribers and anyone interested in viewing eSports live.

For gamers, is the number one game play streaming service today. It offers a wide variety of features that really helps a gamer build-up a following and earn by doing so. The more popular a streamer gets, the more subscribers he has and subscription works a little bit differently from YouTube. Subscribers pay a small fee which Twitch and the streamer share providing compensation to both. Also, viewers and subs as well can donate or contribute to their favorite and followed streamers. Streaming on Twitch (as well as YouTube) gives a live chat option where the streamers and viewers can build and organize a community dedicated to the streaming channel.

Aside from these, the streaming service also normally flashes ads every now and then to earn from advertising although subscribers do get an ad-free viewing service and special perks. The streamer gets another source of income from this. Sponsorship also plays a big part and can net the Streamers if ever a huge amount of earning which can really go up to a six figure paycheck.

Recently, YouTube gaming has been updating their service features in order to stay competitive with Twitch but YouTube is quite strict with copyright issues which causes demonetization for many YouTubers. These has prompted a lot of them to move to or stay on with Twitch.

Many You Tube gamers work very hard for their content. It's just not uploading your game play or streaming it live but making the whole activity as entertaining and/or informative for the viewers thus making it worth their time to stick around and watch. It may be really exhausting but worth it if successful as the earning potential is huge and can provide at least a decent form of self employment. It is no wonder why many a YouTube gamer would upload their content to the streaming platform.

Dr DisRespect

One of the most popular and successful US game play streamers is Guy Beahm commonly known online as Dr DisRespect. Guy has amassed over 2.5 million followers on Twitch playing games like Fortnite, H1Z1 and Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. Watching him , you will see that he really puts a lot of effort into his game play and performance. It's like looking at the Angry Joe of Twitch gaming. Guy even looks the part with his trademark mustache and shades and his red get-up making him look like a groovy merc from the 1970's. Just like Angry Joe, Dr. DisRespect will keep you snickering as he continually rants like a little boy while playing.

Of course, the ladies will always present their best as well. Gamers in general are keen admirers of beauty and gaming skills so celebrity streamers like professional CSGO player Julia (Ms Rage) Kreuzer will always have a crowd of her own whether she's playing CounterStrike or Fortnite.

Ms Rage Fortnite

Recently, Nvidia has announced it's own game streaming service called GeForce Now. With this gaming platform, games are streamed to your online device without the need for expensive computing power like advanced GPU cards or a really powerful CPU. A low-end laptop would suffice and be able to run games that would normally require a high-end PC. This is because the games game play is streamed and the server itself runs the game for the user. Also called cloud gaming or any other similar term, the service turns the client machine into a control terminal like running a game off a mainframe. However at it's early beta stage, the service still has to iron out issues with performance lags.

Regardless, GeForce Now also provides live broadcasting services online for its player base. A player can live stream his or her game to social media platforms like FaceBook to build-up an audience and following there. Although still early to tell, the potential of the service as an alternative to the current two major platforms has been looking positive as the days go by.

Game play streaming has become a pastime and entertainment source for many and has proven itself to be a very viable medium for marketing as well so we can expect more YouTube Gamers heading in the streaming direction in the days to come.

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