3 Things We Want to See in the Monster Hunter World Beta

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The Monster Hunter World Beta is coming to the PlayStation 4 on December 8, 2017. Capcom has already released its full, final details but what else do we want to see? WWGDB - 3 Things We Want to See in the Monster Hunter World Beta

Monster Hunter is a huge franchise, and it has numerous games on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii. Despite being popular, it can be considered a niche game. Although it had a PSP and some PS2 games, it has been absent from Sony’s consoles in more than a decade. Monster Hunter World is a homecoming of some sort, signaling the franchise’s return to Sony and to the mainstream gaming world.

Fans of the game are awaiting the January 26 release with euphoric anticipation, while those who just found out about it are hooked and intrigued. With the beta coming early this month, there are a few things we would want to see. But first, let’s clear out what we already know:

What we know so far

Rathalos in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World’s beta will be available for pre-load on December 8, with the servers going online the following day at 5:00 PM UTC, and shutting down on December 12th, at 4:59 PM. It’s an open beta, although only PlayStation Plus subscribers have access to it. The total download size is 5.1 GB, though you need to be online to play it (contrary to the full game which will have single player access).

Even if the beta runs for only a few days, players will have more than enough time to have fun with and finish the three available quests. These are:

1. "Great Devourer, Great Jagras" - set in the game’s ancient forest where you will have the Great Jagras, a large iguana-like monster, as your primary target.

2. "The Ancient Forest Menace” - also in the ancient forest, but your target will be an Anjanath, a reptile that looks like a pink T-Rex.

3. ”"Wildspire Rampage" - this takes place in the Scorched Lands, and you will face off with a Barroth, a rocky lizard that walks on two legs.

All quests are playable either solo or multiplayer with groups up to four people. You can team up with others around the world and a language filter can help you find teammates you can communicate with. Some online features available in the full game that aren’t on the beta include guild cards, removing other players from a quest, and the ability to join halfway through one. In addition, you can pick between six male and female presets, along with six Palico (cat companions) presets as well. You will also have full access to the game’s 14 weapon types and a training area to master them.

So, now that we know what to expect from the game, what else are some of the things we want to see and experience?

No potion or item consumption delay/animation

Anjanath in Monster Hunter World

One of the gripes I personally have on MH is when you make your character use an item like a health potion, a ration to boost stamina, or any sort of strengthening consumable. When you did this in previous titles, your character stops, takes in the item, and performs a celebration of some sort. Though this lasts five seconds at most, it’s incredibly annoying and it makes you vulnerable to being mauled by a giant beast you’re trying to run away from. We hope that the beta will show that there will be no such thing.

An experience that caters to new MH players

Fighting a Great Jargas in Monster Hunter World

Long-time players of the Monster Hunter games may not agree, but considering that the PlayStation 4 is a whole new frontier, it would be great if the beta would have gameplay elements that caters to newer players. It’s important to note it’s likely that a huge chunk of people buying Monster Hunter World may have never played the game before.

I’m not saying that Capcom should make the game more “casual”, but rather, find a middle ground. It’s likely that the beta will make newbies experience the Dark Souls-esque difficulty the series is known for. That being said, the developers already added a training ground into the beta, so newer players are definitely on their minds.

Stable multiplayer

Barroth in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter is a franchise that is multiplayer-oriented, and MH World is certainly going to try to live up to it. The beta will display a vast array of its multiplayer features, including voice and text chat, and teams of four players cooperating to finish a quest. The full game will also feature a hub, but it’s unknown if it will be in the beta. Even if the game is still in the late stages of development, we hope that the servers in the beta will run smoothly. Nobody wants framerate drops, lag, and crashes that will negatively affect multiplayer experience.

Overall, Monster Hunter World is arguably one of the most anticipated games today and will set a standard for next year’s releases. Even if you haven’t played any of the previous games, download the beta on the 8th and play it on the 9th. Experience its fast-paced yet strategic hunting gameplay and let it help you judge whether to purchase the full game or not.

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