6 New Cool Things You Can Do in Fortnite Season 5

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Fortnite season 5 is never short of new and cool things to try out, from jumping from portals in the sky, to drifting your way out of the storm. WWGDB - 6 New Cool Things You Can Do in Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite season 5 dropped in last week, and players are still being treated with the game’s numerous new features and surprises. Although we can’t help but miss locations like the Moisty Mire, Anarchy Aces, and the ruined prison, the new areas - particularly the desert biome - are a treasure trove of surprises. Granted that there are a bunch of new places to explore, there are also a lot of things you can do. Some range from the obvious, while others can leave your mouth agape with surprise. With that said, here are some of which:

Jump and glide from portals in the sky

Entering a portal in Fortnite

Portals and rifts across space-time are scattered all around the map, mostly found near Moai faces. So, what do you do when you see a portal? Well, you jump towards it without any second thoughts of course! These portals are linked to the ones above the sky, and when you jump through them, you fall from the sky, enabling you to use your glider. This in turn allows you to escape the storm, pursuing opponents, or simply relocate to an advantageous position. However, bear in mind that using the portals gives out a loud, thunder-like sound, making everybody aware that someone is up on the sky.

Race across the map and escape the storm with your ATK

Diving into the map from a portal with an ATK

Who says Fortnite’s map is too small for vehicles? Well, the shopping cart is no longer the only four-wheeled ride you can hop on: the all-terrain kart, or the ATK, is in business. Found in various locations across the map, it quite fast and can let you and three other players escape the storm in a hurry, especially if the safe zone is way too far from your position. Though it is essentially just a golf cart, it can speed up considerably and even drift. Oh, and its roof acts as a trampoline and you can perform drive by shootouts!

Perform stunts and crazy stuff - like falling from the sky - with an ATK

A drifting ATK in Fortnite

Real-life golf carts are definitely not made for performing stunts. In Fortnite though, that is one of the ATKs reasons for existing. Passengers, particularly the ones sitting on the front seat, can build ramps and place bounce pads, enabling you to soar into the sky. Although somersaults are a little hard to pull off, they aren’t impossible. Moreover, the game displays a message whenever you perform something cool, like a gravity-defying stunt.

One of the coolest things you can do is drive an ATK through a portal. Once you do, it falls into the sky while you and your passengers are still sitting. However, we can’t guarantee you’ll be in one piece once you hit the ground, so it would be best to ditch the ride and pull out those gliders! In any case, we can’t wait until the next time Epic decides to implement the Playground LTM again so we can try out new cool stuff with the new ride!

Play sports like golf and basketball

Playing golf in Fortnite

The addition of Toys in season 5 hasn’t exactly been the cause of anything dramatic, but nevertheless, it has been a little fun. Toys range from beach balls, basketballs, and golf balls. These basically let you play sports, letting you take a break from the mayhem happening across the map. For example, there are basketball courts across the map, and you can shoot hoops with the basketball toy. Lazy Links is essentially a golf course with a clubhouse, and you can swing your pickaxe on golf ball toy to get holes-in-one!

Absolutely melt opponents with the new submachine gun

The new submachine gun in Fortnite

A new weapon was introduced a few days after season 5, which is a new iteration of the submachine gun. The weapon is deadly accurate from short to medium range, dealing 19-20-21 damage depending on the rarity (common - uncommon - rare). Unfortunately though, the tactical submachine gun was vaulted (no longer available), and it may no longer show up in the future.

Cosplay in-game as a viking warrior

Magnus skin in Fortnite

We’re not sure what Epic’s plan is, but they are putting up a slew of viking-themed skins. The Huntress and Ragnarok skins are on the battle pass, while the Magnus (a bearded lady viking warrior) was available on the shop for 2000 v-bucks. In addition, there is also a viking ship glider and a viking axe for a pickaxe. To top it all off, there’s a viking settlement on the battlefield on the mountain where the villain’s lair once stood.

Overall, Fortnite season 5 is full of surprises and new cool things which keeps its player-base entertained. If you haven’t hopped on the battle bus yet, it is never too late to do so. So, it would be best to jump into those portals do stunts with the ATK and start mowing down enemies with the new submachine gun!

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