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Zeus' Battlegrounds 10 rate Dive into a battle royale experience spearheaded by the gods in Zeus’ Battlegrounds. Drop into an island inspired by Greek mythology, collect weapons and armor to strengthen your character. Test your mettle against a hundred other demigods and fight to the death to prove yourself to Zeus. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Zeus has always been an interesting character, may it be in mythology or in literature. After all, he’s the top god in Mount Olympus and his escapades caused far-reaching consequences. His misadventures is further explored in Zeus Battlegrounds, a new battle royale game in early access on Steam that hopes to shake up the battle royale genre. Here, you will get to play as a demigod summoned by Zeus to fight in a battle against a hundred others in the ultimate test to see who is the strongest and deserving of his...generosity and favor. With that said, should you give this “test” a try? Let’s find out what it has to offer.


There is absolutely no story to tell in Zeus’ Battlegrounds, considering that this is a multiplayer battle royale game. However, being a demigod, we can safely say that your character is one of Zeus’ offspring. It is intriguing to see how easy it is for him to make his kids fight each other in an epic battle to the death.


Zeus’ Battlegrounds starts off with you on top of what we can assume as the peak of Mount Olympus, running around along with the other demigods as Zeus sits on his throne. This acts as the pre-game lobby a norm in games like Fortnite and PUBG. When it’s time for the battle to start, Zeus stands up, unleashes a wave of power which propels you to the ground and into the large map, called the Isle of Thera.

Zeus’ Battlegrounds plays like a typical battle royale game with you dropping with no equipment while running away from the storm in the ever-dwindling play area. However, it is fairly unique compared to its rivals in the genre. For example, most of the battles are melee-based with weapons ranging from bludgeons, battle-axes, and swords. Ranged combat is fought with bows and crossbows, as well as magic spells you can pick up as loot or in the gods’ temples. Other equipment includes shields, as well as chest armor, helmets, gauntlets, and footwear. Note that the game implements a rarity aspect similar to Fortnite using colors and names like “Captain’s Chestplate” or “General’s Helmet”. Apart from the lootable items, you can also ride horses or chariots - both of which act as the game’s version of vehicles.

The variety of weapons add an interesting mechanic into the game, paving the way for impromptu class-based warfare. If you’re teaming up with a squad, you can opt to play as a mage or an archer, while others will tank and deal melee damage. The chariots are also add another exciting dimension - you can perform drive-by attacks...,just with bows, crossbows, and magic spells.

Unfortunately, Zeus’ Battlegrounds suffers from a myriad of issues which is understandable considering that the game is in early access. For example, though the combat system is decent, it needs more polish given that some weapons and spells need to be balanced. The sensitivity somehow spikes up when you’re riding a horse and chariot, and server issues are quite prevalent. Nevertheless, these problems will gradually be fixed as the player-base grows.

Like most games in the genre, Zeus’ Battlegrounds implements a battle pass system wherein you play matches and experience and as a result receive rewards. These items are mainly cosmetic which is great in preventing the game from being a pay-to-win scheme.


In each game, 100 players are dropped into the battlefield. Moreover, the standard multiplayer options are available, like duos and squads if you don’t want to play solo. You can read about the game in the official wiki, or visit the subreddit. Granted, the game doesn’t have a lot of players yet, and there are problems like individuals pairing up in solo mode which is just terrible. The game also compiles stats and leaderboards which you can access on your profile. In any case, these problems will likely be eliminated in the weeks to come.


The locations are inspired by Greek mythology and real-life places, like Marathon, Ephyra (now Cichyrus), and Edessa. It is host to various places with small villages and settlements with ancient Greek architecture, making it look like you’re walking around the streets of ancient Athens. Sprawling temples by the gods are scattered across the map, and you will need to visit them if you wish to unlock various abilities.

All in all, the entire environment is as beautiful as Aphrodite herself. More combat locations are expected to be added in the near future. The audio is still a work in progress, but the sound effects and sparse voice acting are satisfactory. The characters are fully customizable, and the game has a good amount of options. You can either play as a lady or male warrior.


Overall, Zeus’ Battlegrounds is a worthy game to invest your time in. With a large, sprawling map, beautiful world, and with a unique take on battle royale, it will definitely be a big game as time progresses. It is a game for everyone, but it’s definitely a must-play for anyone who loves Greek mythology and idolized characters like Achilles, Perseus, Hercules, and Odysseus.

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New Game Added: Zeus' Battlegrounds

by Mikhail Oct 7, 2018
Dive into a battle royale experience spearheaded by the gods in Zeus’ Battlegrounds. Drop into an island inspired by Greek mythology, collect weapons and armor to strengthen your character. Test your mettle against a hundred other demigods and fight to the death to prove yourself to Zeus. Poseidon's temple in Zeus Battlegrounds Zeus Battlegrounds map Stuck in a battle zone in Zeus Battlegrounds map Read More
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