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World of Warships 9 rate Commandeer your very own deadly warship into war in this exhilarating and challenging game, World of Warships! Use a variety of strategies and tactical maneuvers to execute sudden ambushes and cunning flanking attacks, and show your opponents who's the master of naval warfare today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Commandeer your very own naval death machine into war in this exhilarating and challenging game, World of Warships! Use a variety of strategies and tactical maneuvers to execute sudden ambushes and cunning flanking attacks... or if you’re the straightforward-kind of person, you can even go with the "head-on" tactic! The game also offers a huge diversity of warship classes including aircraft carriers, battleships, heavy cruisers and nimble destroyers from 4 different factions. Unlock new and more powerful ships as you progress in the game and dominate the seas with them! There are even missions for you to undertake and plenty of exciting team-play. So, enlist in World of Warships and jump right into battle now!


Since World of Warships is currently still in Open Beta, it has several bugs and missing features as of current. For instance, supposedly, players are allowed to obtain warships from 4 different factions. However, at the moment, only the Japan and USA ships are available while if you’re a spender, you could get the 2 premium Russian ships instead, if you like. The British ships are removed from the game though due to some technical issues.

Similar to World of Tanks or World of Warplanes, World of Warships provides a huge and long list of ships that can simplified by grouping them up into several ship types – aircraft carriers, cruisers, battleships and destroyers (sorry, Wargaming decided that no submarines will be added to the game). Different ships have their own advantages and disadvantages and, so far, from what can be seen, all ships are pretty much well-balanced... well, at least for the free-to-play ones at least.

Each type of ships has their own values for a variety of stats, namely maneuverability, concealment, survivability and artillery. Maneuverability determines how well and fast your ship turns, particularly around islands or moves while survivability indicates how much hit points and armor your ship has. Concealment allows ships to “hide” from view and artillery determines how much hurt your weapons’ shells can deliver if they hit. Naturally, bigger ships, like the battleships, have more armor and hit points as opposed to the smaller and lighter ships, such as the destroyers. However, in return, the bigger ships traded in their maneuverability and concealment while smaller ships are much more nimble and can turn or move a lot faster. Not to mention, smaller ships are also generally harder to spot at the horizon unlike bigger and bulkier ships.

Now that you have you’re a starter ship to call your own, it’s time to sound the ship horn and get those engines pumping! World of Warships provide 2 game modes for you to enjoy – PvP and Co-op. For players with new ships, it’s always wise to start with Co-op first, whereby you will get to team up with other human players to take on bots. There is plenty of stuff that you’ll need to learn before jumping into a PvP match and you’ll honestly be grateful that you start off with co-op.

Unlike tanks, ships are subjected to constant motion in this game... at least unless you anchor down (not that you can do that in World of Warships, of course). This means that you can’t just stop in the middle of the sea. You won’t be able to move backwards as well. Also, since the maps in this game are usually filled with sizeable islands, you should most certainly watch where you are going at all times. It is a likely possibility that you might accidentally “drive” your ship ashore and get it stuck. If that happens, you can try to get out, but most probably, you’ll end up sitting duck while taking heavy fire from the enemy as you try to get out of the mess you’re in. Thankfully, the game provides helpful radar-like beeping sounds to warn you that your ship is too close to land (Like a car’s reverse sensors). You’ll just need to be aware of it while you’re in the middle of combat.

Combat-wise, World of Warships is pretty much similar to the other games developed by Wargaming. In this game, each ship is given 2 different shell types to use. You’ll always need to aim ahead of the ships you’re targeting or you won’t ever get a hit. You’ll have to take in account of the distance between your ship and the enemy’s along with the speed both ships are going at so you can estimate how further ahead you should aim your guns! Trying to shoot at ships are too far away won’t help you much either, except that it’ll probably allow the enemy to detect you a lot faster.

Not to mention, in this game, some ships have access to ship-wrecking torpedoes too! You should also deploy your torpedoes a lot more ahead than your target as torpedoes move a lot slower than artillery shells. However, this also gives the enemy a chance to anticipate the attack and divert their ship so as to minimize the surface area exposed to the incoming torpedoes. Oh and do take note that torpedoes can hit friendlies, so be sure that your allies are far away from the line of fire before you actually fire your torpedoes. Each ship type also has unique abilities. For example, destroyers are given a smoke screen-like ability that allows them to conceal themselves when they are taking too much fire and retreat from the fray.

In terms of damage taken, the damage systems in World of Warships are compartmentalized, much like in World of Tanks or World of Warplanes. This means that the enemies can technically take out all your ship’s weapons but still don’t sink your ship, rendering your ship into a practically harmless and sitting duck. Your rudder and steering wheel can also be damaged in an attack, forcing you to lose control of your ship, and if your ship is heading into the line of fire of a stream of torpedoes, that might be very painful to watch! Ships can also catch fire like tanks and airplanes, but thankfully, there’s an option for you to get your repair crew scrambling to fix the problem and smother the fire.

After combat, your ship will need some time to get some repairs and if you have the funds, you can also use this downtime to upgrade your ships too! Furthermore, by ranking up, you’ll unlock new ranks of ships at the tech tree. Each rank generally offers around 4 ships for you to purchase - 1 of each ship type, but that is if you reached rank 4 and above. The first 3 ranks are rather limited.

Don’t forget to upgrade your commander in charge of your ship too! Commanders generally improve the current parameters (artillery, secondary armament, survivability, concealment) of the ship they are on. By using them in battle (deploying them with the ship), they can earn experience points and level up. When your commander levels up, he’ll receive points that allow him to master any available skills that you want. Each commander practically has their own “tech tree”. This is a lot different from World of Tanks, where you get fixed perks per level up. Here, in this game, it’s much more flexible and you can even “tailor” a commander for a particular type of ship if you like or you can make him a jack of all trades!


The community in World of Warships may not be as huge as Wargaming’s other more established games, but the player base there is gradually growing! For players who don’t like the idea of playing a team-based game alone, feel free to sign up and join one of the many divisions available! If you’re really good in this game, well, do tryout for the eSports tournaments for World of Warships that Wargaming organizes. In fact, there’s one such tournament coming up real soon - the WGLNA Fantasy League, if you’re interested. You can also hop over to the World of Warships’ forum, where players from around the world generously contribute tips and hints to other players. Who knows? You might make a couple of cool new friends along the way!

Graphics/ sound

Graphics-wise, the sea-based, islands-ridden world in World of Warships is simply astonishing! The models for the various warships in the game are very beautifully and lovingly designed as well! This is one thing that Wargaming never gets wrong! In terms of music, the combat music in this game has a sense of urgency and yet is not too distracting so you can focus on the battle at hand. There are plenty of very nice and realistic sound effects as well, ranging from the creaking sound of your ship, the sound of torpedoes being launched or the beeping of the radar when you’re too close to land.


In short, World of Warships is a rather challenging but amazingly fun naval warfare simulation game to play! The controls and the ship you use may take quite some time to get used to and the strategies that you can learn will take up some trial-and-error time as well! At the moment, the game lacks variety in terms of maps and factions, but since the game is still in open beta, this is pretty forgivable. The game mechanics seem to be working fine so if you expect driving a ship would be very much like driving a car... well, you’ll be greatly disappointed. The game also provides 2 game modes for you to enjoy, namely hardcore PvP as well as the less stressful Co-op mode. Players are even given plenty of options to customize their warships and their commanders to their playing style. So, experience the most realistic yet virtual naval combat in your life by playing World of Warships today!

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