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by Aethyna
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Words with Friends 2 10 rate Compete with your friends, both old and new, in this fun yet competitive scrabble game, Words with Friends 2! This brilliant sequel kept all the features which had made the original game such a success while adding in some exciting new game modes and features that made the game so much more addictive to play. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Words with Friends 2 is the exciting sequel from Zynga. It still has the classic Scrabble-like Words with Friends gameplay that you love but, this time around, the game some extra features such as solo challenges and the extremely fun, team-based lightning rounds. Playing with both old and new friends is also a core aspect of the game, allowing you to once again prove yourself as the best scrabble player among your friends.


To start, you’ll need to sign up. You can choose either to log in using your Facebook account, which frankly makes it a whole lot easier to find friends to “duel” with, or you can sign up using your email address. Interestingly, if your phone supports this new Google Play Instant feature, you can actually try the game out first without needing to install the game.

As Words with Friends 2 is basically a scrabble game, the gameplay might be very familiar to an avid word player such as yourself. However, if this is the very first time you’ve played scrabble, the game does provide you with a short tutorial so you can get up to speed on how the game works.

Generally, if you are playing first, your first word must cover the purple tile in the center of the board. From there, you simply need to form the best words – the words with most points – while making sure that your words are connected, directly or indirectly, to the first word in the middle. Once a word is made, you’ll get back an equal number of tiles you’ve used from the tile bag.

If you really want to win though, making long words or using letter tiles with the highest scores isn’t enough - you’ll also need to learn how to capitalize on all the bonus tiles that are scattered around the board. The bonus tiles can make a huge difference in your overall score. Some may even double or triple your word scores!

There are several useful features in this game as well, including the Recall tiles button, the dictionary, the word strength indicator and even the tile bag where you can see which letters are left for you to draw. The game even has a Hindsight power-up which will allow you to see which is the best word that you could have played in your previous round.

All of these are pretty standard features which a scrabble game should have, but what makes Words with Friends 2 truly stand out is its many different game modes. For classic matches, you can choose who to play with or you can use its Smart Match system to find opponents with a skill level that’s close to yours. You can also challenge the Match of the Day player and if you win, you’ll get an extra prize. There are even daily quests you can complete for extra coins.

Aside from the usual classic game mode, the game provides a solo challenge mode where you can battle against an AI, a.k.a. a WordMaster. For these games, you will only get 5 moves to win the match so every word you make matters a whole lot. Unfortunately, you can’t play all the available solo challenges at once since there’s an 8-hour waiting period in between matches. You can skip this waiting time by spending game coins though!

As fun as that may be, the game mode that I really like is definitely the cooperative team-vs-team, mode called Lightning round. The game basically groups 5 players into a team and everyone will be playing a board, but once you made a move, your board will be swapped and you’ll be basically continuing your teammate’s game. This board swapping will continue until one of the teams reached a score of 750.

Not to mention, as the name of the game mode may have hinted, the pace of the matches is really fast. The game places a lot of emphasis on speed and if you can’t keep up, you may cost your team a victory.

Most of the time, Words with Friends 2 will also have some ongoing special event whereby you can gain event points for fulfilling a certain criterion. If you get enough event points, then you may stand a chance of winning something amazing, such as free passes to summer movie premieres.

Don’t forget to drop by your game profile and see your stats. The stats provided in this game is insanely detailed, but unfortunately, it only includes data collected from classic matches.

Words with Friends 2 is a freemium game though, and as such, it has an in-app store. Here, you can spend real money to buy more game currency, premium profile frames or power-ups. However, since there isn’t a lot of stuff on sale here, the game also has ads which will usually appear in between matches.


Words with Friends 2 has a pretty vibrant and active community of players, and hence, there’s no shortage of opponents for you to compete alongside with or against.

Graphics/ Sound

Being a word game, there isn’t a lot to say about its graphics. The letters on the letter tiles are large enough and the interface is clear of unnecessary buttons and pop-ups. As you may expect, there’s no music in this game, but there are sound effects.


In a nutshell, Words with Friends 2 builds on the features available in the original game and it’s just a much better game as a result. Personally, I really enjoyed the cooperative lightning round although I’m not too great at it – I just take a bit too long to come up with the best word. If you enjoy competitive scrabble games, you will really like playing Words with Friends 2. Give it try!

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New Game Added: Words with Friends 2

by Aethyna Jun 10, 2018
Compete with your friends, both old and new, in this fun yet competitive scrabble game, Words with Friends 2! This brilliant sequel kept all the features which had made the original game such a success while adding in some exciting new game modes and features that made the game so much more addictive to play. Words with Friends 2: Google Play Instant Lightning round in Words with Friends 2 Words with Friends 2: Solo challenge Read More
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