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Words with Friends 10 rate Challenge your friends in real time with Words with Friends. Play a simple yet competitive word game where you compete against other friends or players online based on your geo-location. Compete for the highest score with its built-in leaderboard and show it off to your friends. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Words with Friends is one of the popular casual games from Zynga, which also has a port release on the social network giant Facebook. The game has similar mechanics with the ever popular Scrabble, but with some twists on the game mechanics. It also offers leaderboards to keep track on the scores and real time matches against friends or other players online.


The mechanics of Words with Friends is more on building words. Each turn, you must form a word based on the random letters that you acquired at the start of the round. At the start of the game, you place your first word at the middle of the play board, then each turn players must then form a word by connecting one of the letters from the words placed on the board, your pool of letters will be replenish every turn.

Each letter has its own points, the most commonly used letters have the lowest scores while the rarest letters have more, so players with a wide knowledge on the vocabulary will have an advantage on this game. There are also some special tiles that can provide bonus points to your constructed words. Then of course, the player with the most number of points garnered from the constructed word at the end of the game wins.

However there are some differences with the mechanics of Words with Friends and the classic Scrabble game. One of the most noticeable is the slightly larger board size, plus the placement of the bonus tiles that are more of a diamond shape wherein Scrabble’s bonus tiles are sort of placed in an X-shaped look with V-shape lining on the edges.

Also another difference on the difficulty on landing unique words, in Scrabble, players can be penalized if they used any words not recognized by the dictionary especially when an opponent challenges you if the used word is legitimate, but in the case of Words with Friends, the built-in dictionary is less strict on complex words, meaning you can throw as many possible combination of words in the board. This is also let new players who are not into word games more approachable to them.

Some of the interesting features found in Words with Friends is the Dictionary tab on the right side where you can check the full definition of the constructed word that you used, complete with different types of definitions and even how you pronounce the word. This can be beneficial to players as it can be a form of enriching your vocabulary in English. There is also the Word Rarity meter at the bottom to check on how frequent the word was used, to give you some idea on what other players are also using.

You can also earn coins while playing, this can be used to get daily puzzles that allows you to complete certain objectives, and in return you will earn bigger points when complete at a certain time limit. Some possible scenarios include playing your best word in three different boards within a certain time limit. It adds that new layer of difficulty to keep you challenge in a certain situation, though it does not have any certain rewards that is beneficial, but it is fun to complete certain daily challenges.

It also has a leaderboard feature that keeps track on the top scorers from your friend list or even from other players outside your circle. It adds that level of competitiveness with other players to keep them motivated to aim higher. Players can also keep track of their performance by checking their statistics which is frequently updated, it shows your record of winning streaks, your highest and average score in a game and even the percentage of bonus tiles that you have used in your entire play-through.


In terms of community, Words with Friends has a ton of casual players interacting with the game. Thanks to the built-in chat feature, you can interact with the player while playing, it is also a good way to socialize with other players that are not on your friends list. Inviting friends to play is very easy, all you have to do is select them from your list; depending if you allow access to your friend list, and an invite will be sent to your friend.

Playing with friends or other players online may have some issues, since all player actions are happened real time, the waiting time for each player to complete their turn has no limit, meaning a game can last up to weeks if both players does not complete their turns, this can be remedied by turning on the notifications to keep each players updated on who has already ended their turn to hasten the match.

Another problem is that there is no AI matches to let you play continuously when there are no available players, or at least something where you can train, hopefully Zynga would update the game to include AI matches.

Graphics/ Sound

In terms of graphics, there is nothing interesting or breath-taking with Words with Friends, as it is very simplistic even for its animations when placing letter tiles. As for music, it is non-existent, no music whatsoever, only simple sound effects when placing letters, jumbling the tiles and notifying your opponents.


Overall, Words with Friends has it differences from the original Scrabble, and it combines the elements of social media to make it more approachable to the younger generation, while keeping it friendly to the older ones. Though it lacks any single player content to keep players busy while waiting for a friend to join, it is still a fun and interacting game with your social media friends, and also a good way to meet new ones.

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New Game Added: Words with Friends

by Richard Dec 7, 2016
Challenge your friends in real time with Words with Friends. Play a simple yet competitive word game where you compete against other friends or players online based on your geo-location. Compete for the highest score with its built-in leaderboard and show it off to your friends. Words with Friends: Word score Word rarity in Words with Friends Words with Friends: Playing on mobile Read More
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