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Wolf Team 7 rate Play as both a gun-toting elite marine and a werewolf with savage teeth and claws in this exciting multiplayer action/shooter game, Wolf Team! Do you have what it takes to survive? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Immerse yourself into the survival of the fittest between teams of werewolves in this modern-and-fantasy-themed MMOFPS/TPS game Wolf Team published by Aeria Games! In this game, players can switch between playing as a human ‘Marine’ in first person and as an immensely strong ‘Wolf’, or werewolf, in third person with merely the stroke of a button! The game also provides a huge variety of weapons, grenades and even armors, in addition to its many fun and challenging game modes! You can even purchase different characters, which have their own list of boosted stats, to get that extra edge in combat. Do you have what it takes to be on the Wolf Team? Try the game today to find out!


A multinational pharmaceutical conglomerate, Paien, has developed a life-saving drug, Epoxyn, for a rare and strange disease that turns its sufferers into werewolves, called “Diewolf syndrome”. However, secretly, they also developed an anti-Epoxyn drug that will allow normal humans to change into a werewolf at will, though only a selected few will experience an effect from the anti-Epoxyn drug due to their genetic makeup. Paien sold the drug to the French military and from there, the French military set up the very first “WolfTeam”. Due to the fact that very few humans have the necessary DNA for the WolfTeam project, the military widen their search for suitable candidates without much thought for their background, age, physical ability and past crimes. Initially, their efforts were met with tremendous success and there are no army on Earth that can rival the WolfTeam in terms of military tactics and espionage.

Nonetheless, as time passes, arguments and fights broke out among the members of the WolfTeam. There have also been cases where Wolf Team members were killed fighting each other outside a mission area. The Team is getting out of control! Military police were dispatched to eliminate any uncooperative members of the Wolf Team that they can find, but they were all unsuccessful in their attempts. Meanwhile, the Wolf Team is disbanded, with some of its members living out as mercenaries in smaller packs or individually, while others are still working for the French military to hunt down and annihilate their brethrens, who defected from the team.


The core aspect in this game is the fact that players or ‘Marines’ can turn into werewolves to maul other players to death. There’ll be a slight delay when you are switching forms and while you’re switching forms, the classic first-person view for humans will be swapped to third-person when you play as a werewolf. What’s the difference between werewolves and humans? Well, besides the obvious fact that humans can do ranged damage with their guns, werewolves are hardier, move faster, and deal more damage… melee damage, that is. Best of all, these werewolves are able to climb up walls and also run on walls. How cool is that?

The gameplay in Wolf Team is very fluid and the transition between human to wolf or wolf to human is pretty smooth. With each respawn, you will get to choose 1 from 4 sets of loadouts that you’ve designed and saved prior to entering the game. Once you get more kills, which will award you with WP points, you will be able to select better loadouts that will cost more points. There are even kill streaks in this game that give you titles like “Baby Wolf” or “Elite Wolf”, depending on how well you are doing in the game!

Furthermore, the game provides up to 7 different game modes for you to play. They include destruction, deathmatch, ice hold, wolf hunt, ex-conquest and conquest, with conquest and deathmatch being the most popular modes! Deathmatch, or more accurately ‘Team deathmatch’, involves relentlessly killing the other team until either your team or the opposing team reached the kill limit and wins the match. There is also a timer in the game and if the kill limit is not reached within the time limit, the team with the highest kills will win instead! On the other hand, for both conquest and ex-conquest, your team will either have to capture all bases or all the flags (up to 5 of them) on the map to win.

In destruction mode, the red team will need to plant the bomb at the target site while the blue team must either prevent the opposing team from planting the bomb or defuse it if the bomb has already been planted. For ice hold mode, the objective of the game is to eliminate all members of the other team before the time runs out. However, in this mode, there are no respawns! The only way you can come back from the dead is… no, not by being reanimated as a zombie… but by getting revived from a surviving member of the team! This mode is a round-based mode and the team which won the rounds will win the game!

Not to forget the wolf hunt mode, whereby players will be randomly chosen and turned into a wolf or human while the rest of the players will adopt the opposing form. The objective here is for the Red wolf team to kill every human in the Blue human team, and vice versa. There is also a new mode, called wolf rush, which mimics Nosgoth in some ways (but of course, instead of vampires, you’ll get wolves), that is coming soon!

Wolf Team has a huge range of weapons for you to buy, though some of them, the more over-powered ones anyway, can only be bought using real money (Aeria points). The game also offers 4 tiered generations of characters. Each character will have significantly boosted stats, but they can only be purchased using real money as well. This does make the game very much pay-to-win. Thus, if you plan on playing this game competitively, you may get disappointed, but if you are looking for a more casual yet unique MMOFPS/TPS, then Wolf Team is the game for you!


Being a rather old game, the community in this game is on a steady decline. However, whatever that’s left of the community in Wolf Team likes to group together into prides (a.k.a. guilds/ clans). Each pride clings fiercely to their reputations and there are pride battles that will determine just how much reputation your pride has! There are also other benefits for players who are a part of a pride – this includes a pride-based messenger system, which may allow for better coordination between pride members.

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D graphics in Wolf Team is up to par with other free-to-play shooter games like Soldier Front 2 or Combat Arms. It may not exactly be in high definition, but whatever graphics that is there is sufficient enough for playes to enjoy the game!

The music in the lobby is absolutely awesome! It definitely gives a nice boost to your morale before you enter into combat! During combat though, there aren’t any soundtrack to distract you from the game. Instead the game provides good sound effects, such as the sound of gunfire and wolf growling when it melee attacks someone that you can use to your advantage when tracking down enemy players.


All in all, Wolf Team is a MMOFPS/TPS that has a very unique and fun gameplay that allows players to switch between the human and wolf forms. Each form has its own strengths and weaknesses and it is these forms that made combat in this game stands out from the other traditional shooter games like Counter Strike or Call of Duty. There is also a large list of weapons, grenades, armor and characters that you can buy in the game, though the best ones will cost you real money. Despite being a pay-to-win game, Wolf Team is still worth your time, just so you can try out the very special gameplay! Just don’t go into battles expecting to win even if you think you may have ‘leet skillz’… you will be hugely disappointed.

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New Game Added: Wolf Team

by Aethyna Mar 5, 2015
Play as both a gun-toting elite marine and a werewolf with savage teeth and claws in this exciting multiplayer action/shooter game, Wolf Team! Do you have what it takes to survive? Wolf Team: Wolf hunting Wolf Team In Your Sights Shooting at the enemy in Wolf Team Read More
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