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Wauies 8.8 rate Love pets? Why... you're in luck - Wauies is definitely THE game for you! Play the role of a new pet shop owner and do your best to keep both your customers and the animals happy by catering to their needs. In Wauies, it's not only a race to keep your business afloat, but also to turn it into a thriving store. Can you do it? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Do you love pets? Well, if you do and you happen to love simulation games, you’re in luck - Wauies is definitely THE game for you! In this game, you’ll play the role of a pet shop owner who has just opened for business. By putting your time and resources in getting more varieties of pets and taking good care of them, keeping your store well-stocked with pet supplies, providing customer care and facilities, and of course, brightening up the place with beautiful decor, your little pet shop is certainly on the right track to become one of the most popular shops in Wauies. So, don’t wait - start your own virtual pet shop in Wauies today!


To start, you’ll first need to buy some animals to start off your business. After all, what’s a pet shop without any pets? To do so, you will first need to provide a suitable pen or cage for them. Wauies provides a wide range of pens for you to choose from, ranging from the basic woven pens to the classy upholstered and aspen bedding pens. Different pens will be able to support different types of animals so be sure to get the correct pens for the correct animals you want to place. As an added bonus, you can also add useful items into the pens, such as food and water bowls, a hideout and play equipments for your pets to enjoy, and even a nice pool. However, you will not be able to mix different animals in a pen although technically the pen itself is able to house both types of animals.

An empty pen is just as bad as a “pet-less” pet shop. Thus, let’s take a look at the many different types of pets Wauies has to offer. There are a ton of cat and dog breeds, such as Ragdoll, Persian and Birman for cats, and Labrador retrievers, Pug, Chihuahua and Maltese for dogs. If you’re more of a rabbit or a rodent person, there are lop-eared rabbits, rats, Degu, and Guinea Pigs. Looking for pets that are even more unique? Well, how about getting yourself pen-fuls of ferrets, opossums, capybara and even teacup pigs! Of course, like most simulation games, you’ll only get to access the full array of animals once you’ve leveled up to the level required.

As you may have noticed, whenever you buy anything from the store, you will not automatically enter into the “Edit shop” mode so you can place the purchased item or animal. Instead, you’ll receive a card that will be placed on the quick bar at the bottom of your screen. You could then pick the item you want to place and simply placing it. It may seem a bit troublesome at times, but it’s actually a great feature to have, particularly if you’ve purchased a load of stuff and wouldn’t enjoy hopping into the edit mode every time you bought an item.

The animals you buy from the shop, which is, by the way, a tad bit funny considering that you’re supposed to be a “pet shop” owner, are the mature versions. The only way to obtain a youngling is via breeding and for that to happen, you’ll need 2 adults of the opposite gender and you’ll need to have your nursery set up and ready. Since breeding is the main way to get “free” animals to sell, you might want to upgrade the nursery so you can breed more animals at the same time. You can unlock up to a max of 9 breeding slots in total in Wauies. Young animals can then be aged into maturity once their growth timer went down to 0.

You may also notice that the game has a rather distinct difference between both types of pet, young and adult. In addition to having completely different animations and looks, young pets tend to increase the number of customers in your shop by a slight amount while adults are generally easier to care for and are more valuable. Taking care of your animals in Wauies isn’t exactly difficult though. Whenever a pet needs something, a thought bubble of sorts will appear above it. All you need to do is to just click on it to fulfill its needs.

Naturally, being a shop owner, your pets will not be the only group you’ll need to keep happy – your customers are just as important! Cater to their wants and needs by selling them the pets and pet supplies they want, cleaning up the store from time to time, or by providing the facilities they need to use, such as trashcans and restrooms. There’s also a nifty little locking tool that you can use to prevent yourself from accidentally selling off an animal that you want to keep. Don’t forget to place décor like plants, signs and posters, furniture, and entertainment devices, as well as to change the floor tiles and wallpapers of your shop. Having better décor would drastically increase the number of customers visiting your pet shop.

All of these require quite a sum of in-game cash and the easiest way, at least at the beginning, is by completing quests. Pet selling, on the other hand, is a lot more lucrative later down the road. The quests in Wauies are all conveniently group into a quest log for your reference, but the game somehow group together quests that are completed, not completed and inaccessible. It can get rather confusing especially in later levels where you’ll get more quests.

Need more cash? Well, you could earn some extras by placing shelves and racks selling pet supplies including toys, food, carriers and the occasional odds and ends. However, in order to keep your shelves well-stocked, you’ll need to set up production facilities, or at least warehouse shelves, in the basement of your pet store. You can place multiple orders (up to 4) for certain products on each of your production facility, provided that you’ve upgraded it. You could also skip the production line and straightaway place order to buy the products you need from other manufacturers. Of course, producing the items yourself will increase your profit margins, though it may add to your burden of running a virtual pet store.

That’s not all, folks! In Wauies, you also get your own companion pet. Once you reached a certain level, you’ll be given a companion’s basket to place in your store. Although you won’t be able to pick the type of pet you want (everybody gets a Labrador retriever), you get to choose a name and a gender. Your companion won’t be there just for show. Instead, you can ask it to approach certain customers and cheer him or her up. Your companion will have limited energy to do this though, and once its energy is depleted, you’ll need to send your pet to sleep. You can even play fetch with your pet and it’s pretty awesome!

Similar to some of Upjers’ other games, such as My Sunny Resort, you’ll be able to collect card pieces to earn exclusive décor. You could even trade your card pieces at the Trade Coordination Desk, making it easier for you to collect all the card pieces that you want. For high achievers or collectors, you might want to strive to earn all the 50 normal achievements and 26 companion achievements as well.


The English-speaking Wauies community is currently rather small as the English version of the game was just recently (last month) released. Since the game places a certain amount of focus on friends visitations where you will be able to help each other out by doing up to 10 chores per day, adding more friends to your friends’ list can be pretty helpful to you. However, if you are worried that you won’t be able to find enough friends to add, you can immediately shoo that thought right out the door. The German version of the game has been around for quite awhile so you could always meet and add some new German friends.

Graphics/ Sound

The music in Wauies is perfectly composed for the theme of the game. It’s catchy yet soothing and it sounds “fun”, much like the playful nature of adorable puppies and kittens. In terms of graphics, they look really good, but I would love to get a better zoom option so I can view my pets up close. At the maximum zoomed in setting, some animals still look a bit small.


In short, Wauies is definitely a fun pet shop simulation game that will be especially attractive to animal-loving gamers. The game has so many animals that you can take care of, breed and sell; tons of ways for you to attract the attention of potential customers; and you could also manufacture your own pet supplies and sell them in your shop. Besides that, you’ll even get your very own companion who will play a quite important role in getting more customers through the door. Sounds like fun? Well, be sure to check out Wauies today, and who knows? You might just decide to set up a virtual pet shop of your own soon!

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by Aethyna Apr 6, 2016
Love pets? Why... you're in luck - Wauies is definitely THE game for you! Play the role of a new pet shop owner and do your best to keep both your customers and the animals happy by catering to their needs. In Wauies, it's not only a race to keep your business afloat, but also to turn it into a thriving store. Can you do it? Kitty heaven in Wauies Wauies: Nursery Adorable puppies in Wauies Read More

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