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War Thunder 9 rate Whether you enjoy bombing tanks, manning the anti-air guns on the back of a truck or flying a jet fighter, you'll certainly have a great time in War Thunder! Have fun with its realistic tactical combat! There are also a plethora of somewhat historically accurate tanks and planes for you to purchase and you can customize every one of them to your liking! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Hailed as one of the best multiplayer flight/ tank simulation games in the history of gaming, War Thunder now offers tanks, as well as having planned naval warfare for the future, from the World War era. The game claims to have realistic gameplay, including real life-based tactical strategies, and historically accurate planes and tanks to appeal to war buffs. It also features a plethora of play styles – whether you enjoy bombing tanks, manning the anti-air guns or flying a jet fighter - and customization options for players to personalize their own rides, whether it’s a plane or a tank. Besides the spectacular battles in War Thunder, the game offers absolutely beautiful graphics (both for the environment and for the tank/plane models) as well as having smooth and easier controls. If you love tanks and planes from the world war era, War Thunder is indeed a must-play game! Try it now!


To start, you’ll first have to learn how to play! The usual WASD keys are used though you can decide to play with a flight stick instead. The planes feel easier to control as opposed to World of Warplanes and if you’re skilled enough, you can actually one-shot other planes like in real life, especially if you hit the fuselage or the in-game pilot behind the controls.

Furthermore, the physics engine of the game also shines through as being very realistic. For instance, the planes stall and spin in a realistic way, creating a very immersive feeling for its players. Unlike in World of Tanks where the tanks move as if they are slow and heavy vehicles, tanks in War Thunder behave like actual tracked vehicles... or in other words, the tanks move like actual tanks. This also implies that tanks in the game will struggle to gain traction if you’re traveling at higher speeds like actual tanks in real life. If you’re good enough, you could use this sliding effect to your advantage and use it to quickly approach an enemy tank to attack its less protected part (the back part). However, if you’re not good enough, you may want to forgo that trick as you can also embarrassingly flip your tank upside down if you’re not driving carefully.

Moreover, instead of a health pool system to indicate how much damage you've taken or can still take, you will see a status for each internally modeled component that can be damaged, or in the case of crew member/s, “knocked out”. This means that unlike the usual “drain an opponent’s health by repeatedly attacking the same spot until he’s dead”, you’ll have to employ some finesse in your gameplay and try to target important parts of the machine in question. As aforementioned, you can effectively disable a plane by “knocking out” its pilot, clipping entire wing/s off planes, attacking the fuselage or engine, or damaging the plane enough that it is practically impossible for the plane to stay airborne. For tanks, you cannot destroy them by shooting its hull repeatedly in areas you can penetrate like in World of Tanks. However, you can easily disable a tank by going after its engine, fuel tank, ammo rack or by knocking out its crew.

Unlike World of Warplanes or Tanks, you do not have “1 life” per match. Instead, if your tank or plane is damaged but still functional, you can attempt to get it back to base for repairs so you can have a second shot at taking down more enemies. If you have the repair module unlocked, you can even repair your vehicle in the field. You are not merely given a static “death” animation like what you’d get in any of the Wargaming games. Furthermore, as long as you have spare tanks or planes and the crew to man them, you can keep respawning as well! This makes players more willing to take risks to capture objectives unlike the more cautious nature of players in the World of Tanks/Warplane games.

War Thunder has a variety of modes to appeal to a variety of different people. It features 3 different game modes – arcade, historical mode or full real battles. Arcade mode is good for quick matches while historical mode are much more challenging as the game removes aim indicators, providing you with a realistically better experience. On the other hand, full real battles are especially intense, as compared to the other 2 mode, as you’ll be playing the game from the cockpit view, limiting your vision and further ramping up the realistic aspect of the game.

The game objective is the same though and is based around capturing and holding territory – a lot like the “king of the hill” matches that is common in MMO shooter games, but with tanks and airplanes. In every match, each team is given a health bar. If a team has managed to capture more territory then their opponents, the opposing team’s health bar will begin to decrease. A team wins when the opposing team’s health reached zero. There are some variations of this though – sometimes, the map will have multiple points (usually around 3) for your team to capture while for the other times, the map only contains 1 capture point instead. No matter which type of map you get, all matches are won by the team that managed to control the center of the map... well, most of the time anyway. There are also night mode maps as well... awesome, right?

The scoring system in War Thunder is very interestingly designed as well! It focuses more on how skillful you play your “machine of death” and how you defend or capture objectives. In fact, you can play an entire game without scoring a kill and still come out on top of the leaderboard if you stick to the objectives. If you managed to execute complicated maneuvers, such as belly landing your plane after sustaining critical damage, or to take a lot of hits but still survived, you will be well-rewarded for it. Playing with instead of against your team by helping them score kills, you will gain a kill assist reward too!

War Thunder contains a huge variety of planes, as well as tanks, and had even won a Guinness World Record for having over 300 and more unique and realistic aircrafts. The game has 5 factions, namely the US, USSR, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan, of different types of planes, such as from biplanes and bombers to fighter jets and heavy planes, while it has slightly less types of tanks (after all, tanks are new features that were released not long ago) from 3 different factions – Germany, USA and USSR. The war machines all have distinct characteristics and models, and perform differently as a result. They are separated into tiers and to unlock the next tier of much powerful planes or tanks, you will need to grind quite a lot of experience points to do so. Considering that the game is free to play, there are also premium vehicles and planes, but they are not at all over-powered.

Talking about over-powered, although premium machines are not given a huge advantage over non-spenders, the planes and tanks in the game are not exactly balanced or historically accurate as plenty of players have claimed. Russian planes seem to have an upper hand over all the other planes from the other countries as their armor seem to be rather impenetrable that the common 7 mm bullets cannot even scratch them. On the other hand, the Japanese planes have the least amount of love from the developers and if you’ve ever flew any one of the planes, you might even swore that these planes are made from paper.

One of the most entertaining non-battle-related parts of War Thunder is its customization feature! The game allows you to add camouflage, world flags, numbers, emblems, symbols, sentences (on tanks) and a whole lot more! And the best part? Customizing your armored fighting machine is mostly free! Yes, you did not read wrongly! You don't have to pay real money to attach a flag or a symbol, or some text to your war machine, though certain paints will require you to complete a few challenges in order to unlock them. In addition, free-to-play players do have a limitation on how many “décor” they can add. Premium members will, of course, be able to add twice as many items and if you’re willing to spend real money, you may also buy some of the décor which are reales (premium currency) only.


The community in War Thunder is very lively and active. There are always several hundred games on at all times with the game boasting of having more than 20 thousand players online at peak hours. If you enjoy playing the game, then you should have an even greater time if you play the game with your squadron! Squadrons are, in essence, “guilds” that allows players to enjoy the game in a cooperative setting. They unite players together as brothers in arms with a common tag and name. They have their own chat channel as well!

Despite the game’s excellence, the forums are a whole new case in War Thunder. There had been plenty of complaints by the players on the moderator of the official War Thunder forums. Players’ feedback are not taken into account or taken seriously and players have been known to get banned over the most trivial of matters. Any negative feedbacks, even though they are constructive criticisms, are replied with a banhammer. Their heavy handed tactics have driven away quite a number of players. Nonetheless, if you want to meet up with your fellow gamers, fans of model airplanes, world war buffs, the forums a great place to do so.

Graphics and Sound

Besides all the good that is said about War Thunder, nothing comes close to its stunning graphics. The plane and tank models are intricately designed and look as accurate as history depicts them to be. These give the impression that the war machines were hand-built in a factory like their real counterparts, rather than crafted using a 3D modeling tool. The same level of details couldn’t be said for the textures in the environment, though it is acceptable enough. In terms of music in the lobby, it sounds amazingly patriotic in some sense. During battle though, you’ll be focusing on the awesome sounds of combat, such as every creek and sputter your tank makes as well as the sounds of machine guns spitting bullets or of bombers diving to unload their explosive payload. It’s simply impressive!


In short, War Thunder is considered to be one of the most realistic flight and tank simulation game in the history of gaming for a very good reason! The game provides a rather huge range of historically-accurate planes and tanks for you to unlock, tier by tier, as you progress through the game. The matches are excitingly realistic even in arcade mode, though you can opt for other much more realistic game modes, like historical mode and full real battles. Sign up to join a squadron and fight with your brothers in arms! The game even has plans to add naval warfare into its gameplay! War Thunder has a lot to offer for players who love tanks, planes and world war era combat. Best of all? It is a free game! So, what are you waiting for? Download the game now!

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Whether you enjoy bombing tanks, manning the anti-air guns on the back of a truck or flying a jet fighter, you'll certainly have a great time in War Thunder! Have fun with its realistic tactical combat! There are also a plethora of somewhat historically accurate tanks and planes for you to purchase and you can customize every one of them to your liking! War Thunder: Aerial combat Vehicular warfare in War Thunder War Thunder: War Read More
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