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War Rock 6 rate Help your team by picking a class that suits your playstyle, be it assault or sniper; head out onto the battlefield with your team and be a part of a firefight that is bound to require both skill and tactical knowledge of the surrounding areas. Work as a team and your enemies won't know what hit them! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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War Rock is a F2P tactical-FPS title that is developed by Dream Execution and is currently published by Nexon. In terms of gameplay it’s what you would except of your typical FPS, with a few changes here and there spread out across the board to make it a little more interesting for players to stick around. Let’s just say this, if you enjoy big-head mode in games, you’re going to love this game because there is plenty of that!


When it comes to the gameplay, War Rock plays a lot like any-other FPS game that has you specifically fire from the hip; similar to Counter Strike. One of the only instances where you actually can look down the sights, however is when you’re using the sniper. A simple right-click whilst using the weapon will have you scope in and you can dish out as much pain as you so choose.

There are 5 classes you can pick from: the engineer, sniper, medic, assault, and heavy trooper. Each class has a different primary that corresponds with that class and providing that you’ve unlocked a different sniper, assault rifle, or heavy machine gun, you can switch these weapons out from the main menu and reap the rewards depending on how good you actually are with them.

One of the best parts about this game is the wide and expansive amount of game modes there are that you can pick up and play straight from the moment you start the game. Depending on whether you want to go straight onto to PvP, you can choose from game modes, such as, 8 VS 8 team deathmatch, explosives (plays like the classic Counter Strike game mode), and even special mode, that has a bunch of different settings to fiddle about with as the server host.

But, if you would prefer to play against AI or simply enjoy survival, there is a zombie’s mode where you can team up with 3 friends or strangers and take on hordes of zombies until you either reach the final round or breath your final breath. For this game, there really is a little something for everyone!

A massive issue with games of this nature tends to be the lack of maps to play on, but this is a problem War Rock has quite easily circumnavigated. There are so many maps for one person to pick and choose from; with different maps being exclusive to certain game modes like AI only. You could easily spend hours inside this game and somehow only play the same map the once; something that many FPS games fail to do that War Rock has managed to pull off quite flawlessly.

Unfortunately, there is currently a members-only section of the game that locks out the F2P crowd from purchasing certain weapons and even some maps. Thankfully, this isn’t all that restrictive for someone who is exclusively F2P, but it’s a shame that around 20% of the game is locked away behind a paywall, simply because you don’t wish to pay for a monthly subscription.

On top of this issue, there appears to be some small issues with hackers every now and again. By playing the game casually, you won’t need to worry about coming across them all that much, but for hardcore players or for those of us who just aren’t that lucky – both can and will find hackers. Whether they’re invulnerable and won’t die, or somehow aiming at a wall only to kill your entire team, it’s not a part of the game that shines particularly well and isn’t an issue that has been solved as of yet.


Inside and out of the game there are a couple of different ways for the player to interact with the community, with one being the online forums that anyone with an account can simply sign up to contribute to as they please.

Whereas the other, more important one is the addition of clans, which works similar to how guild would in any MMORPG. You simply look for a clan you wish to join, get in touch with the leader or respond to their advertisement and then you’re in. Due to the inclusion of clans, there’s clan-specific events that have players go up against other clans to see who’s the best, and the winning clans at the end of the even will receive specific items that you can’t get in any other way; giving players plenty of reason to stay active.

Graphics/ Sound

From a graphics standpoint, the game is quite outdated at this point and while the developers have done what they can to bring the game upto snuff somewhat, but it doesn’t look anywhere near as good as some other FPS games that also have some age under their belt. Just by looking and playing the game for the first time, it reminds me of Counter Strike Source to some degree, but not quite as memorable. Weapons do have some nice attention to them, but characters most certainly do not, similar to how the environments are as well.

The audio for the game isn’t quite as poor, since the gunshots do have some nice sound to them, resulting in some nice impact because of it. When it comes to the music it is quite good and gives the impression of a real, epic backing track, but when the firefights really start to go off, the last thing you’ll be hearing is that epic symphony in the background.


Overall, War Rock is a fairly decent F2P FPS title and thanks to the vast majority of game modes that can either be PvP focused or against an AI in PvE is just part of the game that beginners and longterm fans have come to love. However, there are a lot of shortfalls with the game, such as the outdated graphics and the rather worrying notion of how easily it is to come across a hacker who is just there to ruin your fun. Having some dude being able to sustain headshot after headshot with your pinpoint aim is quite discouraging as it eventually comes down to “am I playing with hackers/cheaters this time around.”

While I do feel War Rock is worth a shot and if you feel yourself getting hooked, feel free to spend as much time in the game as you wish; but there are a lot better F2P FPS games out there with better pretty much everything if you just look hard enough for them.

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by Other Contributors Jun 12, 2017
Help your team by picking a class that suits your playstyle, be it assault or sniper; head out onto the battlefield with your team and be a part of a firefight that is bound to require both skill and tactical knowledge of the surrounding areas. Work as a team and your enemies won't know what hit them! War Rock: Shooting at zombies with a pistol Loadout in War Rock War Rock: Scoping Read More
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