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Wakfu 9.3 rate 1000 years after the Dragon Stones were taken by Ogrest the world lies in chaos and shattered. It falls to you to wrest the stones from Ogrest and rebuild your broken realm in a brilliant and fun Anime MMO RPG. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Play Wakfu, the tactical turn-based MMORPG, to discover a beautiful anime world of adorable bunnies and kittens that is under the imminent threat from Ogrest’s Chaos! The game provides up to 15 different character classes, 5 nations that you can join and 17 various jobs (professions) for you to choose from! Not to forget, the game also has many dungeons available for PvE nuts as well as arenas and duels for the PvP enthusiasts. Although there are no mounts in this game, you can get cute pets and even sidekicks instead! Are you the hero the World of Twelve has been looking for to bring down Ogrest? Play Wakfu to find out!


The story in Wakfu continues from the previous tale in Dofus. Anyway, in Dofus, Ogrest tracked down and obtained 6 Dofus, making him to gain more power than all of the gods in the World of Twelve combined! Spurned by his love interest, the ogre wallows in self-pity at the top of Mount Zinit. However, due to his immense power, every time he feels upset, he causes Ogrest’s Chaos to random nation territories, disturbing their respective ecosystems and may even drastically change them sometimes. The World of Twelve will never know peace with Ogrest still around and it will require a hero of perhaps your caliber to finally bring down Ogrest!


Wakfu showcases its amazing range of character classes the moment you logged into the game. Some examples include Pandawa’s Pint, Iop’s Heart, Enutrof’s fingers and Sadida’s shoe. Despite the weird names, each class is pretty much unique from each other as they have their own special abilities and play styles, but are similar to the classes in the prequel of this game, Dofus. Each class has around 3 elemental sub-classes to specialize into – water, earth and fire, and they have very different roles in this game. It’s best to specialize in 1 or 2 elements (for more flexibility). Thankfully as well, Wakfu allows free-to-play players to create up to 5 characters per account, thus, you are able to experience the different character classes that appeals to you without any worries!

Right, let’s get into the first order of business. The game will start off by asking you to kill a cute lil’ black cat that is harassing a talking Poring-like (like the cute Porings from Ragnarok Online) creature –your first pet- trapped on top of a box. How? Well, the controls are fairly simple to learn – you’ll be left clicking to move and right clicking to perform actions, such as attacks. Thus, to kill the cat, you’ll need to press ‘attack’. Oh and you can also change the direction your character is facing by pressing the arrow keys.

Ready to fight? That’s the spirit! Wakfu has a pretty robust tactical turn-based combat system that is played out on a grid (Think ‘Final Fantasy Tactics’ style). There are generally 2 phases in every combat. The first phase, the placement phase, is the time when you are allowed to place your character in a starting position around your attack target. For ranged classes, you may want to consider placing your characters further away, while for melee, well, just get right up in front of your enemy’s face! There will also be obstacles that will block certain positions on the map as well as your character’s line of sight, so be sure to place your characters correctly before confirming your character’s position.

Once the position is confirmed, you’ll be brought to the second phase - the action phase. This is when every action you take will consume mana. You are given 6 action points per round to start off with and you could use them to move (1 grid you move will consume 1 action point) or to attack. To attack, you will need to note the number of action points each of your abilities will consume, since they do differ from skill to skill. Choose the skills you want to use, then, drag and drop it on the mob you’re attacking. Don’t forget to end your turn once you’re done for that round. The action phase will be repeated until either you or the enemy you’re attacking ends up dead. The combative gameplay is very strategic in nature as your ability composition and line-up can determine whether you win or lose a battle.

Furthermore, Wakfu has a very expansive and beautiful world for you to explore and enjoy! What’s more, you can even interact with objects placed in the world, like benches or chairs! Moreover, there isn’t much of a skills system per se in this game, instead, every time you level up, you will earn 5 skill points that you can assign to increase your stats. As you level up, you will also end up with around 9 different abilities, which include a single customizable ability that will set your character apart from the other characters of the same class.

Another truly extensive part, besides its character classes, in Wakfu is definitely its job system. There are up to 17 different jobs that you can take up on any one of your characters and you can even decide to master them all if you wish to. After collecting resources in the environment, you can then use these resources to craft your own items in specifically-assigned workshops. It is also the fool-proof way to gain Kama, the in-game currency. Yes, you didn’t hear wrongly… you can actually craft currency in Wakfu!

However, due to Wakfu’s very unique feature of players being able to impact the ecosystem of their environment, there had been cases where players over-harvested an area for jobs and did not replenish the resources there by planting seeds. Bear this in mind when you’re out in the world grinding to increase your job levels – every animal, plant or tree there can go onto the endangered list or even go extinct if you over-harvested them, thus, you should always remember to replant seeds (there are even animal seeds that you can plant) to keep the natural balance.

In addition, Wakfu caters to the PvE fans by providing a huge list of dungeons that they (and even you) can enjoy! These dungeons have level restrictions and will require specific keys to enter. These keys can be crafted though, so you’re not forced to buy them from the shop using real money or anything like that. Furthermore, if you wanted to solo a team-based dungeon, you can in Wakfu! How? By hiring computer-controlled sidekicks, of course! You can hire up to 2 mercenaries to accompany you if, for instance, your team is some missing players or you wanted to substitute for someone else.

The PvP aspect in this game is pretty fun too! There are plenty of disputed territories that players can fight over. You can enlist to fight for your nation in Nation vs Nation wars as well! Besides that, there is also world PvP – you can just attack others on the street! As opposed to playing against a computer-controlled opponent, you will definitely need every tactical advantage that you can muster in order to triumph against a human player. It’s not much on the timing or quick reflexes, unlike the PvP in other MMORPGs – it is more to who has the best strategy and the most advantageous line-up!

It’s also interesting to note that Wakfu has an in-game political system that is based around the 5 nations in the game. Each nation has political systems that are governed by players, who are in turn voted into power by other players. These powerful nation leaders can set laws on their subjects. Anyone who breaks those laws will technically turn into an outlaw and can or will be hunted down by the guards of the particular nation – the guards are consisted of players too, by the way. If the outlaws are caught, they can be placed in jail to atone for their sins. It is somewhat like a combination of ArcheAge’s justice system and TERA’s political system! Besides that, nations can wage wars against each other too. It’s pretty awesome, right? Wakfu certainly has done everything right in these aspects!

Being a free-to-play game, players may have concerns about whether the game is in any way pay-to-win. Well, please be assured that pay-to-win is not the case for Wakfu! There’s a cash shop, of course, but this shop only offers cosmetic items and sidekicks, which you can also buy using in-game currency. Considering that many players sell cash shop currency and items in this game, you can get practically anything in the cash shop using just in-game money.

On the downside, Wakfu does have several not-so-good points, which include a shabby tutorial which will force you to end up learning a lot of the game mechanisms yourself; the storyline in Wakfu is not engaging enough, thus its story-based quests can be a bore; jobs can be very grindy; and also the combat can get kind of repetitive once you’ve found a ability rotation that works for you. Nonetheless, the uniqueness that Wakfu offers does overshadow its various disadvantages, making it a game that is worthy of your attention!


One of Wakfu’s biggest strengths probably lies with its community. It is a great cheerful game that succeeds at creating a friendly atmosphere, allowing you to have fun with others. This is particularly true during combat. Since it’s a turn-based combat, you will often find yourself having some free time on your hands when you are fighting in a team with other players. This is the perfect time to coordinate with your fellow team members on which target to gang up on or which target to isolate from the opposing group. Sometimes, the chat can also include normal chatter too! It’s a great way to meet and talk to new people.

Graphics/ sound

Wakfu has 2.5D cartoonish graphics that are colorful all around. The graphics are styled after cute animes and thus, provide some sort of cheerful feeling to the players in the game as they play. The characters and mobs are very richly detailed and, of course, adorable too! For sound, the game offers a variety of music, whereby each zone and island has its very own enjoyable soundtrack.


Wakfu is indeed an amazingly-designed tactical turn-based MMORPG. It is set in a wonderful-looking anime world that is filled with plenty of cute mobs that you, unfortunately, have to kill. There is an extensive list of character classes and jobs for you to select from and you can align yourself to a powerful nation out of the 5 nations available. The game also provides plenty of exciting and fun PvE and PvP encounters. It even supplements itself with a variety of other interesting features such as ecosystems that can be affected by players’ actions, hiring sidekicks to fill up slots in a team, highly competitive political and justice system as well as cute pets that follow you around! Interested? Well, head on over to Wakfu and download it for free today!

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