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Battle Battalion 10 rate Play in a team of 5 players and fight for victory on the battlefield by capturing and holding primary victory regions to accumulate victory points. There are also secondary objective buildings that you can capture (and hold) as well as strategic terrain and abilities to give your team an edge over the enemy! Try it now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Note: Please take note that Victory Command has been renamed to Battle Battalion prior to its release in Nov 2015.


What if MOBA games have a lot more strategy in them? Well, this is exactly why Victory Command was developed! This game offers well-developed tactical gameplay along with fast shifting battlefield conditions to create the ultimate strategy game. Play in a team of 5 players and fight for victory on the battlefield by capturing and holding primary victory regions to accumulate victory points. There are also secondary objective buildings that you can capture (and hold) in order to give your team an edge over the enemy! Use vantage points, brush terrain, infantry-only paths and obstacles to your advantage while attacking or defending a location. Don’t forget to use your company’s abilities as well along with drones and extraction helicopters to help your team stay alive as long as possible against the onslaught! Are you ready for the battle of your life? Play Victory Command now and command your troops to victory!


To start playing, you should definitely take a look at the game’s many tutorial videos on Vimeo. Victory Command is a very complicated strategy game and the more information you know, the better you can survive as well as devise tactical plans that are sound. Once you’re done, head over to the depot from the lobby to inspect your troops!

At the depot, you have to select the company you want for battle. There are various types of companies (groups of units), namely armor (The Jack company), recon (Dune Runner company) and infantry (Striker company). Each type of company has its advantages and disadvantages as well as unique abilities and perks. Certain units are particularly strong against a specific unit (green “thumbs up” icon will be displayed) while they may be weak against another unit (red “thumbs down” icon will be displayed). Therefore, by having a mix of different types of units on your team, your team will fair better in the game.

Each company can also be upgraded via their respective enhancement trees (there are a total of 3 levels of enhancement trees per company). Enhancements, such as new abilities, perk slots, customization options and even new companies can be unlocked by earning company XP by playing that company in matches. For example, the Striker company can unlock Javelin company, which is another type of infantry, all the way up to the Assassin company.

Moreover, somewhat similar to selecting your loadout in an MMO shooter game, you will need to choose the drones that you want to use in-game prior to entering into battle. There are types of 5 drones for you to choose from, such as movement, anti-vision and spy. Each drone has its own function (as you can see from the names of the drones) and will stay in the field until it is destroyed or if you get it to self-destruct. Selecting a drone that will complement your team is important as well, so choose wisely!
So, how you can win in this game, you may wonder? Well, to emerge victorious in Victory Command, you have to complete the primary objective that is to capture and hold primary victory regions. There are 3 regions in the game, namely region A, B and C, and your team has to control 1 more victory region than the other team to start accumulating victory points. Victory regions switch control instantly, so if you captured and then leave the region, the region will remain yours until an enemy unit goes into the region. Thus, it’s always best to keep a couple of troops to defend your captured regions.

Once a team reached 250 victory points, the team will win the match. Do note that the victory meter does not reset if the team that is accumulating victory points lose their extra victory region to the opposition. However, to avoid matches being dragged out, there is also a match clock in place. If the match clock ends and nobody have their victory bar completely filled, then the game ends in a tie. It won’t matter if your team’s points are more than theirs in this case.

To make primary objective more achievable, there are quite a lot of secondary objectives that your team can try to get that will provide huge and significant benefits to the team controlling the secondary objective buildings. There are 5 types of secondary objective buildings, namely the satellite uplink (sat-scan), radar disc (radar facility), communications center (comm-link), helipad and repair depots. The sat-scan, when captured, shows all victory regions to the team that owns it on minimaps and in tactical maps. It even shows brush, so you can plan your strategy accordingly. The radar facility lets the team controlling it see all positions of enemy team in fog of war. So, in other words, you can see the enemy coming before they can even see you!

On the other hand, the comm-link slows the other team’s victory point accumulation, while the helipad reduces casting time for the extraction ability. The repair depots are perhaps one of the more important structures in the game. They slowly heal all friendly units within their area of effect while it is under that team's control. You’ll need to take note which type of repair depot that you captured though. There are different depots for different types of units. These secondary objectives are controlled like victory regions but do not contribute to victory. It may be impossible to get a good hold on all of these strategic locations as you’ll be spreading yourself too thinly and thus, making yourself vulnerable to attack. You may need to decide which structure is worth taking and which are not.

Besides secondary objectives, you will need to have very good area awareness in Victory Command. Knowing where the enemy is concentrating, where they are heading, and what types of units they are fielding is very important in this game. You must also know how to use the terrain you’re on to your advantage. For example, to attack an enemy by moving your troops out in the open is suicidal! Instead, conceal your units in brush terrain for, not only camouflage, but also damage protection.

Furthermore, you should also use high grounds or vantage points to your advantage as they provide increased range and visibility... and not to mention, despite the fact that all units can attack downwards, only a few types of troops can attack upwards. You can also use large obstacles (Stuff like trees, low-lying buildings and tents will not block line of sight) to conceal your troops as they will block the line of sight of both your enemy and, well, unfortunately, you as well! There are even infantry-only paths that allow players to sneak their infantry through short-cuts to vital objective locations or to form tactical plans, such as to flank an enemy.

Positioning is very important as well! Since most units have more armor in front than at the back, it’s always wise to position your troops such that its front is facing the enemy to keep the critical hits down to a minimum. You can even move your units in reverse (at reduced speed) in order to keep the strong front facing your enemy at all times while you are retreating. Furthermore, do bear in mind that units that fall in battle do not respawn. So, there may be times when you’d prefer to suffer the humiliation of a retreat via the extraction ability, just so you can fight again in the near future. The extraction process takes time to “cast” and is not instantaneous, but it is a good retreat strategy. Even if you lost all your units, don’t despair! You can still play an active role in the battle by using your company’s abilities to buff teammates or debuff enemies.

Besides achievements, there are also plenty more features that you’ll need to discover by yourself as you eventually unlock them. Have fun!


The community in Victory Command is still pretty small at the moment as the game is still in early access phase. By launch, its player population will definitely shoot up exponentially and matches will take less waiting time (current waiting time is around 2 – 3 minutes per match)! If you enjoyed the game, be sure to recommend the game to your friends as well!

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D graphics in the game may not be very high quality but it’s good enough for the game to work nicely. The colors are a tad bit toned down, successfully creating that battlefield feeling in the game. Not to mention, the models in the game may even remind you of the good old Command and Conquer game franchise as well! The soundtrack in Victory Command is fantastic! The different types of music provided are all inspirational in nature... perhaps to get you pumped up and ready for a battle!


In short, Victory Command is perhaps the first of its kind as it successfully combines the tactical element in strategy-based military combat with the attack-and-avoid gameplay of MOBA games. In this game, you’ll play as a company of units from the armored class, infantry or recon, to capture and hold primary victory regions so that your team can start earning victory points. Capture and hold vital secondary objective areas too as they can provide significant advantages that your team may need. Do remember to use your drones and extraction helicopter when necessary to avoid death (death is permanent in a match). With the experience points you’ve collected by playing, you can then use them to upgrade enhancements for your company and even unlock new companies to play! Sounds like fun? Well, what are you waiting for then, commander? Play Victory Command now!

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Play in a team of 5 players and fight for victory on the battlefield by capturing and holding primary victory regions to accumulate victory points. There are also secondary objective buildings that you can capture (and hold) as well as strategic terrain and abilities to give your team an edge over the enemy! Try it now! Dune Runner company in Victory Command Victory Command: Vantage point Incinerator company in Victory Command Read More
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