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Urban Rivals 9 rate Discover and collect the toughest character cards in the game and pit them against rival gangs in urban Rivals, the exciting and gritty urban-themed MMOCCG! Think you have what it takes to be the leader of a gang of misfits? Play now to find out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Fight, evolve and collect! That’s the motto you’ll need to follow in order to be the best in Urban Rivals, the ‘rad’-est turn-based MMOCCG action around! Gather up your crew of urban misfits and homies, and send them to fight in another’s turf for money and reputation (which will keep any potential attackers at bay)! Don’t forget to use Pillz to pump up your crew’s strengths so they could hit harder! The game offers a huge range of characters that you can recruit to your crew, so feel free to collect them all! There are also a crazy number of challenging tournaments and competitive game modes that only the best of the best can shine! If you think you can handle the heat in Urban Rivals, then head on over here and show us what you’ve got!


There is no main plotline in this game, but each character in Urban Rivals has their own exciting and sometimes tragic-sounding background stories. There is enough variety in these character stories, making them pretty cool to read. Since you can only read about the characters whose cards you own in the game, you may also want to check out the wiki page for Urban Rivals to read about the other characters in the game as well – there are 1000 of them… have fun reading!


The game starts off with a very in-depth tutorial… ahem, “Initiation” process, whereby you are introduced to how the game works. The gameplay in this game is fairly easy to understand, although it does contain a lot of aspects that you’ll need to pay attention to and may seem rather complicated for anyone who has not played an MMOCCG before.

The core of Urban Rivals is its card-vs-card, turn-based combat system. Basically, when you’re in a fight, the top cards displayed are that of your opponent’s, while the bottom row of cards is yours. Although you’ll need a minimum of 8 cards to make a deck in this game, you’ll only be using 4 of them, which are randomly chosen for you by the way, during combat. However, out of the 4 cards, you’ll then need to choose 1 to send the character the card contains up against 1 of the characters in your opponent’s team. Thus, generally, the actual fight is a 1-on-1 scuffle.

Its card-based combat system is not that straightforward though, whereby you’ll just compare the attack strength or in this game, “power” of each card to determine the winner. Instead, you and your opponents are given the option to boost up their damage using Pillz. Both you and your opponent will not be able to see the number of Pillz your opponent or you use. This will only be reveal when the 1-on-1 fight is being resolved.

Although Pillz are a rare commodity during combat – you are given a limited amount of them per battle, you will gain an additional free Pillz every round... no matter if you won or lost the previous round. This is a good thing considering that the minimum amount of Pillz that you’ll have to use per character is 1. Any “leftover” Pillz in a fight will not be brought over to the next fight, so you might as well be generous with them and giving a sufficient amount of it to your crew so that you can win the battle.

After you’re happy with how doped up your character is, you can send him or her into the fight. The 1-on-1 fight will be automatically resolved, whereby your and the opposing character’s total attack power will be calculated and the character with the most power will win the battle. The winning card will be able to directly attack the player or AI that lost the battle, slightly reducing his or her life points (Each player starts off with 12 life points). How much damage that the character will inflict will depend on the number stated right next to the red explosive icon. However, what if the characters that are fighting each other have the same attack power? In this case, the character with the lowest number of stars (will be explained in the later paragraph) will win.

You may also realize that the characters in the cards deal very little damage to your opponents in the game even though you win every battle. Thus, Urban Rivals provide you with another option to ramp up your characters damage - you can also use Pillz to give your character an additional “Fury” boost. “Fury” will add a nifty +2 damage to player (not to card, mind you). To activate “fury”, you’ll need to use 3 Pillz more, in addition to the Pillz you need to boost up your character’s attack power. That makes for a lot of Pillz, thus, it’s better to ensure that you can definitely win the round, so you won’t be wasting your precious Pillz – after all, you’ll need to first win the round in order to be able to use your Fury boost on the opposing player!

Moreover, you may even notice that cards that have been used to fight cannot be reused, no matter if you’ve won a round with that card or not. Furthermore, you are given a maximum of 10 minutes to send out your orders to your crew for each round. This time limit is more than enough for you when you just had to take an emergency bathroom break or even a snack break. You’ll be back in time to play your cards and you’ll never have to fear getting a timeout!

The cycle of the 1-on-1 fights will repeat again for the next 3 characters until either one of you get K.O.-ed and the one doing the K.O.-ing will win, or the one with the most health remained will win.

For each round you play, your characters will earn a set amount of experience points… and yes, even if you lose the round, your character will get experience points, though they will be, obviously, a bit less than the amount of experience points the winner will get. Every time the experience bar for a card is filled up, the card will level up and earn a star. Different grade of cards will have different number of stars that you can earn (from 3 stars to 5 or more stars).

Leveling up your characters is not exactly a good thing, since if you recalled, in cases of a draw (in terms of attack power), the card with the lowest number of stars will win. However, for certain cards, once you max-ed out their levels by earning all the stars, the innate and special abilities of your characters will be unlocked. These abilities will be automatically used during combat, though some abilities may have special requirements, for instance, characters with the Courage ability must be played first. A nice example of these hugely useful abilities includes reducing your opponent’s card’s attack power by 2, which may tip a fight in your favor! Urban Rivals provides a huge reservoir of abilities that will vary from character to character.

Therefore, you may want to level up all your characters to tap into their abilities. The easiest ways to do that are by participating in the training mode (unranked matches against human players), classic mode (ranked matches against human players) or the solo mode (unranked matches against AI). There are also a huge range of game modes that you’ll gradually unlock as you level up as well! For instance, once you hit level 7, you’ll be able to fight in tournaments whereby you’ll have to defeat a slew of opponents to grab that championship title as well as to earn Clintz (in-game money) and credits (real life currency). If you reached level 15, you’ll be able to unlock plenty of more challenging game modes, like ELO mode (whereby you can actually win cards from successful battles), survivor and deathmatch.

Besides having abilities, your character cards are also segregated into different urban clans, such as, Berzerk, Bangers, Freaks, Fang Pi Clang, and La Junta, in Urban Rivals. If you have at least 2 characters on the team of 4 from the same clan during battles, you will activate special clan-specific bonus skills. These skills are key strategic tools in Urban Rivals, so be sure to make use of them while playing the game!

One of the best features in Urban Rivals is definitely its huge variety of cards! It has perhaps one of the largest “database” of cards in any MMOCCG game! It contains over 1000 character cards of different urban clans that you can discover and collect – it has 2 times more cards than what Hearthstone, a highly popular MMOCCG game, currently have for its free-to-play players! Not to mention, card trading is also possible in Urban Rivals. There are also achievements and awards that you can strive for in this game too!

With its exciting and intricate gameplay and its huge variety of cards to collect and use, urban Rivals seems to be a MMOCCG that can do no wrong! The few “tiny” downside to this game is that you can only get new cards via credits… and you can get credits either by playing the game competitively, completing missions or, if you want to earn at least a sizable amount of them, by buying them using real cash! Thus, this game is pretty much pay-to-win or grind-to-win.


The game currently boasts of having more than 250 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page. It’s a great place to be if you want get the latest news and updates on the game. However, if you want to join the community in this game, the best way is by signing yourself up in a guild which will be unlocked at level 10.

Graphics/ Sound

Urban Rivals features a unique and stylish comic book-type form of urban art in its game. Some may say it contains elements of anime as well, considering how its characters are depicted or designed. The graphics truly immerse you into the dark urban world that only occurs behind secluded alleyways and underneath abandoned tunnels, for instance, in real life. One of the best parts in the game is definitely its awesome modern-type music with a tinge of techno and plenty of bass. The music will certainly cause you to feel the grittiness of urban fights. In short, the music in Urban Rivals fits the game like a glove!


Urban Rivals is an excellently designed MMOCCG game that provides a huge variety of character cards (over 1000 of them) for you to discover and collect! The gameplay can be a bit taunting to learn at first due to having a lot of aspects that you’ll have to pay attention to, despite being very straightforward and simple to understand. However, you’ll soon get the hang of it and that will make the game much more addictive to you. The game also offers a large range of different game modes of varying difficulties for you to enjoy as well! Unfortunately though, the game can be a bit of a grind for free-to-play players and victory in the PvP section of the game tend to side with the spenders. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a MMOCCG that you can play casually with friends, Urban Rivals is a great choice! Try it today!

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New Game Added: Urban Rivals

by Aethyna Mar 18, 2015
Discover and collect the toughest character cards in the game and pit them against rival gangs in urban Rivals, the exciting and gritty urban-themed MMOCCG! Think you have what it takes to be the leader of a gang of misfits? Play now to find out! Urban Rivals: Cley The Riots clan in Urban Rivals Member in the Berzerk clan in Urban Rivals Read More
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