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Unlimited Ninja 9 rate Immerse yourself in the world of Naruto in this highly popular browser-based MMORPG Unlimited Ninja! The game offers turn-based team combat, cool animation, amazing graphics and sound. So, learn from the masters in the art of Genjutsu, Taijutsu or Ninjutsu today and strive to be the best ninja in this game! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Immerse yourself in the world of Naruto in this highly popular browser-based MMORPG Unlimited Ninja! The game offers turn-based team combat, cool animation, amazing graphics and sound. It is also very generous to its players by giving away freebies and gift packs. So, why not learn from the masters in the art of Genjutsu, Taijutsu or Ninjutsu today and strive to be the best ninja in this game?


The end of Naruto on 10/11/2014 has prompted an increased demand in Naruto fan fictions. Fan fictions are usually used to fill in the blanks in the existing story or to project new ideas of their own using the original storyline and characters. Needless to say, Unlimited Ninja is one of these outlets for Naruto fan fiction.

However, the quality of the story in this game fluctuates between pretty good to understandable but with terrible grammar and plenty of typos (especially for the names of famous Naruto characters in the quest text), and down to totally nonsensical. There is very little flow in the plotline from one quest to the other and its characters are not properly introduced (some of them are not even introduced at all). It is a real shoddy piece of work. In light of this, fans of Naruto may feel somewhat frustrated and disappointed.

Anyway, the story starts off with the Third Hokage accusing his grandson, Sarutobi, of taking the note scroll. The boy vehemently denies and asked you to help him return the scroll to the Third Hokage. After returning the scroll to the Third Hokage, he decides to tell you the story behind the scroll, but is soon alerted to the presence of foreign intruders, who are trying to find the Fourth Hokage’s legacy and is making a huge mess of things. Divinity Kakashi joins your team to help you tackle the problem. When you returned victorious to the village, you are officially appointed as the leader of a support team and are asked to bail out Kazaki, who has gotten into trouble in his escort mission. This is when you will meet the major villains in the game – Gato and his employed lackey, Momochi Zabuza as well as a rebellious Sasuke.

From here, it’s a battle between good and evil ideologies. You will fight alongside great ninjas from the fictional universe of Naruto against scheming and corrupted ninjas, meet new allies, and of course, have fun with your newly-found ninja skills taught to you by your sensei!


Sign up at the website for Unlimited Ninja and you can get started! However, prior to entering the game, you are given a very fun and challenging coin drop game to play as the game loads. This seemingly insignificant feature has earned Unlimited Ninja some bonus points for sure!

You will then be brought to the character class selection screen whereby you will need to choose the ninja path that you prefer – either Genjutsu, Taijutsu or Ninjutsu. The game doesn’t provide any useful information on how each class is different from the other in terms of their advantages and disadvantages and their usual role in battle (vanguard, assault or support). So, you could just choose any one that you like. Once you’re done, give your character an awesome ninja name (or you can just use its ‘randomize’ button until you find a name that seem to fit you) and you’re ready to start!

Like almost every MMORPG, the story in the game plays out primarily through its chain of quests. The quest tracker in Unlimited Ninja provides an auto path-finding function that you can use to automatically move your character to the next question location. This function certainly makes questing as easy as pie. Most quests that you will encounter in this game involves saving someone from danger or helping an ally to take out his or her nemesis and are separated into different ‘chapter stages’. This means plenty of ninja combat!

The combat system in Unlimited Ninja is turn- and team-based, and can be liken to the combat system in most browser-based MMORPGs. You will be fighting rival ninjas in teams of up to 7 characters – 1 vanguard, who will be taking the brunt of enemy damage; 3 assaulters, who are basically the damage-dealers and 3 support, who will provide increased damage dealt, lower damage received and heal injured allies. Although your team is pretty much a 1-man team at the beginning, soon, as your reputation increases, you will find more allies who are willing to join your cause and your team. You can also recruit team members from the ninja club for a price. However, before rushing off into your next battle, do remember to place your newly recruited member into your battle formation!

In Unlimited Ninja, what you need in order to successfully defeat your opponent/s in a fight is very straightforward and simple – Battle Points! As long as you have a higher amount of Battle Points than your enemy, your victory is pretty much in the bag. Since it’s so important, it is definitely vital for you to keep increasing it. There is a plethora of ways for you to increase your Battle Points, including fortifying your gear and equipping to your characters, leveling up and upgrading the rank of your team members, summoning beasts that can provide passive boosts to your entire team, and many more!

In addition, fights in Unlimited Ninja are auto-resolved, but you will have to sit through the pretty cool combat animation. After the battle, you will be rewarded with experience points and a nice stack of silvers (in-game money). Then you will be asked to choose a chest to open as a reward for completing a chapter stage. These chests usually give you some extra experience points and money with the occasional special loot popping up now and then.

You could also earn S-ability points from clearing a chapter stage for the first time. These points can then be used, by your main character, to learn a new S-ability. These abilities are chosen before engaging in any battle and will be automatically used during battle. Each of these abilities has their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, for the Ninjutsu class, the S-ability, Burst Blow, is suitable against enemies with high defense while Fuma Shuriken is more suitable when you are up against caster enemies. Knowing how to adapt your S-abilities according to the enemies that you’re going to face is already half the battle won! So, take care to switch S-abilities out when needed.

As shown by the sheer amount of freebies and gift packs provided, Unlimited Ninja is indeed very generous to its players, especially when you hit any of the milestones in the game. Therefore, if you have cash to spare, you could consider supporting this game by signing up for VIP. The VIP system in Unlimited Ninja is tiered. This means that increasing ranks of VIP will provide increasing benefits. These VIP ranks are permanent as well, so if you decided to leave the game for quite some time and return, your VIP rank as well as its associated benefits will still be there waiting for you.

As you progress you will soon be required to join a clan, namely Uchiha, Uzumaki or Senju. Clans in Unlimited Ninja are different from guilds. The three clans in this game are mainly used to separate players into three different factions. Different factions, in turn, will have different faction events. Do note that once you join a clan, there is no backing out. So, pick a clan wisely! Guilds, on the other hand, are sub-groups of players within your clan. This means that members of a guild created in, for example, the Uzumaki clan must all be of the Uzumaki clan.

For those craving for PvP, don’t worry! You will soon unlock the arena feature. Rise up in rank on the leaderboard to get some really awesome goodies daily. Furthermore, every opponent you’ve defeated in the arena can be caught and recruited to be your character’s slave. Slaves provide additional experience points to their masters and you, as the master, can also interact with them by teasing or pacifying them to earn even more bonus experience points. It’s a great way to level up more quickly this way. However, these slaves will only work for you for up to a day and can be rescued by their friends (Their friends will need to defeat you in order to rescue the slaves).

The only two qualms that players may have for this game are the lack of a good storyline and having a rather messy interface. However, its many other useful features compensate fully for the game’s minor flaws.


The burgeoning community at Unlimited Ninja can be attributed to its increasing popularity due to being a game based on the world of Naruto. Just take a look at the shocking number of highly-populated servers that Unlimited Ninja provides! Furthermore, the internet is practically abuzz with plenty of Naruto-related topics recently as the manga version of Naruto came to an end.

The community in Unlimited Ninja are mostly Naruto fans, so if you enjoy the company of fellow fangirls or boys of Naruto, you will feel instantly at home. These players are also very friendly to newbies and will definitely lend you a hand if you ask for help.

Graphics/ Sound

The anime graphics in this game looks amazing. The game’s characters are very beautifully drawn and look very much like the characters in the original Naruto series. Unlimited Ninja also has smooth animations, particularly for the battle scenes, making battles feel much more lively and exciting.

The background music in the Novice Village is very soothing and is completely suited to the Japanese theme in Unlimited Ninja. Its battle music, on the other hand, is very uplifting and will certainly get that adrenaline pumping! Overall, the music in this game manages to enhance the game in many ways.


In short, Unlimited Ninja is a great browser-based, free-to-play MMORPG to play, particularly if you’re a fangirl or boy of Naruto. Despite having a terrible and sometimes, nonsensical storyline, the game makes up for it and more by providing brilliant graphics, cool animations, endless freebies and fun additional features, like the master and slave system. Fans of Unlimited Ninja would also enjoy having the opportunity to interact with their favorite characters in the Naruto universe. Your life as a ninja awaits you at Unlimited Ninja! Don’t keep your sensei waiting… sign up today!

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New Game Added: Unlimited Ninja

by Aethyna Jun 2, 2016
Immerse yourself in the world of Naruto in this highly popular browser-based MMORPG Unlimited Ninja! The game offers turn-based team combat, cool animation, amazing graphics and sound. So, learn from the masters in the art of Genjutsu, Taijutsu or Ninjutsu today and strive to be the best ninja in this game! Game map in Unlimited Ninja Unlimited Ninja: Gameplay Team formation in Unlimited Ninja Read More
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