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The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot 9 rate In this whimsical game, you’ll invade other people’s castles, avoid traps, kill monsters and steal their loot in a top-down, true dungeon-crawler fashion! With your ill-gotten gains, you can increase the defenses of your castle to give would-be thieves who enter your castle a run for your money! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Enjoy raiding other people’s castles for loot, buffing up your own castle’s defenses and carrying out more raids for that extra loot? Why, you may have thought that this game, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is purely developed for you! In this whimsical game, you’ll invade other people’s castles, avoid traps, kill monsters and steal their loot in a top-down, true dungeon-crawler fashion! Then, with your ill-gotten gains, you can increase the defenses of your castle within the limits set by the game to give would-be thieves who enter your castle a run for your money! Do you think you can create the most impenetrable castle ever? Well then, do give this game a go and see how far up the ranks you can reach!


The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is actually a very simple game with a rather shallow but fun gameplay. Its gameplay feels like what you’ll usually see in mobile games or even browser-based games. In fact, it is somewhat similar to a highly popular mobile game app, King of Thieves.

To start, you’ll need to create your character! There are 4 characters of different classes in this game, namely the knight, archer, mage and the runaway, but you are only given either the knight or the archer to choose from – the rest of the characters will cost you real money. The knight is practically a tank and melee fighter class which has a lot of health, enabling him to soak up a lot of punishment. The archer is a ranged physical damage class that relies on mobility and dealing huge damage from a distance.

The mage, on the other hand, dishes out immense elemental damage from afar and due to his heavy reliance on mana, he starts out with having a full globe of mana unlike the other classes. However, he is extremely squishy and thus, you’ll need to ensure that he is always one step ahead of the enemies! The latest class to join the list is the runaway. The runaway is a medium-ranged melee class which specializes in dealing damage at a furious speed! Being a melee class, she has better health capacity than any of the ranged classes and can take quite a beating.

Once you’re done choosing a character, it’s time to start pillaging other people’s castles for that epic loot you were promised… All you need to do is to circumvent the defenses that a player sets in his/her castle! These defenses include a plethora of traps (you can see these traps and avoid them accordingly, so don’t worry), monsters and even monster bosses! Thankfully, you’ll not be taking on the enemies alone – you’ll have your pet, which will fight for you as well, accompanying you!

During the castle invasion in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for monsters as well as traps and make sure to deal with them or avoid them. In each play through, you’ll be given a limited number of health potions to use, but some of the monsters you've killed do drop health orbs which you can pick up to heal yourself. A quick tip for you – for difficult castles, you may want to bait monsters through the castle’s own defenses so that they can do your job for you! It should definitely make things so much easier if it is done right! At the end of the day though, your character will either end up as a rotting corpse on the castle floor or he’ll be dancing in glee while showering himself with loot from the pillaged player’s vault!

There are various ways you can tip the odds in your favor in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. One of the major ones includes upgrading the gear of your hero via crafting! Crafting in this game involves combining several pieces of gear of the same grade to obtain 1 randomly generated gear of a higher grade or adding materials you've collected to beef up your gear. However, crafting does come at a price. If you’re still deciding whether to splurge the gold you've earned on gear upgrades, well, do bear in mind that getting that bit of extra stats would spell the difference between a successful raid or utter failure!

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot also offers an interesting yet simple ranking system based on “crowns”. If you successfully beat another player’s castle, you’ll earn crowns and if you failed, you’ll lose crowns. Not to mention, since the game is not real-time based, if you’re doing some real life stuff and other people beat your castle, you lose crowns as well! Therefore, you may just return to find that all your stuff have been stolen by a horde of other players while you were gone. The game even has a nice system in place that restricts the players you can challenge. Therefore, you’ll only be able to attack players, who are around your level – higher level players do pack quite a punch!

Well, that’s half of the game covered, now onward to the other half of the game – designing your own castle defense to deter would-be raiders! To start though, you’ll need some money first! Besides earning money by raiding other people’s castles, you can also build mines to generate a steady supply of money for your castle upgrades and new castle defenses. Once you have enough, head over to the castle design interface and set up a sadistically prepared array of dangers for those who dare brave your castle!

In The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, it provides a huge range of upgradable monsters, strong bosses and traps for you to warmly ‘welcome’ potential thieves to your castle! You can even place destructible items, like bookshelves, sandbags and crates to attempt to block certain paths or to slow down your opponents’ progress while your traps do their thing! Although quite a lot of the stronger items that are only available for blinks (real life currency), you can still buy a nice range of weaker items using the money you’ve earned in the game. Overall, castle designing can be a very tedious and intricate process of creating a challenging enough obstacle course to deter all but the most hardcore raiders. In spite of that, it is perhaps one of the most interesting parts in the game!

There are, however, restrictions which prevents you from designing a totally impregnable castle. For instance, each monster or trap that you place in your castle is allocated a certain defense value and the accumulated value should not exceed the value capacity limit. This capacity limit scales along with your castle level though, so as you level up, you’ll get to design even more elaborate castle defenses!

Another restriction that the game sets on its players is the castle validation system. In order for you to make your castle go public (so other players can try their luck getting to your stash of loot), you’ll need to validate your castle defenses to ensure that it can actually be beaten! To validate, you’ll need to destroy every mine in your castle and reach the final vault room in one piece! You can validate your castle yourself or ask your clan (a.k.a. guild) to do it for you. You could also purchase different themes for your castle to give it a new look. These cosmetic themes will cost you blinks. Best of all, you can even watch the attempts of everyone who has raided you recently!


It’s boring to play in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot by yourself. Therefore, you should find other players with similar interests in the game via chat and set up a clan! You can also head over to the game’s Facebook fan page to meet new friends! If you want to discuss about the game at length with other enthusiastic players, feel free to drop by the game’s forum and enjoy some in-depth discussion or even a friendly banter about the game.

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoony graphics in this game is amazing! The visuals for the background, the defensive items and well, practically everything in the game, look extremely well-polished. The pets provided in the game are so detailed as well! In terms of music, the game generally provides inspirational tunes that sound like the sort of music you’d hear in some epic adventure movie. The soundtrack in this game has quite the variety too!


In short, despite its mouthful name, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a playfully quaint and rather addictive action/strategy game with a very nice and unique gameplay. In this game, you’ll get to invade other people’s castles in a RPG-like gameplay to get the epic loot you've been promised, while you’ll also be defending your own castle from invaders in a “tower defense”-style. Although the game can be rather pay-to-win and extremely grindy for free-to-play players, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a great game that you can play casually just so you can enjoy the thrill of its gameplay and, of course, beating your friends’ castles! So, start building up a castle with defenses that you can be proud of now!

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New Game Added: The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

by Aethyna Mar 30, 2015
In this whimsical game, you’ll invade other people’s castles, avoid traps, kill monsters and steal their loot in a top-down, true dungeon-crawler fashion! With your ill-gotten gains, you can increase the defenses of your castle to give would-be thieves who enter your castle a run for your money! The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: Knight gameplay Archer in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: Boss fight Read More
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