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Super Soccer Club 8 rate Super Soccer Club is a mobile football simulator game where it combines the popular football manager gameplay with elements of city building. Build your fantasy team and rise up to the ranks and win in the major leagues. Train and hire new players to build the best dream team in your country! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Super Soccer Club is a mobile fantasy football simulator that features the popular football manager mechanics with city building features found in most social and mobile games. It allows you to build your own football team and recruit for the best players and improve your sports facilities. You can challenge other players to see which team has the best line-up as well.


Super Soccer Club combine two popular gameplay mechanics that are common in both social and mobile games. The football management feature that lets you handle your own team and the city building gameplay that lets you build your own dream city, and combining the two gameplay elements provide more depth in the game.

At the start of the game, you will be creating your own team by giving it a name then select the team logo (at the start you will be picking on a randomized logo but after completing the tutorial you will be prompt to customize it) and later the team uniform where you can change the color, pattern design and emblem. Once you provided your team name, you will be introduced to a simple game tutorial to show some of the basics in the game.

Your job is to manage your football team to improve their skills and win in different leagues and challenges. You can get new players to your lineup by acquiring player cards, the player cards shows its line-up position, stats and rarity, the stats are better depending on its rarity, so it is best to search for rare cards for your team. Cards can be acquired through challenge rewards and in the item mall.

You then construct buildings in your area that unlocks new features to further enhance your team. You can open a training facility to condition your team that can improve their stats, or open a shop to purchase equipment or research new technology to improve your team’s performance or the sports hall where you can switch any active players with your reserves.

Starting any match will consume a ticket, the same way how stamina works in most mobile games. You can perform challenges where you battle against AI generated teams in stages, or you can duel some of the player teams when you reach level 8. You can proceed with the match manually or let the computer simulate the match for you, simulating games are quicker but has a chance for you to lose depending on your current team rating, if you have a higher margin of rating compared to your opponent, you will have a higher chance of winning.

When participating in a match manually, the match will run automatically and you can adjust the priority of your team from offense to defense with the slider below the screen. Whenever a clash occurred during the match, the screen will shift to a screen where a slot machine like system starts to appear and shows ability icons, you then pick someone from your team to take the clash against the opposing team, you must pick a player that has higher stats from the icons appeared on the slot machine to earn bonus points for the clash.

At the end of the clash, the player with the highest score after the score tally will win it and get an advantage in the match. You can skip the ongoing manual match by selecting simulate game and let the AI finish the game. You earn exp, loot and money every time you win, though you can still earn loot and exp when you lost a match but at a smaller rate.

Consecutive matches will drain your players’ stamina so keep that in mind as it will drastically affect the performance of your team, make sure to swap exhausted players with your reserves or use a stamina recovery item to replenish.

Item mall is still available in the game and most of them are premium consumables that enhances your team or facilities performance. Those who do not wish to spend on premium items can still avail these from lotteries. Some of the lotteries in the game does not require you to spend real money, in some cases they ask you to watch specific video ads in exchange for keys to open lottery items.


There are some active players in Super Soccer Club that you can interact with. Players can send message on the global chat where they can interact and socialize with each other. You can perform duels with other players against their created teams, however the opponents will be controlled by the AI. You can also form clans with other players where you can gain benefits and other free items.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals in Super Soccer Club are simplified with no heavy performance graphics running on the game. The user interface is clean and easy to navigation and the map design of the city provides life to the game. The animations during a match still managed to provide animated special effects to add some intensity and excitement to the battle. There are no music in the game which does not essentially required as most users who play the game will eventually mute it.


Supper Soccer Club is an enjoyable football manager game with elements of city building. Its simple visuals match well with its simplistic gameplay where players on the go can still enjoy it without any complications. Those who are into hardcore gaming may not like this game due to its simplicity but football fans and other causal gamers may want to try this out.

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New Game Added: Super Soccer Club

by Richard Feb 21, 2017
Super Soccer Club is a mobile football simulator game where it combines the popular football manager gameplay with elements of city building. Build your fantasy team and rise up to the ranks and win in the major leagues. Train and hire new players to build the best dream team in your country! Super Soccer Club: Line-up Stadium in Super Soccer Club Super Soccer Club: Ongoing match Read More
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