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Strike Vector EX 10 rate Fly your vector ship into battle and shoot down your enemies in Strike Vector EX. Hone your skills in the single player mode and take your act online in multiplayer. Shoot down your enemies with different weapons and evade as you engage in exciting dogfights. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Aerial shooters have always been underdogs in the world of gaming, but Strike Vector EX hopes to change this. This aerial third-person shooter is available on Steam as well as in the PlayStation 4, free to PS Plus users in September 2017. The gameplay is a mix between Ace Combat and slow-paced mech battles like Armored Core and certain Gundam games. Though it’s simply a remaster of the old Strike Vector game released a couple of years ago, it provides a much cleaner and complete experience.

So, should you jump into the cockpit and ravage your enemies with your arsenal of weapons? Let’s find out.


Though Strike Vector EX’s main meat is its multiplayer mode, there is a single player experience. Unfortunately, this isn’t the game’s strongest point. You’re thrown into a dystopian, futuristic world with corrupt mega-companies, bandits, and rebels who are aiming to one-up each other. It is pretty standard for a game, and it brings nothing new.

The characters are bland and have the usual TV tropes on them. Plus, they aren’t inspiring or well-written: it’s hard to care about them. Without diving too deep into spoilers, there are certain plot twists and themes like betrayal and morality, but it’s hard to connect with the story, and at times, it’s incredibly absurd. Moreover, the voice acting is not what you would call up to par with today’s standards.


Going through the game’s single player mode helps you prepare for the multiplayer mode ahead. Even if the plot is as bland as mineral water, experiencing it still helps. The very first mission orients you with the game’s control modes: the slow, stationary mode and the other one that lets you fly around the map like an F-16 fighter jet. Granted, there is a steep learning curve when it comes to the controls, and it may take a while to master them. Apart from which, you will get to equip various weapons and modules that would give your vector special attributes. Flying your vector takes a little getting used to. Aiming is quite difficult when you’re flying around like jet, though this makes you a hard target to hit. In stationary mode, the task becomes a lot easier, but you’re sitting duck for other players.

Once you have finished the campaign and are confident with your abilities, you can then take you act online and get obliterated by veteran players. Jokes aside, matchmaking on the PlayStation 4 needs improvement. You can’t manually search for a room; everything is automatic. This may sound like a positive thing, but it isn’t: the “rooms” are always full and it’s quite difficult to join a game. In addition, bots are everywhere while human players drop in just once in a while. Nevertheless, there are a variety of modes you can get yourself into. Apart from the usual team deathmatch and free-for-all, there’s a mode wherein you need to destroy the opponents’ infrastructure and control a certain point in the map.

One of the best things about Strike Vector EX is the customization part. You are free to tinker with the different loadouts, find a set that complements your play style, and fly directly into battle. Everything is available at the start, barring some aesthetic items you may need to grind for and purchase with the in-game currency or real-life money. There are no microtransactions and the tools you need to be level with other players will be available to you from the get-go.

Speaking of the different loadouts, there are a lot of them to consider. For example, there is a variety of weapons, ranging from gatling guns, guided missiles, and overpowered sniper rifles. From there, you can add some perks like lessening reload speed and boosting damage among others. You can also come in with certain item upgrades that let you fly faster, add shields, or mines that can explode upon contact. Finally, there are also modules that let you strengthen your armor and even enhance your stealth capabilities. This is a lot to take in, but you will enjoy tinkering with the amount of options available.


Strike Vector EX is a great multiplayer game, but one of its major downsides is the lack of an active and dedicated community. There are discussions about the game on Steam and it does have a sub on Reddit. Unfortunately, these communities aren’t active, so your best bet is to make your inner circle buy and get into the game so you can play with friends.


Strike Vector EX’s graphics are one of its strongest points. It’s not exactly what you would call an HD game, but the gigantic floating platforms, ship designs, and environments are well designed and can keep you immersed. The same can be said when firing off weapons and destroying environments. The audio soundtrack is fast-paced and it complements action.


Strike Vector EX is priced at $14.99, but it’s available for free in the PlayStation Store if you’re a PS Plus member. Despite the bad singleplayer experience and bland plot, the game is a hidden gem. You will be treated to hours of exciting gameplay filled with explosions, shooting down vectors, and destroying environments. It’s well worth more than its full price and we highly recommend playing it.

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New Game Added: Strike Vector EX

by Mikhail Sep 10, 2017
Fly your vector ship into battle and shoot down your enemies in Strike Vector EX. Hone your skills in the single player mode and take your act online in multiplayer. Shoot down your enemies with different weapons and evade as you engage in exciting dogfights. Hiding from a safe distance in Strike Vector EX Customizing a vector in Strike Vector EX Exploding missiles in Vector Strike EX Read More
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