Star Wars: The Old Republic

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Star Wars: The Old Republic 9 rate The Sith have started a war against the Galactic Republic, with the Jedi at the front of the defense. A cold war is underway with each side vying for position and it now falls on you to join this epic conflict. Choose your side and enter the fray. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Set 3500 before the first Star Wars films, this amazing MMO RPG pits you into the war between the emerging Sith Empire and the Failing Galactic Republic. Choose between the light and dark sides of the force, pick a class and adventure in some of the best known locations from this much loved world.

There are many planets available to explore, each of which has its own unique factions, plot and monsters to fight. But there are also greater objectives for your lords and masters to complete. Best of all there is a unique story tailored just for your class. These stories, blended with the overall plotline for each world make up a truly brilliant experience to play through.


When you first log in you have the option of choosing either the light side, or dark side for your first character. You can make a character of either side on a server, so you can play with friends and experience the different sides easily. Though you can not communicate or trade with members of the opposite faction.

There are 4 classes per side to choose from, each of the force using classes is essentially the same with a different name. Fighting for the Republic are the Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Trooper and Smuggler. For the Sith you can play a Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter. Added to these each of the classes has 2 advanced classes, that specialize in a particular aspect of the game, giving you a lot of variety to choose from.

One of the best aspects of the game is the class specific story quests that you play through. On every planet you visit there are general quests, and specific quests for your character. These add a huge amount of story and give each planet something unique if you play another character through it. The class quests also come with several amazing rewards, including companions and your own starship. These unique stories really add a load of depth to the game and are lots of fun to play through.

As mentioned above, as you level you will also unlock and be able to use companions, you will end up with 5 available from the quests, and a potential further 2 more to help you. Each companion can be summoned to travel with you, they have their own equipment and skills, from tanking to healing you as you go, but you can only have 1 follower with you at a time.

When not following you, you can send your other companions on tradeskill missions, they can go and find materials or you, as well as actually make the items you want. Each of these takes time, meaning you can’t send that character on another mission until it is complete. This system frees you up to play while you level your tradeskills.

You will also get your own starship, and it is as cool as it sounds. Not only can you use it as a base of operations, and travel freely between planets, you can also take it into space to fight battles too. These battles can give a lot of experience and are brilliant to play. Each character has a unique ship and they are unlocked by completing class quests.

As you would expect from an MMO, you will be given a series of quests to complete, and they will reward you with money or items that you can use. There are currently 55 levels to play through, with a new expansion expected that will increase that up to 60. The quests take place on different planets, and each planet has a minimum level requirement, but the progress is very smooth and easy to follow.

When you reach the maximum level there are a variety of activities for you to take part in, from instances and raids to player vs player combat. Upon its initial release however there were comments that the game lacked a robust end game, this has been rectified by the expansions, and there is now a lot more to do.

The PvP system is quite fluid, and there are battlegrounds that you can enter and be assigned random team members, from both factions fighting for fun and glory. This is the only time you can communicate with the opposing faction, and you still can’t trade items.

The game itself is very fluid to play, the combat is exciting to watch, with a lot of unique moves and powers clearly having a funky action or move to go with it. You have action bars with all of your skills available and these can be bound to different keys as you want. The game never really feels like a grind as you level and the story is very engaging too.

The game is free to play, however there are restrictions including an xp limitation, less tradeskills and space missions. You can purchase a membership that will remove these and other limits to your account for a monthly fee. There is also a second option called Cartel Coins, these are used to buy special items, boosts and much more. The coins are purchased for real money as one off deals. These boosts can be pretty useful, as well as providing unique characters and followers.


The community for Star Wars in general is huge, and the game is no different. With a lot of players all over the world, split pretty evenly between the 2 factions. There is a lively forum presence as well.

The game is still a strong presence in the MMO Market, especially with new content being released and planned for the future. While there are not as many players as when it was launched, going into the free to play market really helped lift the game up and it continues to hold a strong player base.


The graphics, as you would expect from a top flight EA Game are really good, there are some amazing character and monster animations and the game flows very smoothly. The cut scenes for class quests and planets are really well done and add a lot to the story. The presentation of Star Wars: The Old Republic is really good, and there are lots of places for you to explore.

The in combat sounds are cool, light saber fighting is fun, and the special weapons and abilities really shine. One of the best aspects is that pretty much everything is fully voiced, with a huge cast of actors bringing many of the npc’s to life, more than almost every other game out there. This adds a fantastic depth to match the visuals making it a stunning experience to play this game.


Star Wars: The Old Republic is simply amazing, the depth of gameplay is stunning, and the graphics for a top flight game really pull it through. With a brilliant storyline that fits nicely into the franchise, as well as great overall gameplay there is a lot going for this game. Even if you are not a fan of the history of Star Wars, this is still a great MMO game by itself. Now that it is free to play it is definitely worth a try, the full paid for graphics and game, for free is something that is very difficult to turn down.
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