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Soccer Stars 8 rate Enjoy a very simplistic virtual soccer game that offers a whole lot of depth in terms of planning out your strategy and moves! Play matches across various stadiums in different countries, such as Brazil, England and Italy, and show the world your superior soccer skills by winning in every one of these places! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Be a soccer star in several countries across the world in this amazingly fun shuffleboard-like game, Soccer Stars! It is a very simple 1-vs-1 multiplayer game whereby you’ll be pitting your team of 5 player discs against your opponent’s team of 5! Slide your discs to push the ball into your opponent’s goal. Get 2 goals in and you’ll win the game! However, do not underestimate the simplicity of the game as, strategy-wise, this game is as devilishly challenging as it can be! Not to mention, the higher level you play, the more risky it is to lose a match! So, if a challenging yet simple-to-learn virtual soccer game is what you seek, then set your eyes on the shiny trophies provided and go do your best in Soccer Stars!


As mentioned, Soccer Stars has very simple-to-learn controls and yet a rather complex gameplay due to the different strategies that you can use. There are only 2 options at the interface in this game – a ‘play’ and a ‘shop’ option… plain and simple! Let’s go and check out a match first, shall we?

After pressing play, you’ll be brought to choose an arena to play soccer in. There are 6 different locations around the world, namely Brazil, South Africa, Russia, Korea and Japan, England and Italy. To play in these countries, you’ll have to pay an entry fee which scales up starting from Brazil to Italy. This means that the risk of losing all your money in only 1 match becomes higher as you move on to other countries to play in. However, if you’re good enough to win, you can double your earnings instead!

The game is entirely multiplayer-only and there is no option for you to play a practice round with an AI first. In fact, perhaps in the name of simplicity, the game might have omitted a very important feature – a tutorial or at least, a short and brief instruction manual on how to play and a guide on the different rules the game has! We all like to go into a game, especially a competitive one, with some knowledge as to how the game works as well as the rules of the game.

Before you head into a match, you can first stop by your team’s locker room to brief them on the team formation that you’ll be using. You can choose to change your team formation there or use the default settings. Besides the 2 free formations, you’ll notice that there are a huge plethora of other interesting formations that you can unlock by leveling up so you can buy them. Some examples include the very aggressively offensive formation of 0-0-4, the well-rounded 2-0-2 or the defensive 2-2-0. Depending on how you play soccer (Are you the more offensive type, the defensive type or a little of both?), you will need to choose a formation wisely. It’s also great that you can change formation for the next kick off, so you can change your team’s formation accordingly after seeing your opponent’s formation.

The game objective in Soccer Stars is to rack up enough of the required goals, usually 2 to 3 goals depending on which location you’re playing in, to win! However, the most important question here is how to do so? To play, you need to click on the “player” (or player disc) you want to control and drag it in the direction opposite to where you want to move it towards. Something like a slingshot will appear, allowing you to adjust its strength, which will determine how far and fast your player disc will slide across the field, as well as your aim. To ‘shoot’ your player forward, just release your mouse button once you’re happy with the settings. The gameplay in Soccer Stars does bring to mind the popular pastime - shuffleboard.

Do take note that you only have limited time to aim and adjust the strength of your slingshot-like mechanism, so be sure to keep an eye on the green timer circling your portrait on the upper part of the screen. Furthermore, you are not allowed to reselect another player after you’ve selected one. You can try to reselect, of course, but you’ll just end up wasting your turn. In addition, you may want to fully utilize the bounce function provided due to its boxed-in playing field, so you can bounce a ball off the side of the field and get it into your opponent’s inner box or even into the goal! You can do the same thing for player discs as well.

Most of the relevant rules for real life soccer still apply in Soccer Stars. For example, scoring on kickoffs is foul. Moreover, a word of advice - Don’t leave your goal totally undefended! Sometimes, it’s better to slingshot your players back to defend your open goal posts rather than chasing after the ball! The matchmaking system in this game also may or may not be flawed, as a level 1 player can somehow end up facing a level 12 player. It may be because there are few low-level players available at the time or that they are all occupied… or simply, the matchmaking just doesn’t work as well. Higher level players do not have much advantage over you game-wise, but in terms of strategy and experience, they probably can beat you using only half of their team.

Need more coins to play? Well, besides earning them by winning matches, you can also get a nice free stack of coins every hour. However, if you somehow have accumulated a huge stash of coins and don’t know what to do with them, you can try checking out the shop. The in-game shop sells a huge variety of cool themes for your discs, ranging from various soccer teams, countries as well as specials, like pirates, smileys, atoms and UFOs. Some examples for the soccer tea kits include Liverpool FC, both home and away kits and both home and away kits for FCB. However, soccer team themes can only be purchased using real money. For countries and certain specials, you will need to buy the game’s premium currency, bucks instead! With your mass of coins, you can buy some of the special themes only.

You can even buy different formations for your team. Around half of them will cost you coins while the other half will cost you bucks. Some examples of formations include diamond (offensive), eagle, psycho (full offensive), edge (sides are vulnerable, but it has a very strong mid), fangs (strong sides, but mid is open) and lifeline (defensive). With your new and presumably, stronger formation, why not go ahead and challenge your friends for a match?


Soccer Stars has over 200 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page and that number is increasing gradually as its player base increases (due to its app release on mobile devices). The fan page is a great place to meet up with your fellow players and passionate soccer enthusiasts. Who knows? You may just bump into someone who will end up being your buddy to talk about all things soccer! The page also organizes a lot of events that you can participate and show off your skills as a soccer legend!

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D graphics are all very nicely-polished – the discs even have sheens on them! In addition, Soccer Stars provides a very nice rock music that is upbeat and pleasant to the ears. The entire graphical and auditory set-up in this game gives off a very enjoyable and yet competitive feeling.


In short, Soccer Stars is indeed a very simplistic virtual soccer game that offers a whole lot of depth in terms of planning out your strategy and moves. Its gameplay is very much similar to shuffleboard, whereby you’ll have to slide your player discs across a “smooth” surface, with a football added to it. Play matches across various stadiums in different countries, such as Brazil, South Africa, Russia, Korea and Japan, England and Italy, and show the world your superior soccer skills by winning in every one of these places. Lead your team of 5 player discs to victory in this exciting and challenging game, Soccer Stars, today!

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New Game Added: Soccer Stars

by Aethyna Apr 10, 2015
Enjoy a very simplistic virtual soccer game that offers a whole lot of depth in terms of planning out your strategy and moves! Play matches across various stadiums in different countries, such as Brazil, England and Italy, and show the world your superior soccer skills by winning in every one of these places! Soccer Stars: aiming for the goal So close! in Soccer Stars Soccer Stars: South African playing field Read More
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