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Shadowbound 9 rate The world is plunging into darkness as the forces of shadow and darkness creep across the land. For generations adventurers have sought the Mystic Artifact, and it finally falls to you a Mighty Hero. With its power you must turn the tide and enter the world of Shadowbound to stop the forces of evil. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Shadowbound is a browser-based MMORPG by R2 Games that uses a turn-based team combat system. The game also offers a range of other features that are customary in browser-based MMORPGs, such as item enhancement, all-powerful guardians and mercenaries that can be recruited to join your team, mounts, pets, PvE dungeons, PvP arenas, wings, auto-routing for quests, guilds and auto-combat. There are plenty of timely events to spice up the routine of leveling as well! So, are you the chosen one who will save the world from the shadows? Try it today to find out!


The world in Shadowbound is in jeopardy! And yet, only a chosen one will be able to reclaim the powerful artefact from its hidden place. This artefact can summon guardians that can help the true hero to eradicate evil from the world! Are you the chosen one?


You start off in the game by choosing your character’s gender, name and class. Shadowbound offers you the choice of 3 core archetype classes, namely warrior, hunter and mage. Warriors are the beefy melee soldiers, hunters are ranged fighters that deal physical damage while mages are the magic-wielding casters. Each of these classes has their respective unique skills. The game only allows you to create one character on your chosen server. Thus, you may want to choose your character class carefully. If you would like to try the other classes out, you can do so by creating another character on another server.

If you have never played games like this before, have no worries! Shadowbound provides an easily-understandable tutorial and it will introduce you to most of the more important aspects of the game. The controls in this game are rather easy to learn as well. Similarly to any browser-based MMORPG, the game provides plenty of automated features, such as auto-pathing for quests as well as auto-combat, allowing you to level quickly and painlessly in the game.

The turn-based combat system in Shadowbound emphasizes on battle ratings and team formation. Team formations are restricted to a 3x3 square box. The front row is usually taken up by defensive characters that are able to take the brunt of the damage while the middle row is mainly reserved for your damage dealers. The last and most protected row will house the weaker but very important members of your team – the supporting characters or healers. Team formations are also important during combat when you are facing a particularly tricky boss, since bosses have special skills that will affect the whole row, column or the entire board. By moving your characters around, you can concentrate your attacks on a particular enemy column to take out your highest damage-dealing opponent first.

However, you are not allowed full use of your team formation just yet. You will need to level up to unlock more positions as well as increase the number of mercenaries you can deploy on your team formation. Once you have an empty spot on your team formation, you should head over to the ‘recruit’ tab to recruit more mercs for your team. Tier 1 mercenaries can be recruited at a price. To get higher tiered mercenaries, you will need to reach a certain level with your tier 1 mercs in order to upgrade them to tier 2. You team is also supported by an all-powerful Guardian called Celeste. Guardians are vital to your team as it provide significant passive stat boost to your entire team!

Furthermore, battle rating (BR) is the bread and butter of the combat system in Shadowbound. If you aim to win in this game, you will definitely need to increase your battle ratings periodically. The game provides you with a plethora of methods to increase your battle rating, the most basic of which includes equipping your team of mercs and your character with better and enhanced gear. You can obtain better gear by running dungeons and you can upgrade or enhance your gear at the forge. Enhancements require sacred ores that can be obtained in elite dungeons and will cost you a bit of money while upgrades require a print (it’s like a manual or a recipe for armor or weapons) and elven ores (can be obtained in elite dungeons as well). Enhancements differ from upgrades as it only adds to the existing stats on the gear, while upgrades increase the grade of the item from, for example, uncommon to rare.

Moreover, you can also upgrade your mercs in the character tab to increase your battle rating. You just require aptitude ores to level up your heroes up to the level cap. You will then need demi or starburst ores to increase the grade of your mercenaries (from, for example, uncommon to rare) and increase your level cap. If you somehow get yourself an epic merc, your BR will definitely soar! Your All of these ores can be gained in elite dungeons.

Guardian in Shadowbound can be upgraded as well! Every quest-related mini-dungeon you’ve completed will award you with up to 3 stars (if no one in your team died during combat). These stars can then be accumulated and used to unlock orbs that will, in turn, boost up your Guardian’s (and of course, your team’s) stats.

In fact, even mounts play a huge part in increasing the battle rating of your team. Mounts provide passive stat bonus to the entire team and they can be leveled up if you have the necessary materials to do so. The game also allows both you and your mount to use titles that you’ve gained to provide some additional passive stats for your team too! The game also offers pets and the ability to craft special mounts to higher level players.

In addition, Shadowbound presents a variety of PvE dungeons and PvP arenas for you to participate in and enjoy! For PvE, you can either join a catacomb raid with other fellow players or go solo in an elite dungeon. Catacomb raids, which are limited to 3 attempts per day, is a great place to farm for aptitude ores as well as regain a little bit of stamina. Elite dungeons, on the other hand, are perfect for farming sacred ores and can be blitzed, meaning that once you’ve attained full stars for a dungeon, you can rapidly auto-complete the dungeons for more loot! There are no cooldowns for elite dungeons, but you will need to have at least 10 stamina points if you want to run an elite dungeon. There are also PvE events, like world boss fighting, that you can join in with other players.

For PvP, the game provides 3 forms of arena – 1 vs 1 duel, 3 vs 3 arena and 8 vs 8 rumbles. Each match will reward you with arena points no matter if you win or lose and these points can then be used to purchase character upgrade items such as demi or starburst ores. There are also guild wars that you can join in as well… if you’re in a warring guild, of course.


Shadowbound has around 100 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page despite being is a relatively new game. The community, though not exactly comparable to the communities in, for instance, League of Angels , is a pretty friendly one. Players in this game often band together in guilds due to the being able to access the guild shop and guild war feature in addition to being able to meet new fellow players in the game. There’s also a chat channel and a forum dedicated to Shadowbound that you can use if you need any help with the game.

Graphics/ Sound

Shadowbound has plenty of colorful and eye-catching 2.5D graphics that manage to bring the fantasy world to life! Everything in the game, especially its mounts, characters and pets, are richly detailed as well! Nonetheless, its graphics are not very unique if you compare it with other browser-based MMORPGs published by R2 Games . The music in this game contains a nice variety. It ranges from the soothing elven/ fantasy-themed music to the inspirational battle music. Overall, the music fits like a glove to the game!


As compared to other MMORPGs under the R2 Games banner, Shadowbound does not seem to differ from any of them significantly enough to be unique. It has all the features that can be found in your typical browser-based MMORPG, including gear enhancement, mounts, pets, PvE (like catacombs and elite dungeons), PvP arenas, wings, auto-routing for quests, guilds, auto-combat and you can even recruit guardians and mercenaries to join your team. There are, however, interesting features such as the ability to rapidly blitz through elite dungeons that made the game much easier to play. Furthermore, there are events at certain time of the day that do not only break the monotony of leveling, but also provide you with some really sweet loot no matter the outcome of the event (as long as you participate, that is). Shadowbound is a truly casual MMORPG that certainly deserve your attention. After all, it’s free to play too! So, go on and check it out now!

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by Aethyna Dec 23, 2014
The world is plunging into darkness as the forces of shadow and darkness creep across the land. For generations adventurers have sought the Mystic Artifact, and it finally falls to you a Mighty Hero. With its power you must turn the tide and enter the world of Shadowbound to stop the forces of evil. Shadowbound Dragon Guardian in Shadowbound Shadowbound Demon Read More
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